Temporary Wife/C5 Suspicions
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Temporary Wife/C5 Suspicions
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C5 Suspicions


Brazil 2:30 pm

It was hot in the afternoon as I looked at the crowded people who are busy preparing for the Carnival. Some people are practicing their dance, designing, and busy preparing for the lights. I'm here at the bench, sipping my pineapple juice as I watch Marco buying a souvenir for us.

"Marco!" I shouted, causing people to gaze at me, I looked at them and smiled for an apology and they just smiled back at me. I look again at the direction of Marco but he isn't there anymore.

"Looking for me?"

I gasped as someone inhaled at my neck. I look at him and smack a punch at his shoulder.

"What's that for?" he asked laughing.

"That's for keeping me waiting and you didn't even take a look at me even when I'm shouting at your name," I stated as I glared at him.

He just laughs at me.

"Mirana I found this in the souvenir shop and I think it will look beautiful if you'll wear this," he smiled showing the necklace shell he bought.

I gasped when I saw the necklace. It is beautiful and it looks rare to see.

"Here let me," he wore the necklace around my neck.

"Ohhh Marco, thank you it's beautiful," I said as I kissed him on the lips.

"I love you," he said as he kisses me back.

"I love you too," I replied, staring at his eyes.

"I think we should leave now it's already too crowd in here," I added as he holds my hand.

" I do not regret that I left Adam for Marco. He has wealth and he can raise me and for our future child," I thought as I touch my belly.

I don't mind Marina for doing what I had favored for her. What's important is that she should already make a move towards Adam so I can focus on Marco and not mind Adam anymore and think that he doesn't exist anymore in my life.



Philippines 7:30 pm

I was watching my favorite movie Game of Thrones when I suddenly touched my left arm wrist and I remembered my watch. Mirana buys that watch during our second anniversary, that's why it has a sentimental value to me. I was climbing stairs when Mirana suddenly called me.

"Are you starving already?" she asked while holding the frying pan.

"Not yet. Why?" I replied smiling at her.

"That's good, cause I'm not yet done cooking your favorite."

"My favorite?," I frowned.

"Yes! And it's Kare-kare right?" she said proudly.

"No," I lied. I want to see her reaction.

"I thought this is you- "

"Kidding aside that's my favorite and thank you. I thought you were allergic to food then why are you cooking?" I asked.

"I researched this recipe because this is your favorite," she said sweetly.

"Thank you, sweetheart."

"Okay, go ahead of what you're doing. I'll call you when dinner is served."

As I was searching for my watch I suddenly recalled our conversation. She left a suspicious question. She knows my favorite dish but looks nervous. I feel something is wrong here but what is it?

There was nothing strange about her face, I knew she was Mirana. But Mirana has a birthmark on her skin on the back.

I looked at the drawer to find my watch when my attention caught something. It was a velvet box, I was intrigued to open it and so my mind. I took a step too see what it is hidden with the box when Mirana suddenly entered the room. Her face was pale and I rushed over to her.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?," I asked worriedly.

"N-nothing. I-I'm okay, dinner is served," she replied while looking at my back.

"So let's eat?"

"What are you searching h-here?" she asked, I can see in her eyes that she is hiding something to me.

"I just look for my watch," I said as I showed her.

"That's beautiful. Where did you buy it?"

"You don't remember you gave this to me during our second anniversary," I said as I looked at her. She suddenly got nervous but she hid it by laughing.

"Kidding, of course, I know you remember what your reaction is when I handed you the grey box? Your face was priceless, you thought I would propose to you," she said while laughing.

"You're embarrassing me," I said as I pinch her nose. What's wrong with you Adam doesn't accuse her too soon, she is Mirana.

We eat our dinner joyfully, talking about our embarrassing moments, dreams, and others. Mirana has no attitude to eat while laughing with me, she always said that "eat first". But the person in front of me has changed a lot.

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