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C2 Two

Alexander Clay spent his morning in the conference room with his lawyer and some new clients who wanted to partner with Clay International. After what felt like forever, the meeting came to an end when it was almost noon. Once the Clients left, Alex waited behind on his lawyer's instructions. They discussed a few things before they all exited the glass-walled conference room with his Secretary walking behind them.

Just when Alex and Emma were almost approaching their offices, Alexander came to a halt and turned his attention to Emma, his secretary, who had started getting nervous upon her Boss's glare. She unconsciously clutched her iPad tighter.

"What the hell is she doing here?" He said to Emma in a not so loud tone which was filled with venom.

Emma Daniels swallowed painfully. She was about to say something when Alex interrupted her. "Didn't I tell you to make it known to the securities and receptionist not to allow that Bitch set foot into my company anymore?" He gestured towards the reception area which was down the hallway. They were just a couple of steps away from there. The double grey couch was occupied by a blondie who had her mouth busy with what was predicted to be a gum. She was also typing away on her phone.

"B....but Sir... You only gave the order this morning." Emma's voice came out as a whisper.

"And so? Are you indirectly telling me that you're not capable of carrying out your duties?" Alexander raised his voice at her. Emma's eyes started getting watery. She couldn't stand people raising their voices at her, especially when she wasn't even the one at fault. She wanted to yell at her boss that she was his Secretary and not his personal assistant, hence, indirectly ending relationships with his mistress on his behalf was out of the scope of her duty.

"You only told me about it this morning when we were on our way to the conference room for the meeting that just ended. There was no way I could have conveyed the message to the securities." Emma explained, trying to hold back tears.

"Darn it! You should have sent a text or done something the moment I told you about it. I've told you severally to always treat my requests with urgency but you come up with senseless excuses every fucking time. You sure as hell aren't getting your full salary this month because you're useless as fuck." Throwing Emma Daniels a dirty glare, Alex tucked his hands into his pocket and proceeded to his office.

Emma stood still for a while to compose herself. She tried not to break down in the hallway. Even though she was used to Alexander Clay shouting at her and saying all sorts of nasty words to her, she couldn't help but feel bad every time it happened. He sure knew how to make her feel bad and worthless. Emma didn't doubt his words either. This wasn't the first time he had threatened to cut out of her salary. She couldn't even remember the last time she received her full pay. Alexander Clay always had reasons to deduct certain percentages, blaming it on her incompetency.

After getting herself together, Emma Daniels continued her journey to her office space which was right beside Alexander's office.

As soon as the blondie sighted Alex, She rose to her feet and tried to catch up with him, calling him sweet names with her not so sweet voice. Alexander Clay ignored the blondie as he made his way to his office. He was almost shutting the door behind him when she got a hold of it and forced herself in.

Emma did not attempt to stop Claire from going in. The last time she did so upon Alex's instruction because he didn't want to see her, She received a resounding slap from Claire. This time around, She was sure her womanizer Boss would handle it.

Emma Daniels settled behind her desk and before she buried herself with work, She brought out a box of tissue from her drawer and placed it on her desk. She was sure as hell that Claire was going to need them when she stepped out of Alexander's office. That was if she wasn't going to be dragged out by the securities. A scene she wishes to experience so bad.

Alexander Clay's office was every CEO'S dream office. It was big, well furnished with all necessities and finest decorations and paintings. Alex cursed softly the moment Claire forced herself into his office. He proceeded to the other side of the office, to the shelf which held his wine and other strong alcoholic drinks. Alexander reached for a bottle of vodka and poured himself a shot which he gulped down immediately.

"What's wrong baby? You seem to be in a bad mood." Claire's seductive voice came through as she approached Alex. He shrugged off her hand the moment she touched his arm, then threw her a nasty glare.

"Did I do anything to offend you?" She whispered, giving him an innocent face.

"Gosh!!! This is the problem I have with you all. You all are so dumb and so damn clingy. I've been nothing but cold towards you in the past few days, aren't you meant to conclude that I'm done with you?" Alex spoke at the top of his voice.

Tears sprang up in Claire's eyes. She reached for Alexander's hands and clung onto them as if her life depended on them. "You can't do this to me, Alex. You can't discard me as if I mean nothing to you. I love you so much and you know I wouldn't hesitate to do anything for you." Claire swallowed painfully. "It's true that you've been avoiding me since Friday. You don't pick up my calls unless I call with a different number and even at that, you end up ending the call without listening to what I have to say. I thought you were stressed so I decided to give you space. You know I can't do without you, Alex. Please forgive me if I did anything to offend you. I promise, I'll love you more, I'll be more submissive to you even in bed, you can whip my ass till it turns bloody red, I swear I won't complain. I'll do everything you ask me to do. Please love, don't break up with ......."

"Just shut the fuck up!!!!!!" Alex said with gritted teeth as he forcefully freed his hands from Claire's hold. The veins that popped out on his neck and forehead did not go unnoticed by Claire who was in tears. "What the hell is wrong with you? Did you think I would keep you with me forever?"

"What's wrong with you keeping me forever?! What If I don't want any other man?! What if I want to spend forever with you?. We are perfect for each other, Alexander. How can you not see that?" Claire screamed at him as tears continuously rolled down her cheeks.

Alex chuckled and shook his head in disbelief. "You're way more pathetic than I thought. Even my so-called legally wedded wife doesn't nag as much as you do."

"That's because she's stupid. That's because she doesn't value what she has. If she knew how to satisfy you, you wouldn't be elsewhere looking for pleasure." Claire said, gently dabbing away the tears on her face to avoid ruining her makeup.

Alex frowned. "What are you aiming at? Don't tell me you were thinking I was going to give you a ring." He said in disgust.

"When has it been a crime to dream big?" She whispered.

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