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This time, she was not pretending. As a person with two lifetimes, she had always competed against time. Even though her career had reached a height that was difficult for an ordinary person to reach, she had never gotten so close to anyone. Especially when she smelled the unique scent of ink on his body, her face turned even redder.

"My lord, you have redeemed yourself. I no longer have any strength left in my body. I have been weak since I was young, so I beg you to redeem me." She sat on a stool that was further away from him, looking at him with tears in her eyes. Kneeling was definitely not something that would kneel. Anyone who wanted to kneel would go.

Seeing the stubbornness in the girl's eyes, Ye Lan couldn't help but think that she was begging for mercy. She was clearly complaining that he had bullied her. It was still his fault that she threw rabbit meat into his body. With a wave of his hand, he gently placed Su Mo'er on the bed. "Since you are tired, rest with me!" With that, he pulled off his wedding robe, revealing his white undergarment, and pressed it against her body.

Damn it, Su Mo'Er's mind was ringing. Although she did not view chastity as if it was her life, she did not want to lose her body like this. Su Mo'er's eyes were filled with charm as she placed one of her hands on Ye Wu Chen's sturdy chest. She could feel that the breathing of a certain prince was a little bit rough, and as her leg was pressed against the joints of the other prince's chest, she was just about to suppress the little girl below her. At this moment, Su Mo'er turned her body to the side, and the room was filled with the flirtatious posture of a woman. At this moment, Su Mo'er's knee was pressing down on his lower abdomen, and she was holding a delicate flying knife against his chest. With a bright smile on his face, he said, "My lord, my son Mo'er is not feeling well recently, so I can't wait for you to go to bed. Please forgive me." Halfway through the window, Halfpeak was about to enter when he heard the commotion.

Night Blue's eyes were full of smiles as he looked at the girl who was putting on airs on his body. This was not like marrying a wangfei; this was like marrying a small beast. With a sudden groan, Ye Lanruo's brows furrowed as he cast a spell.

Su Mo'er felt a burst of heat and wetness in her knees. Lowering her head, she saw that the blood had already seeped into her pants. She clearly hadn't hurt him.

"You … "Are you hurt?" With so much blood, he must have sustained serious injuries.

"" Ye Qingyan pulled her down with her big hands and hugged her. " "Sleep."

"But you're injured. Do you need a doctor? There's so much blood." Even though she didn't marry him voluntarily, he didn't do anything bad to her. Even though she didn't do anything wrong to him, but after all, she was the one who touched his wound, and he was scaring her. With such a heavy injury, could he still pat her?

"Sleep." Nightblue took her in his arms and held her tight.

Well, she was a pillow.

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