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C7 Continuation

🌷2 weeks later🌷

It has been 2 weeks snice Louis broke up with me. I feel so lonely and sexually frustrated. it is hard for me to get out of bed to do housework. Seeing the way things had gone, its obvious I've loosed him.

The doctor from the cancer center called to inform me that my mom had low chances of surviving.



It is 10:50pm, Louis fiance's parents are here. Louis and Alice are both in Louis's room. I am currently in my room eating ice-creamnand pickles. I have planned for an aborotion but when the doctor told me how it would be, I reconsidered and backed out.

🌷Flash back 3 days ago🌷

I was in front of the hospital ready for an abrotion. I waited for the nurse to call me. About 30 mins later she called me.

"Mrs. Emma Willison". She called my name and I got up and walked into the room. As I stepped in, she gave me a gentle smile. About 2 mins later, the doctor walked in.

"Would you like me to explain the process since you are still 16". The doctor asked as he sat on the chair. I nodded.

"Ok, I will remove the baby's legs then the

arms , then take out the organs, then I will crush the head and remove the baby. You may feel pains in your lower stomach for a few days. That's all, So are you ready?"

I thought about it. Did i really want to end someone's life like this? What if I die in the process. What if it affect my womb. I've heard stories of how people die and how many loosed their womb during abortion. I quickly nodded no, grabbed my things and walked out of the hospital.

🌷Flash back ended🌷

I turn on the T.V and played a few video

game, then 30 mins later, got dressed to

prepare the guest room because Alice and her parents are staying over.

I walked into the room. Alice was there taking out her things from the bags. She turned around and smiled at me.

"It okay i can do it myself". She said.

I took out my note pad then worte. "it is okay, it's part of my job". she just nodded and left.

30 mins, I am done cleaning the room and

went back to my room to rest for the rest of the day .

I opened the door took off my clothes leaving me in my bra and underwear. I felt someone's present in the room and turned on the lights.

It was Louis at the door way staring at me and on my bed. I covered my body with a wrapper nearby and wrote on my note pad.

"What do you want sir, what can I do for you?"

"Stop it Emma, we had somethin, stop acting like I haven't seen you naked" He said.

"You still haven't aborted the bab, I still see you running around the mansion to throwup and going out at night to get vanilla ice-cream and pickles". He said.

"And so? Just go". I wrote.

"I love you". He whispered quietly

Hugging me from behind and kissing my neck slowly, touching my almost 3 months belly.

I couldn't help but moan out. His hands were all over my body. He shifted my pants to aside inserted his two fingers in my pu*sy, as he shifted my pant further aside, he started thrusting his middle finger in and out.

It got really intense as he pulled his pants down and had me suck his d*ck which led to him cumming in my mouth.

After that, he inserted his dick in me. I felt whole and alive, his movements were fast and hard. He was groaning and i was moaning really loudly.

"Oh baby you are so good". He said as he was moving, skin were slapping against the other. I hate what we where doing but I couldn't help out, I was enjoying the show. I felt like a sex slave but I couldn't stop him. He's really taking full control of me and my emotions.

After he release, he stoped then said

"You are done working her, pack your bags. I don't want to see you here tomorrow after am back from work. He said.

"Before I forget, don't ever tell the bastard in your stomach who the father is". he added


"Understand!?" he yelled pulling my hair.

I quickly nodded okay in response in fear.

Then he threw a couple hundred dollars at me.

He made his way to leave and I pulled him by his leg and keened down begging him. Tears were running out of my eyes .

"Let me go, you really thought that i would marry a mute like you? I used you for the fun of it, you were pretty sweet at the beginning but you became clingy". He said once again in a cold demeanor.

When i didn't let him, he kicked me on the

stomach and i let go. He walked out leaving me on the ground.

I closed my eyes feeling anger , pain

resentment. Then my phone rang. I crawled to my bed to pick it up. It was the cancer center.

"Miss Emma, I am sorry that i have to tell.... your mother has passed. She left something for you". On hearing that, i fainted on the bed. That day is the worst day of my life.

🌷Next day 7:30am🌷

I woke up, took a shower and wore a dress that covered my baby bump. I packed my stuffs and walked downstairs with my bag.

The family was having their breakfast, they looked happy. Louis was staring at me. I thought he was going to beg me not to go but he didn't, he's really a heartless beast.

I walked out of the house with my belongings to the hospital with only $300, the money that Louis threw at me.

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