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C3 Three

Alexander chuckled, then folded his arms. "You're the dumbest woman I've ever had an affair with." Claire sexily rolled her eyes at him but was heartbroken when her gesture had no effect on him.

"Gone are those days when you will roll your eyes at me and as punishment, I'll bend you over that desk (He pointed to the huge mahogany desk in his office) and fuck you so hard till you can't walk properly. If you study me well, you will know I'm someone who loves varieties. That being said, I can't be dedicated to one woman all my life."

"In fact, you should be grateful to me for being with you for this long. We've been together for seven months which is the longest for any affair I've had. I'm done with you, Claire Jackson. It was nice knowing you!"

"Come on baby, you can't do this to me. We both have a bright future in this relationship; you can't just cut me off." She pleaded.

Alexander chuckled, then looked into Claire Jackson's eyes. "I don't know you to be a greedy person so don't start now. You've had me to yourself for Seven months. I'm no longer attracted to you, I no longer feel anything for you so it's time for another person to take over." Alex said, then poured himself another shot of Vodka which he gulped down instantly. "It's time for you to disappear from my life forever. Do not call, text, or stalk me!! I'll have Emma send you some relief flowers before the end of the day."

Claire stood in shock as Alexander Clay left her sight and proceeded to his workspace. He settled on the chair behind his desk, then got ready to bury himself with work.

"Okay, you got me. You won. Can we put an end to the whole prank thing? My heart cannot bear any more heartbreak." Claire whispered. She knew the whole thing had to be a prank because she had no idea how she would survive in the society if Alexander meant all that he had said. No doubt she was going to be a laughing stock. People swore she wasn't going to last two weeks in the arms of Alexander Clay but Claire even received more praises by the time she and Alex's relationship clocked two months. And by the time they were five months into their relationship, there was a heavy rumor about Claire being Alexander's second wife. The rumor sort of gave Claire extra confidence about her and Alex's affair.

"Are you insane? Do I look like a joker to you???!!!" Alex rose to his feet in anger.

Claire swallowed painfully as heavy tears welled up in her eyes. Yeah, Alexander Clay got no chills. Even the littlest of things could bring out the beast in him.

"M....my...lo..ve." Claire started to say but was cut off by him.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY OFFICE!!!!!" He yelled, making her jump where she stood. Claire had no idea she had tears rolling down her cheeks as she went to pick up her handbag on the couch which was just a few steps away from the door.

She turned around to take a look at Alex. Her heart began to race even more upon his glare. He was on his feet, giving her murderous looks. Claire Jackson had never seen Alexander this angry. In as much as she wanted to stay back and plead with him, She knew it was best she took her leave, and with a very heart, she did just that, slamming the door behind her even when she was fully aware that Alex hated that gesture. Alexander Clay had a lot of things that irritated him and that included someone slamming the door. He was a fan of doing such but he hated it when people did it around him.

"What the fuck????!!!!" Alexander muttered the moment he saw and heard her slam the door. "Motherfucking whore!" He mumbled after a while, taking a seat behind his desk.

Heaving a sigh, Alex dialed Emma via the intercom. She came into his office almost immediately. "Let this be the last time she sets her foot in this company!" He warned.

"Yes, Sir!" Emma nodded. "I've informed the office securities as well as your home securities and bodyguards"

"Good" Alexander mumbled.

"Do you need me to send Ms. Claire some farewell flowers?" Emma regretted saying those words the moment they rolled off her tongue. "Forgive me, Sir! You do request I send flowers to your exes the moment you're done with them. I thought you would want to do the same for Ms. Claire." She responded upon his glare.

"One more nasty word from you and you'll be fired," He said with venom in his voice.

"I'm very sorry, Sir!" Emma muttered.

"Be back in an hour and we will go over the notes you took from the meeting earlier. Apart from the meeting I have after lunch and the documents I have to go through, what else is on my schedule today?" He asked.

"That's all you have for today, Sir. Emily's birthday is next week." She added.

"And so?" Alex said without a care in the world.

"Uhmmm, you didn't make it to her first birthday. Since she's turning two next week, I thought you would want to make it up to her so I can start helping out with any plans you have." Emma said genuinely.

"Never interfere in my personal life ever again!" Alexander Clay warned. "Get lost!!!!" He commanded. Emma hurried out of his office.

"What a psycho!" She breathed out the moment she got to her desk area which was just right outside Alex's office. "He asks me to get rid of his mistress but freaks out when I talk about his daughter's birthday. Poor Emily!" She sighed, taking a seat behind her desk.

Emma busied herself with work but was distracted soon enough when her phone rang. She was skeptical about the incoming call being an unknown number but she picked it anyway.

"Hi. This is Emma Daniels. How may I help you?" She said to the other side.

"Hi Emma, I'm Ellie. I got your number from a friend. I have something important to discuss with you in person. Please can we meet during your lunch break? You can pick the venue."

"My number from a friend?" Emma asked curiously. She wasn't someone that had too many friends and the few ones she had wouldn't give out her number without her consent.

"Yes, from a friend. It's normal for you to be suspicious about this but please I need you to trust me. I'll explain more to you when we see."

The only thing that calmed Emma a little was the fact that the voice on the other side was feminine. "Okay, but I won't be available. I have things to do during my lunch break" She said.

"What about after work? I won't take up to twenty minutes of your time. I promise." Ellie said almost immediately.

Emma sighed. "I'll be leaving work late. Will 9 pm be fine for you?" She asked.

"Sure!" Ellie answered. "What about the venue?"

"There's a restaurant opposite Clay International. We can meet there." Emma proposed.

"Okay. I will meet you there at 9 pm. Thank you so much, Emma." Ellie said, then ended the call.

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