Exiting the court, Su Mo rejected the parasol brought over by his bodyguard and didn't get on the car.

Staring blankly at the road that had been paved for some unknown reason, she tousled her shoulder-length curly hair and walked step by step down the renovated street towards the alley. The three bodyguards were two and a half meters away from her, which was a habit of hers for many years. It was the height of summer in July, and it hadn't rained this morning. Even if it had rained, the Supreme Court wouldn't have cared so much about the appearance of the city, even if they had repaired the road surface. Someone should have cleaned up the building, and the Military Region's Principal, Su Mo, and his many years of business laps had caused a bad premonition in his heart.

At this moment, Su Mo walked out of the alleyway and entered a commercial building. He left a bodyguard on the first floor to keep an eye on any suspicious personnel. Su Mo walked to the extreme right side of the reception room.

"Hello, Miss. May I ask if there is anything I can help you with?"

She was about 178 meters tall, a head taller than Su Mo. Her voice was gentle, polite, but it also had a hint of pride in it. After all, this was the tallest building behind the Supreme Court. The boss behind the scenes had a tough background, and even the receptionist had a proud air about her.

Su Mo stretched out his hand, and the bodyguard behind him handed over her handbag. She carelessly took out a black card. In the lower right corner, there was a single Arabic number, 11.5.

The receptionist looked at the card and her whole body froze. In an instant, she respectfully bowed to the side.

"Please follow me."

Su Mo followed her to an elevator. The receptionist pressed the button for it, made a "please" gesture, and hurried back.

"Is there a need for this? Isn't it just knowing that I'm the boss? Is there a need to be so flustered? I'm 10 centimeters taller. Oh my, my aura is so strong?" "Muk Qing, I like to keep a cold face, but am I that scary?"

Su Mo turned around and asked a bodyguard.

"Sis Mo, I think that's not right. We have clearly investigated all the staff here. Besides being tall and beautiful, the most important thing is that they have temperament and dog legs. Isn't that what you have to say? Why does she want to run away when she sees that you aren't fawning on her?"

Mo Qing took the black card from Su Mo, swiped through the sensing area, pressed the button on the 18th floor, and replied.

Su Mo turned his head and smiled coldly.

Mo Qing had followed her for so many years, but he had only seen her smile like this three times. The first time was during the founding of the corporation. The second time was when her grandfather's venerable old general died.

Today was the third time. Muk Qing acted as though he was facing a great enemy. He immediately took out his phone and began deploying it.

The eighteenth level, symbolized the eighteenth level of hell. This was also how Su Mo constantly reminded himself that he couldn't be careless, that he couldn't be arrogant, and that he had to always be vigilant.

"Ding ~" The elevator door opened and a smiling face at the entrance gradually grew bigger …

"Sis, I've been waiting for you for a long time. It's such a hot day, come here and I made you your favorite fruit tea, it's so beautiful …"

Su Cheng pulled his elder sister with one hand as they walked in. This was his own younger brother who had been left behind by Mo Qing to guard the exit of the 18th floor for 25 years. He was used to it, after all these years, his mother had been in a car accident, his father had died, and his grandfather had passed away. Whether it was because he was in charge of the country's top intelligence network or the top financial group, he could only trust his younger brother.

"Sis, everyone knows that our Cheng Yang Group and your Su Clan Consortium are old rivals for more than ten years. After so many years, who would have thought that Cheng Yang is actually a subsidiary group of the Su Clan. Hahaha …"

Seeing his little brother's complacent look, Su Mo's cold face also turned gentle as he punched his little brother in the chest.

"You are already so big, yet when you smile, you still look like a child. When I was young, my grandfather brought you back from the orphanage and kept you outside the whole time. Who knows that I have a younger brother. When Dad was a kid, he told us a story. There were two stores selling the same goods, one of which was always cheaper than the other by 20 yuan, so the cheaper one was always good, but the more expensive one was always good, too. Every day, the two families argued, and neither gave in to the other. "

Su Cheng'an watched as Su Mo slowly made his way to the french window. He was mesmerized by the sight of Su Mo's devastatingly beautiful face. When Su Mo had finished speaking, Su Cheng snapped out of his daze.

"Of course they won't fall, because those two stores are the same boss, hahaha.

"Sis, this time it's all thanks to you helping me. Today, this company in court actually sued me for infringing on my rights, and during this period of time, I even had to trouble Sis to help me delay them, I naturally have a way to deal with him."

As he spoke, Su Cheng reached out from behind his back and placed his arm around Su Mo's waist.

Su Mo's body stiffened. Mo Qing, who was by his side, did not care whether this was Young Master Cheng or not. Seeing Su Mo's expression, he knew that Su Cheng was anxious and kind, and was about to protect Su Mo.

With a "peng" sound, Muk Qing fell to the ground. Next to him, Su Cheng's secretary was holding a silencer in her hand.

At that moment, Su Mo's hands wrapped around Su Cheng's neck, and with a flick of his waist, he swung his leg over Su Cheng's shoulder, throwing Su Cheng over his shoulder.

Su Cheng was lying on the ground, rubbing his back with a smile on his face.

It turned out that today's lawsuit was a deliberate arrangement by him for her to go personally. How could such a leather bag company have so much power and be so daring? He couldn't bring any tool or weapon into the court, and it wasn't as if he had never suspected this little brother at all, but he still reported this tiny shred of luck, hoping that he wasn't what he thought he was. It was this little bit of carelessness that caused Mo Qing to die without any precautions. Su Mo's heart was like a thunderclap.

Looking at the surroundings, Su Mo calculated the distance between him and Mo Qing. He also wondered how he could get Mo Qing's phone to sound the alarm. As long as she could touch it, she could send out a distress signal. He had spent 10 years cultivating the special forces that he brought back from his grandfather's old subordinate, the batch after batch of retired special forces, and even trained his experts from the orphanage.

Su Mo closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

Suddenly, the ground under his feet started sinking rapidly, causing Su Mo to feel dizzy and faint.

When he woke up, he saw a big smile in front of him from Su City. Su Mo was sitting on the back of a chair with his hands tied, and he was stripped to the point where only his underclothes were left. Su Mo subconsciously touched the sapphire embedded in his fingernail. Su Mo knew this was his last resort.

"Sis, don't work so hard. I've already done some signal interference here, you can't contact anyone. The people outside could not contact Mo Qing, so for the sake of finding you, they probably searched the entire capital both in the open and in the dark. Ha ha-ha ha, Mo, who would have known that you were right under their noses? Mo ~ I don't need to call you sister anymore! "

Su Cheng took Su Mo's face in his hands and fiercely kissed her lips.

Su Mo kept rolling his large eyes and looked at his surroundings. There was a square space, and it was filled with freshly dug soil. It was still moist, and beside it was a construction shovel. Construction shovel … Under his nose..... Could it be... Under the cement she was repairing? So the construction board was there to obstruct her line of sight. With her eyesight, she could tell from the moisture level of the soil that the pavement was being refurbished. It must have been dug too deep.

A wave of bitterness rose in Su Mo's heart. After all, he was a woman. If such an obvious loophole wasn't there to see his younger brother, how could he not have noticed it and decided to act on his feelings?

After calculating the time, Mo Qing would be dead and the other two bodyguards wouldn't be alive either. However, they would be able to locate the location of their dead bodies. His own people would probably be able to narrow down the range and find him within 10 minutes.

He knew Su Mo's capabilities, but he didn't dare to stay here alone. There were four of his personal bodyguards around him, and he didn't want others to see his beloved sister's body, so Su Mo took this opportunity to stall for time.

"Little brother, little brother Cheng, why did you do this to me? Since young, I've always treated you as my own little brother. Why did you do this? If you want money for the rights of the clan, I can give it to you."

Su City's face immediately changed from one filled with lust to a distorted one.

Hehe, Su Mo, in the end, I am just an outsider, speaking of talent, I am not as good as you, but Grandpa will just give you everything. Although I am the second in command, I will always be in the dark, and will always be there for you, to make things difficult for you, I like that you want to get rid of me, but I am afraid that you will not agree. Su Cheng turned his head and glared fiercely at Su Mo, and the topic of their conversation changed.

"But from today onwards, things will be different. I will do everything I can to insert people, and from today onwards, there will no longer be a Su Clan. Only Chengyang, hahaha, hahahaha!" "Sister, I want you to become my woman. I want you to go down and accompany that old fogey!"

Su City took off her undergarments. Then the space above began to shake and the stone dirt began to fall. Su City was dumbfounded. The signal had been blocked, and this place was dug too deep. What to do? We couldn't get out, it was about to collapse. Su City desperately ran towards the tunnel, no longer with the elegant demeanor of a mature teenager.

Su Mo glanced at the top of his head, leaving behind bitter tears. He gently closed his eyes. Perhaps he was too tired to waste his father's work in this life, and he had worked so hard to reach his current level. His grandfather's death was strange, and she could not get her hands on the higher ups of the military. Scenes of the past appeared before his eyes.

Su Mo looked at the earth getting closer and closer, and could feel the air getting less and less. A tear slid down the corner of his mouth. At this moment, she felt so relaxed.

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