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C4 Four

Just when it was almost 9 pm, Emma Daniels started gathering her things. She was grateful that her Boss, Alexander, had left the office because if he was still there, She would have had no choice but to stay back until 10 pm or maybe, 11 pm.

Emma proceeded out of the office building and went in the direction of the food restaurant. Jogs restaurant was a popular food restaurant. They specialize in all kinds of dishes and they weren't too expensive. Even at 9 pm, the restaurant was still bubbling with customers.

Emma had never seen Ellie before so it was hard locating her on her own. She was about to reach for her phone in her handbag when a waiter approached her.

"Miss Emma, Right?" The dark-haired waiter's voice came through. He was putting on a uniform, just like the other people whom she recognized as waiters.

Emma nodded.

"Good evening ma'am. Ms. Ellie is waiting for you. Please follow me." He said, then ushered her upstairs, the VIP area. Emma had never been to the VIP area of the restaurant but it was beautiful and less crowded unlike the general area downstairs.

They were a few steps away from the reserved table when Emma saw someone stand to her feet. She assumed that was Ellie, judging by her beautiful looks, it was reasonable to conclude that Ellie was in her late twenties. The waiter took his leave almost immediately so the ladies could have their privacy.

"Good evening, Please have your seat," Ellie said, gesturing to the chair opposite her. She booked a table for two. Emma nodded, then took her seat.

"Thanks for agreeing to meet me. Do you want to order anything? Food, Drinks? The bill's on me." Ellie said. She arrived at the restaurant about twenty minutes to nine so she ordered a bottle of her favorite red wine.

"I'm fine," Emma answered almost immediately.

"Okay then. I'll just go to the reasons we are both here."

"Yes, please!" Emma answered.

"I'm here to make you an offer."

"An offer?" Emma asked, confused.

Ellie nodded. "Quit your job and this huge sum will be yours." She placed a small envelope on the table, before Emma.

Emma frowned. She took a glance at the white envelope on the table, then turned her attention back to Ellie. "I don't know if I should be disappointed in you. You look way too innocent to be offering me such.

"What do you mean by 'Way too Innocent?'" Ellie asked.

"I've been in a similar position a few times. I've had strange calls and emails threatening me to quit. But I was able to trace them to my Boss's psycho exes. You don't look like someone who could offer me such a deal. Who sent you? Claire Jackson?" Emma asked.

"The only reason why I have an idea who Claire Jackson is, is because of the media. Anyways, I'm not here because of her, and neither did she send me to you."

"Why do you want me to quit? My salary isn't a fortune and neither are my responsibilities simple and might I also add, you look Classy, calm, and professional." Emma's eyes went to Ellie's outfit/jewelries, handbag, and phone that was on the table. "What I mean is that you look rich so it's hard to conclude you're a gold digger who wants my position to get access to the Boss for his money. Well, unless you're fake." She shrugged.

Ellie chuckled. "For someone who Alexander Clay treats as trash, don't you think you're being too concerned about him? Anyways you're right. I'm not a gold digger. I'll be leaving Chicago very soon; My Dad lives in Italy with his new found love. He recently opened a textile company and wants me to run it. I applied for positions at Clay International but I've been rejected over and over because of my lack of experience and my educational background. I've never studied or done anything in relation to textile."

"I don't want to go to Italy with an empty brain; being as clueless as fuck. I want to impress my father, I want to learn a few things from the best company. I come here in good faith and when I resign too, I'll be resigning in good faith. I'm to be in Italy in six weeks so yes, I don't plan on working for Alexander for long."

"I heard the human resource department has no say when it comes to hiring Alex's Secretaries. So it means you can quit and recommend me to take over. I'm very experienced with being a secretary so you have no worries. I also promise to hand over to someone competent by the time I'm leaving."

Ellie picked up the envelope that was on the table, before Emma. "Someone from the company told me Alex bullies you every time. Girllll, you deserve better. I also heard this isn't your dream job too. You're only persevering because of the salary which he mostly gives you half of. Inside this envelope is a huge sum to compensate you for everything. You will be able to pay off your debts and even have extra to start a small restaurant. Please accept this!" Ellie stretched out the envelope to Emma.

After a couple of seconds of having some internal conflicting thoughts, Emma accepted the envelope from Ellie. She opened it, took out the cheque and almost choked on her saliva when she saw the figures on the piece of paper

"Yo.....you're offering all of these?" Emma shuttered.

Ellie smiled and nodded. "My father's a rich dude. You're doing me a great favor by letting me take over your position and with all that you've been through, it only makes sense that you're compensated well." Ellie explained.

Emma stared at the $10,000,000 cheque for a while. She put the paper in the envelope and placed it on the table.

"So, do we have a deal?" Ellie asked, gently rubbing her palms together. She could see the conflicting look in Emma's eyes. "You need not worry about being sued for breaching any contract. I got you covered." She said.

Emma sighed. "I'm not worried about being sued. If there is even anyone to be sued, then it's my Boss, because of how he cuts my salary and treats me like trash as you said. But it would be a waste of time trying to sue him because of his power and influence. It's just that your offer came to me as a surprise. Can you give me some time to ponder over it?" She asked.

"How much time do you need? Remember I don't have much time here in Chicago. "The earlier I start work, the more things I learn before I leave. I was hoping we could seal the deal before the end of the week so I'll start work on Monday."

After a while of careful thinking, Emma responded. "I'll get back to you before the end of tomorrow."

Ellie nodded. "You can keep the cheque while you think things through."

"Why do you trust me this much? Aren't you scared that I might run off with your money and not comply with the deal?" Emma asked.

Ellie smiled a little, "You seem trustworthy so I'm following my instincts. No one cheats me and gets away with it. I've got dangerous brothers who will fight for me. So I would do the right thing if I were you."

Emma nodded. She reached for the envelope and placed it in her bag. "I should get going." She said, rising to her feet. Ellie stood up too. "Thanks for your time. I'll be expecting your call or text tomorrow."

"Sure! Goodnight!" Emma said with a small smile that didn't reach her eyes, then She took her leave. Once Emma was out of sight, Ellie reached for her handbag, then made her way downstairs. The moment She walked out of the restaurant, She bumped into a very familiar person.

"Look who I found? The one and only Ellie James."

Ellie smiled, then hugged Ken. "It's been a while. How are you?"

"Good, you?"

"I'm fine."

Ken nodded with a small smile. "I can tell you are from how radiant you're looking. You must have gotten off work pretty early for me to bump into you here."

Ellie arched a confused brow at him. "I called Ari and invited her to have dinner with me but she said she was busy. She said she was with you and that you guys were busy with some upcoming collaborations.

"Ummm yeah!" Ellie answered almost immediately after mentally facepalming at the white lie her best friend told. Indeed, they've always been busy with the company work and it's true that they have a few collaborations lined up but Ari was free tonight. Ellie knew she came up with that excuse, just to avoid going out with Ken, like always.

"She's always busy which is quite disappointing but I hope she will make time for me one day," Ken said, the hurt and disappointment evident in his voice. Ellie's heart went out to him.

"I'll try my best to come up with something for you both. I'll see if I can mess up with her schedule so you guys can have a night out."

"Will look forward to that. Thanks." Ken said. They talked a couple of seconds more, said their goodbyes, then headed to their destinations.

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