Temporary Wife/C3 PENTHOUSE
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Temporary Wife/C3 PENTHOUSE
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Office of Scott 9:45 am

Even though it's against my will to quit this job it is the best thing to do or the right decision that I will be making in my entire life to easily forget her but it's already the faith calling me not too because I saw her.

I knocked three times before entering his office.

"Adam, I found out that Mirana Vaughn Welch did book a flight."

"Do you believe me now?"

" Yes, but why did she even bother to hide for more than two years before he appeared?" he asked while gesturing to me to sit.

"Even though I don't know myself. But no matter what it is, I would be willing to forgive her as long as she only comes back."

"Open arms men!" he laughed loudly that echoed the whole room.

I didn't let him ridicule instead drink the coffee he had prepared.

"You've had a mind to have a little haircut and shave. What did you drink coffee for? Ahhh, it's because of her? tsk, she can do many things on you. "he mocked.

"By the way what's new about Victoria?" I teased him knowing that he has had a secret crush on her since we were high school.

"I don't know," he sternly said, not bothering to look at me.

"Ohhhh!" I mocked at him.

"In the denial stage. I'll go ahead. I have to go to Caloocan for some things," I bid my goodbye to him before closing the door.

I was really laughing at his face every time I spoke her name. I was about to enter my car when a sudden thought came into my mind.

"Shoot! I forgot my watch," I mouthed angrily. I can't go without it and call me overreacting but I feel naked without a watch so I drove back to my penthouse.

As I parked my car, I observed the surroundings before entering. I noticed that the gate I've locked is not anymore. An intruder.

I cursed under my breath when I remembered that I don't have my gun anymore, I was planning to buy it for my protection but this is the wrong timing at all. Thanks to my watch I came back.

"The door isn't locked," I thought to myself as I grip the doorknob and slam the door as I enter. I went pale when I saw a lady who was standing with her luggage.

"Mirana," I breathed.

"A-adam," she replied looking straight into my eyes.

She looks nervous. I know that because of her habit fidgeting her fingers.

Sucking in a breath, I rushed over to her and grasped her shoulder tightly.

"Why are you here?" I asked I don't even know why I'm doing this to her but my mind wants an answer coming from her and why did she hide after all these years?

"A-adam I-I'm hurting," she pleaded

"Why.are.you.here?" I repeated my question.

"I r-remember this I t-thought n-no one live h-here anymore ."

"Where were you after all these years?" I shouted at her to cause her to flinch.

She didn't reply.

"Leave!" I commanded I couldn't even understand myself on why the hell I am shouting and telling her to leave well, in fact, I want her. All I want to do is to kiss and hug her.

"Adam, don't do this to me. I -I came here because I have no ap-apartment to sleep in. It is too e-expensive," she said looking down to her luggage.

She's still beautiful. I am still mesmerized by her beauty. Her skin that is too smooth when I touch her, her hair that brushed my hands, her innocent eyes that look unto my soul.

"It's already 7 so I cannot go to the place where I should go. You'll only stay here for this night and tomorrow before I wake up I want you to be gone," I stated before going into my room and slammed it close.

I ran my hands to my hair and headed to the shower room. I want to freshen up my mind.

As the water poured unto my body I remembered Mirana.

"She's here. Is it this I want right?" I thought to myself.

She's here Adam, you love her. What do you want to do with her? I miss her.

"I want to make love to her," I absentmindedly said.

I get my towel and rush to my closet and get a shirt and boxer.


As I was stepping out of my room I heard a crash. I ran where the crash came from.

I saw Mirana picking up the broken glass on the floor, so I ran towards her and held her left hand so that it's bleeding.

"A-adam, I'm sorry I was just about to drink. Don't worry I'll replace my n-broken," she begged.

"Turn on the lights when you're going to get something," I said as I got the first aid kit near the cabinet.

I lead her to the wooden chair to sit. I grab her hand that has been cut by the broken glasses.

She watched Adam as he addressed the cuts on her hand.

"Mirana, why did you leave Adam? She loves you very much. I want to tell him that I am not Mirana and that I am Marina, her twin sister, but would he believe in me? Or will just accuse me. Every time he looks at me my heart squirm in pain cause all he knows is I'm Mirana his wife his love," I thought as I looked at him.

"Next time you take care of yourself."

They both stand up and Marina excuses herself to go in the room that she will be sleeping for the night after she bid her thank you and goodnight to Adam.

Her creamy, porcelain thigh peaks with each step from the silk nighties she's wearing. Her eyes were glistening from the night and her plump red lips, looks fuller than usual. It's been two years since she's getting even more beautiful.

"Why did you leave me?" I suddenly asked her. Because she turned around at me and stared at me for a minute.

"Why did you leave me?" I repeated my question to her as I stepped forward to her direction. This time I need answers to my questions coming from her mouth, not from the gossips I heard. And no matter what her answers will be, I will still accept her because I love her.

She looked away unable to answer my question. I know that there is something that she is hiding from me.

Marina looked away nervously from the stares of Adam. She should just not answer the questions from him; she had never been very good at lying unlike her twin sister Mirana. Mirana has been good at lying to her parents ever since they are still alive. Unlike her conscience, she still blurted out the truth to her parents that's why Mirana hates her cause their mother and father are very fond of her.

"What will I answer? I leave you Adam because I don't love you anymore? Well done Marina you're a good actress," she thought to herself.

"No need to answer."

"Just give me what I want," he added as he keeps walking forward to my direction.



I can't move where I am standing, it's like his eyes were hypnotizing me not to move and just have to wait for him.

Till I blink my eyes and I gasped when he was already in front of me staring.

"What should I do Marina? Wake up! Run! This should not be happening. This is wrong Marina, "I thought as I looked at him silently praying that this would happen.

My body turned stiff when Adam's fingers trailed unto my nighties and pulled down the zipper and with just a quick flicker of it, my nighties fell on the floor leaving me with just my lacy underwear that I could see through.

Adam inhales sharply at the sight of her, he didn't expect that she did not even wear a bra cause him to stare at her exposed plump cherished breast with her rose pink buds seeking attention.

His eyes roam to her body till his eyes stop on her lacy white underwear that he can just about to see her well shaved below.

"Mirana," he breathes, with full lust on his eyes.

Adam's eyes were still staring at her body and Marina felt conscious of her body. She immediately covered herself with both of her hands. It is embarrassing for her to be stared at by Adam. Her mind says that this is wrong but her body reacts every time he touches her.

"Mirana," he said, lifting my chin to meet his eyes.

I swallowed my lump when I saw his piercing eyes.

"I wish to make passionate love to you tonight."

He kissed her with such sweetness that she nearly whimpered adoringly. The kiss came so slow till it deepened. They both catch their breath. He lifted his head and his eyes moved warmly to her swelling breast.

"A-adam," I stammered.

"I know she didn't answer my question. I want to be mad at her right now but I can't stand her beautiful face, smile and how she says my name coming from her lips," Adam thought to himself.

"Marina, she's the husband of your twin. What are you doing? I know that they are not still married but this is wrong."

I gasped when I felt something hard hit my back. I was surprised that he immediately opened the door at my side without me noticing. He kissed me torridly while we were entering the room and he immediately locked it. He gripped my waist and pulled me even closer to him, he traced my lower lip with his tongue and I gasped. He took advantage to my open mouth and he inserted his tongue.

I moaned.

I felt his hand roaming at the back of my body while his other hand brushed my sensitive part that sent shivers to my very core.

"Mmm," I moaned. I can't help myself. I am drowning. I don't care what the outcome will be tomorrow. But what if he possibly knows that something was even more suspicious to me.

He pinched hardly my nipple while sucking my breast. I moaned loudly, I tried catching my breath and it feels hot even though the room is air-conditioned.

I can't help myself anymore so I tiptoed and sniffed his neck, his masculine perfume and I bit his ears. I heard him growled, we again kiss this time it became harder and deeper.

I clung my arms into his neck. I felt my knees will go weak and jelly because I'm almost drowned by his kiss. He cupped my breast, causing me to moan louder.

He took his shirt off and I unbuckled his belt. He took my hands away from his pants.

"Not yet, this time it's my way. I change my mind I don't want passionate lovemaking, I want hard," he whispered huskily

I get nervous by his words but my body gets excited about what he will do to me.

He pinched my nipple and caused me to groan. It felt so good and I felt aroused by him. He kissed me again, 'till his lips got down to my neck down to my breast. He lifted me like a bridal style and lay me to the king-sized bed. I want him inside me, I am so lost on my mind I can't think straight because all I want is him.

I am so wet down there. He again touched my sensitive part that made my tongue lick my lips and he pulled down my underwear already through his teeth. He sniffs and licks my core and lifts his head.

I felt conscious when he took a look at mine, I immediately covered myself.

"Don't cover yourself, it's beautiful and gorgeous. So sweet," he started kissing and biting my neck leaving some love bites.

He touches my clit and rubs it circled and I whimpered because of pleasure.

I cannot help myself anymore so I trailed my hands unto his body down to his pants, I can feel his part bulging out. I heard him groan.

"Not yet," he stated.

He cupped my ass and spread my legs putting the other one into his shoulder.

He put his two fingers on my opening while rubbing my clit with his thumb. My hands dug into his shoulders but he didn't budge. I was catching my breath on what he is doing to me.

"You're so wet and tight."

He pumps and pumps his fingers unto mine and takes his fingers not waiting for my climax. I wanted to be mad at him when he moved his head down into my opening and licked my juices outside. I didn't even know where to turn my head.

"Your honey is so sweet," he licks his lips while saying those words then he sucks his fingers full of my cum. I got turned-on on what he is doing.

Then his mouth traveled to my belly up to my breast and sucked hard my breast and played the other one.

He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his pants leaving my mouth hanging. He is massive, I don't even know if it will fit on mine.

"It will still fit," he stated full of desire into his eyes.

He spread my legs and he positioned himself on top of me.

He started pushing inside me. I bit my lower lip and silently prayed that he would not notice. I felt pain and pleasure. I tasted blood coming from my lips that I had been bitten.

He feels for me first. And he lowered his lips and kissed me tenderly and the pleasure again started building up. I started moving and he took it as a sign to get started.

I circled my legs into his waist and met his every thrust.

"A-adam faster," I begged.


"M-more plea-please."

His tempo increased and his thrust went even deeper, harder, and faster. Until I felt his hot liquid poured down at mine. He kissed me gently before he moved out. We were both panting and catching our breath.

My eyes were closing in on my tiredness. Then he suddenly took me to his arms and cuddled me. He kissed my hair down to my ear and whispered.

"Don't leave me again, please. Wonderful night, now sleep."

I smiled then it faded away when I remembered that I am not Mirana. I also prayed that he didn't notice that I am a virgin before closing my eyes.

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