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Ugh … After waking up, her entire body was in pain. It was really unaccustomed for the two of them to be begging. Especially since a certain prince was injured and he was also a normal man, she did not dare to act rashly. Su Mo'er touched her body and felt that it had already turned cold. It seemed that this lord had already left long ago.

"Miss, you've woken up. Your servant will wait for you to wash up. Today, Miss will enter the palace to pay respects to the Emperor and the Empress. Miss must dress up well today and not let anyone look down on you." The white fruit came in with a basin of water.

There it was again, and the white fruit was beginning to think of her again.

"Good, good, good. Guo Guo will do whatever you say. What about Mo Lan and Mo Zi? Today, the three of you will follow me into the palace."

"Miss, you are making fun of me again. Mo Lan and Mo Zi are waiting at the door." Bai Guo stomped her feet and pouted. The Miss once again despised her for being long-winded.

"Who dares to make fun of us, Guo Guo? Really, let them come in and serve us." She really didn't know how to wear ancient clothes, not to mention her hair.

Seeing the line of maids entering, Su Mo'er slapped her head. That's right, she was currently at the Royal Mansion, so it was normal for there to be many maids.

The two maidservants who were cleaning the bed hurriedly brought the bedsheets out. The red patch on the bed was clearly visible. It's over, it's all over. Her chastity, her chastity! She could not make any sense out of it. It was clearly some kind of lord's blood.

She facepalmed. Forget it, the Blue King was injured. There were only a few people in DongShun who dared to injure him, and that was probably because of the Imperial Family. Even a little thinking could tell that this was not something that could be revealed.

She was going to be the scapegoat!

"Greetings, wangfei. The prince has said that he will be entering the palace today. These are the clothes and the head that the prince ordered his men to make. Please change, wangfei." The maids at the side began to get busy.

Half an hour later, they were finally done. Looking at his reflection in the mirror, he saw an unexpected beauty! He had thought that with so many things on his head, he would definitely look like an old rich woman. However, it was true that there was another kind of beauty, one that was noble and not artificial, complex and not complicated. Indeed, there were some traditional things that had an indelible shine to them. Looking at his head full of jewelry, the dark blue palace dress with golden edges, especially the intricately patterned gold decorations and inlaid gradually changing jewelry on the waist and skirt, this was the real heavy work.

Although it was already the princess consort, Su Mo'er still didn't like having too many people follow her. With only the white fruit by her side, she went to the side room to eat breakfast.

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