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A room in the house of the Blue King

Looking at this huge table of fish and meat, Su Mo'er did not despise it as she usually did. After all, she hadn't eaten for a day and a night! Quickly finishing her meal, Su Mo'er held her stomach with a face full of satisfaction. As expected, the word 'eating' was the most important word in life. As for the maids serving in the room, they were all shocked for a short moment before regaining their calm. How could the wangfei's stomach hold so much!

"It was only after Su Mo'er had breakfast that she remembered this fellow, Night Blue Dye." Where's the Prince? " She tilted her head and asked the leader of the maidservants.

"Reporting to the wangfei, the prince is currently in his study. The prince has instructed that he will bring the wangfei into the palace today. After the wangfei's meal, please move to Shui Yueting in the front courtyard and wait."

"Then I'll have to trouble you to lead the way."

They walked and stopped here and there. The scenery of the Blue King's residence was quite good. There were fake mountains and pavilions, small bridges and flowing water, flourishing and verdant trees … Most importantly, there was also a spring. Unfortunately, it was only a lotus pond. Su Mo'Er was thinking about how to turn a certain prince into a swimming pool …

"Princess, we've arrived at Shuiyue Pavilion."

He looked at the white-clothed Blue King, who was engrossed in a book. Su Mo'er could not help but whisper, "Lord Mo Yu, the young master's world is unparalleled."

The corner of the mouth was pulled. He had the protection of his inner force. Did he think he couldn't hear it? Beside him, Halfway Peak was dumbfounded. His Prince was actually smiling! He laughed! It couldn't be that he had seen wrongly, right? If he looked carefully, the prince's face would return to its usual ten thousand year old iceberg face, as if it was just an illusion.

"Follow me." Night Blue Dye stood up and walked towards the main door. It was unknown whether it was called Halfway Peak or Su Mo'er. Su Mo'er looked at the ice-cold Master and followed him honestly.

Stepping on the low stool the manservant handed to her, Su Mo'er used all her strength to climb onto the carriage. Seeing a certain old man sitting by the side calmly and reading a book, Su Mo'er got angry. He would never wear such clothes again, not even if he was beaten to death. It was heavy and troublesome, and his neck was on the verge of breaking. She sat groaning. Su Mo'er did not realize that the usually mature and calm, domineering and playful girl had turned into a little girl in front of the Blue King.

Night Blue looked at her angry expression and said nothing, continuing to read his book.

The horse carriage shook and the time for Su Mo'er to fall asleep finally arrived. Night Blue Dye took the lead and elegantly walked out of the carriage. He turned his head and extended his hand to Su Mo'er.

What is he doing? Help me get out of the car? Did he hear her muttering? Looking at the Blue King that was reaching out its hand to her, Su Mo'er wiped away the saliva that didn't exist. She was really handsome, an idea popped up in her mind.

Thus, without any hesitation, she jumped off the carriage, closed her eyes, and fiercely pounced towards her prince.

The expected bang! The sound of someone falling to the ground did not come. Instead, he was like an octopus, hanging from the Blue King's body.

The palace maid, who was sweeping the room, was so shocked that her jaw dropped. This wangfei was too bold! Her actions were really ambiguous! Everyone in the palace knew that the Blue King was as cold as an iceberg, and that even the Emperor was forbidden from getting close to him. But today, this wangfei actually hung herself on the Blue King's body.

"How long does the wangfei want to hold this prince for?" Night Blue said beside Su Mo'Er's ear. A warm aura drifted around Su Mo Er's neck. Su Mo'er's face was burning as she quickly got down and walked forward. Damn, she really wanted to dig a hole and bury herself. If you fail to do something bad, you will be taken advantage of

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