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Ever since she had arrived here, she had been running non-stop on the road, hoping to cultivate her power and make herself more powerful as soon as possible. He was constantly analyzing the situation in his mind. At this moment, she was already on the way to getting married. Although there was no wedding procession, she didn't care too much about it. After all, the other party was a prince, and they definitely didn't want to marry her. If a girl of this era were to encounter such a situation, she would have long been courting death, feeling ashamed to face others. But in essence she was still the soul of an equal society.

When they arrived at the Blue King's manor, the music suddenly stopped. There was a hubbub of people, some laughing, some worried, and some had all sorts of guesses. Su Mo'er did not want to just sit at the entrance of someone else's residence and listen to their chatter. She opened the curtains of the bridal sedan and asked the white fruit what was the matter.

"Miss, it's almost the right time. There's no one from the Blue King's Palace to welcome you. What should we do, Miss?" Even at noon, the sun was scorching. Sweat beaded their foreheads as they waited at the entrance of the Blue King Manor. Half of them were hot and the other half were scared. If they missed this auspicious hour, everyone would be beheaded.

"Nanny, help me out of the palanquin."

Su Mo Er said in a deep voice.

"This... This doesn't conform with the rules … " The nanny shook her head.

"Can you bear the responsibility of missing the auspicious hour? Help me out of the palanquin!" At this moment, Su Mo'er really hated this evil slavery.

The nanny trembled as she supported Su Mo'er slowly towards the backyard of the Blue King Mansion. Su Mo'er's head was covered in a red muslin, but she could still vaguely see the situation of the Blue King Mansion. After all, after receiving the imperial edict, the Blue King himself wouldn't kick the palanquin in in the future.

"Since the Blue King is not coming, there's nothing we can do about it. Help me to the wedding room in the backyard, then you can leave."

Su Mo Er said in a deep voice as she felt the matriarch's trembling hands.

She really didn't want to be supported. She was afraid that she would get Parkinson's disease if she were to be supported any longer. She trembled and trembled.

"Qingshu, give me the money. If you lose, I'll tell you. This little girl will definitely be able to enter the Blue King's Mansion today, 10 taels of silver. Bring it here."

At this moment, if Su Mo'Er saw this man, she would discover that this was the purple-clothed fox's eye that she had met in the Taotie Camp that day.

The front yard was full of people, and the back yard was much quieter. Su Mo'er took off her cap, shoes and crown, and fell straight onto the bed. As soon as she fell down, she immediately bounced up. There were all sorts of red dates and cinnamon buns under the bed. It hurt so much that she lifted up the bed sheets to throw them away. "This is making me so anxious." "Miss, the mama said that you have to sit properly and wait for the prince to come in. Don't move, I'll help you put on your hat."

Su Mo'er looked dispirited as she laid on the table, "Little Guo, my neck is sore. I'm hungry so you brought me some pastries. Why don't you take them out and let us eat together?" "Little Guo Guo ~"

Seeing her young miss in such a pitiful state, Bai Guo didn't try to persuade her again. Instead, she took out the few hibiscus cakes and sugar cakes that were wrapped in oilpaper. Su Mo'er didn't feel hungry after eating a few mouthfuls. She wanted to eat chicken wings! He wanted to eat Peking Duck!

She hadn't slept last night. She was really tired. She ordered Bai Guo to stand guard in the outer room while she slept on the soft couch.

After an unknown amount of time, Su Mo'er could vaguely smell the fragrance of the food and saw a table full of dishes. There was also a big red figure sitting at the table, elegantly drinking tea. She didn't want to care about anything else. Since the black-hearted prince didn't touch her while she was asleep, he wasn't a lustful person either. Seeing the graceful and calm manner in which he was drinking tea, she wasn't drunk either. What the hell are you afraid of? Let's talk after you've eaten your fill. She was happy to see a table full of delicacies. She sat down across from a certain grandpa, grabbed a bowl of chopsticks and was about to eat. Just as the chopsticks were about to touch a chicken wing, or even a chicken wing, she loved it the most. However, it was ruthlessly blocked by another pair of chopsticks. Just like this, Su Mo'er's chopsticks didn't even touch a drop of oil for half a quarter of an hour.

Bang! Su Mo'er viciously knocked her chopsticks on the bowl and raised her head to look at the ice-cold face that had a hint of playfulness in it. Su Mo'er was stunned for a moment. She could not help but think, "What a monster!" Monster! How could anyone be so good-looking? The world's most beautiful man lived up to his reputation. It was still night and the candle flame was unclear. If it was day, she would definitely be drooling.

Initially, he had not planned to come to the wedding hall today. After hearing his guards say that she had entered by herself, he had wanted to take a look at this bold and unconventional woman, and upon entering, he was surprised to see that she had lost her mask, crown, shoes, and outer robe. Looking at the woman who was sleeping on the soft couch and talking about her chicken wings, as well as the crumbs at the corner of her mouth, he had ordered someone to make food for her and even ordered her not to wake her up easily.

Su Mo'er finally regained her senses as she facepalmed as she muttered softly, "Men mislead people." So what if she was hungry? This was someone else's territory, she wouldn't dare to be angry if she couldn't eat anything. She recovered a little. He rose and performed a standing bow before slowly sitting down. He smiled sweetly at a certain prince, his smile like a dog's leg! "Your highness, Mo'er has just arrived here and is unable to recognize Mount Tai. Seeing that your highness is not ordinary, your highness will definitely be magnanimous and not lower himself to a girl like me. I wonder if Mo'er will be able to have dinner with Your highness." After saying so, she lowered her head bashfully.

As Ye Blueblood looked at the woman who had instantly transformed from a little beast into a gentle girl, a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes. "For some reason, he just wanted to tease her." This King is tired today. Since wangfei intends to serve This King a meal, then this king will grant wangfei's request. "

This voice was really pleasant to the ears, cold and filled with an imposing aura. It turned out that apart from being good-looking, this voice was also so good. But what did he say? Treat him to a meal? Please, she had been starving for a whole day, yet she still let her watch him eat. No, no, this was too torturous. Su Mo'er thought for a bit, then decided to pretend she was weak.

Night Blue Dye did not miss the trace of craftiness that flashed across her eyes. The smile in his eyes grew even wider as he looked at the expression on her face, which changed from a twisted expression to one of pain to one of success in her scheme. His hands were naturally placed on his thighs, as if he was waiting for Su Mo'er to feed him.

Looking at the Black Heart Prince's happy robe which did not have the slightest crease, the corner of Su Mo'Er's mouth turned into a smile. Suddenly, her hand slipped and she let out a scream. The rabbit meat in Su Mo'er's hand became unstable, and at the same time, her left hand knocked over the rice bowl, but she did not believe it, she blocked his left hand, and he, a prince, would definitely not use his right hand to receive the rabbit meat. Her right hand received the bowl, and the rabbit meat would definitely fall onto his clothes. Wahaha.

The truth was that a certain master was holding a bowl in his right hand with a piece of rabbit meat firmly placed in the bowl. This bastard... He knew martial arts, and his hand speed was so fast. In modern gaming, especially in the 1v1 category, he would definitely be the champion. She deprecatingly imagined the scene of a certain lord playing games.

"Esteemed wangfei, why are you so careless?" Ye Bluesilver looked at the girl in front of him as he began to lose his train of thought. How could there be such a bold woman in this world?

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