"Mother, mother, please, let me keep this child!"

I knelt in front of my mother and begged.

"What is the point of keeping this little bastard? Drink the medicine! "

Mother and her mother stood in front of me, looking at me coldly.

"Mother, I will pack my things now. I will leave this place, please let me keep this child."

I tightly protected my stomach.

"What is your background? Do you still want to keep this child?"

The mother's face was already showing signs of impatience.

"But the child is innocent, mother."

Tears fell down my face as I lay on the floor in front of my mother. I kept kowtowing to her, begging her to let go of the child in my stomach.

After a while, a scorching heat came from his forehead.

His mother had long since lost her patience. Turning around, she instructed her mother, who was in charge of his personal concubine, "Feed her some medicine!"

Saying so, without even looking at me once, he took the little girl's hand and went out the door.

My desperate resistance was futile.

The medicine was bitter.

Alone in bed, I felt a warm surge in my stomach.

I look at the more precious children than life, in the slow loss of my body.

This is the child I've been begging for.

I laughed and walked out barefoot.

If the child was gone, what was there to pay attention to?

The sky outside was clear, and the pigeons that flew over it were as white as the clouds.

When I opened my eyes, I found that Xiaoyi was already soaked. The sky had yet to light up and a speck of light was gradually approaching me.

A crack appeared on the cloth and a fair face stuck its way in. It was the maid, Lu Ping.

"Miss, you're awake. Do you want some tea?" Her face was still the same as before.

I shook my head.

"Change into bed clothes."

After I changed my clothes, I lay back down on the bed.

The scene in my dream was something I had experienced before.

After I was pregnant with the Xue family's child, my mother gave me a bowl of medicine.

After I drank the medicine, I sat on the porch looking up at the sky and fell into a deep sleep. When I woke up again, I was alone in my bed, and there was a faint noise in my ears. It was so close that I tried to hear it, but I couldn't, and then I fell asleep again.

When I opened my eyes again, what I saw before I was married was the Hundred Herbs Tent that I had hung on my bed. It was embroidered with flowers, flowers, honeysuckle, ivy, and many other flowers and plants that I had never seen before.

I reached out to touch it. It was also very small, as if it were carved from several tiny fingernails.

A little over a month ago, I found myself back in the past.

Back to the winter when I was ten.

Everything was just as it had been before, her mother as strict and her father as loving.

But it's different now, because I'm not the little girl anymore.

My name is Yang Yuan, and I was born in the house of Shang Jia.

"Miss, it's time to get up and pay respects."

After washing up, I went to my grandmother's yard.

Grandmother is a very kind old lady, every time she saw me, she was full of tender affection.

I thought back to that time, when my mother took me to see Master Xue. My grandmother held my hand tightly and said to my mother, "Mother Qing …" "… …." said Lady Qing. Think about it … "Think about it!"

"Yuanyuan'er's life is going to be ruined like this!"

Unfortunately, at that time, I wholeheartedly took a fancy to the young master of the Xue Clan.

Since he had this life, he could no longer live it in such a muddled manner!

"Greetings, Grandmother." I knelt down and bowed.

"Yuan-er, you came." Grandmother smiled benevolently and beckoned to me, "Come, come, sit next to Grandmother."

"Lu Ping, quickly bring it over." I smiled and called back to my maidservant.

Lu Ping respectfully came over with a red wood lacquered food box. She handed it over to me with a smile.

I personally opened the box, and a burst of fragrance followed my movements, spreading out.

Grandmother, it's so cold today. I've ordered the kitchen to make some Red Sugar Duck Soup. It's the most nourishing soup.

The sweet white porcelain bowl was filled with red dates, tender white duck slices, and green onions. They were all lying at the bottom of the bowl.

I scooped a bowl and offered it to my grandmother with a smile.

"Our Yuanyuan is really filial, grandma wants to try it."

The lines of wrinkles on Grandmother's face widened into a smile.

As soon as his grandmother picked up the bowl and took a sip, the servant girl's voice came from outside the door.

"Reporting to the Old Granny, the Madam has arrived."

"Well, let her in." Grandmother smiled in agreement.

A cool breeze followed my mother's movements and when I saw that I was sitting on the brick bed next to my grandmother, she couldn't help but frown.

In my previous life, my mother taught me very strictly. I either learned the rules from Momo, or I learned the Kunge from my master. The singing and acting was an extremely lowly business, but my mother secretly invited her master to teach me. This was something that even very few servants in the family knew about.

Entering the Xue family, I found out that Master Xue really loved listening to music.

Mother had long planned to send me into the Xue Clan as a concubine!

However, she did not expect me to be in love with the Xue family's uncle. Long before she gave me to Master Xue, the Xue family's young master had set up a new house for me to stay in.

Why did he marry his own daughter to an old man over forty as his concubine?

Even if I was with the young master of the Xue Clan, why didn't my mother allow me to give birth to a child?

My mother must have been hiding something, and this kindly grandmother of mine must have known.

When her mother sat down, a servant girl immediately walked up to her and untied the long, braid on her body. Another servant girl went up to the stove before her expression eased up slightly.

Mother was extremely timid and cold. Every winter, Mother's courtyard consumed nearly twice as much charcoal as the other courtyards.

When I was young, I overheard my mother talking about the warm weather in the capital. I asked her about it, but she just ignored me.

"Mom, your wife wants to discuss something with you."

His mother leaned slightly towards his grandmother, her smile especially gentle.


"My wife wants to send Aunt Wang to the manor."

His grandmother, who was lying on the brick bed, suddenly sat up.

"Why? Where are you giving me the warmth? "


This must be Aunt Wang!

It was strange how Grandmother would call an aunt like that.

"Mother!" Mother used her eyes to draw Grandmother's attention to me.

I secretly ridiculed myself for not noticing these oddities in my previous life.

Not long after, under Mother's insistence, Aunt Wang moved into the manor. I didn't hear any news of her, so I didn't pay much attention to her.

Aunt Wang was a very beautiful woman. Her voice was soft, her voice gentle, and her voice incomparably delicate. Her face always had a look of worry, and her eyes were rippling.

Logically speaking, such a beautiful woman should have been doted upon and doted upon by others. However, her father had always been indifferent towards her.

Could it be that his mother was too strict?

"Yuanyuan, go back first, I have something to say to your grandma."

His mother turned around and ordered.

I hurriedly nodded and got up to kneel before him. I respectfully said, "Yes, Grandmother. Mother. Yuan'er will take her leave."

My mother had ordered me to leave, and I had to leave.

When I walked out of the inner room, I found Lu Kui waiting in my grandmother's main hall with three or four of my maidservants. When they saw me come out, they hurriedly came to greet me.

Lu Ping, years ago, when I was packing up in a hurry, ready to leave with the big uncle of the Xue Clan, this girl pulled me back and begged me to reconsider.

At that time, she had said, "Miss, I beg of you, please think carefully. Once you have left, there will be nothing left for you!"

And I insisted on going with Xue Lang. She packed her luggage and ran away with me.

I felt that she was a trustworthy girl, but after what had happened in the past, it was better to be cautious.

Now that I'm struggling at home, I have to have someone close to me to do it.

It's a pity that after living for so many years in vain in my previous life, I couldn't even find out who my trusted aide was!

He had to start from the beginning.

I thought to myself. On my way back to the courtyard with Lu Ping, I came up with an idea.

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