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The Secretary-General didn't seem to like talking nonsense and went straight to the point. "The reason why I called you here was because I intend to transfer you to the Executive Office. Now, I would like to ask for your opinion. You can talk about any idea you have."

Li Rui instantly went deaf, like a firecracker exploding beside his ear. He looked in shock at the handsome Secretary-General in front of him, his mind was in a mess, he didn't even have the ability to think, how could he say anything?

Honestly, he had considered the possibility that the city council office would send him on a loan to deal with an emergency before sending him back to the water bureau. But this possibility was too small, so small that it was almost limitless. But now, this minuscule possibility had suddenly turned into reality. And what was even more exciting was that it wasn't a loan, but a 'adjustment'. Although there was only one word between the two, that word had caused the difference between the two.

Li Rui never would have thought that he would encounter such a good thing. His heart was in turmoil, and he almost jumped up in excitement. Haha, can it be that I, Li Jun, am going to be rich? Is it transshipment from now on?

The Secretary-General had been watching him without urging.

Li Rui calmed down after a while. He suppressed the excitement in his heart with difficulty and asked carefully, "Secretary General, I … Can I know why? " The Secretary-General did not answer this question. Instead, he calmly asked, "Do you have any other questions?"

Li Rui was disappointed that he didn't get the answer he wanted, but he understood that the Secretary-General didn't want to tell him the reason. What was the reason for his reluctance to say it in person? Could it be that there was some shady business? Thinking of the word "shameful", her heart skipped a beat. Could it be that she was happy that she wanted to help him ascend to a higher level after raping Yuan Jingjing? Impossible, absolutely impossible! He had messed with such a prideful woman, and she wanted nothing more than to kill him. How could she help him get promoted? Besides, if she could help him get promoted, how could she not transfer herself to the city council's office? That would be much better than some water conservancy bureau's flood control office.

He couldn't figure out why he'd forgotten to answer the Secretary-General's question.

At this moment, the Secretary-General said, "I have seen your records. You are a top student who graduated from the political department of Shannan University. Your theory is solid, and your writing skills should be good as well. In view of your director, I would like to transfer you to the Secretary's Office to do some clerical work. Before, you were already a vice principal. After you were assigned to the second branch, you were mentioned in terms of level, and you mentioned the vice division. There is a deputy vacancy in the second branch. If you do well, this seat will be yours. "

Li Rui was so excited that his head felt like it was about to explode. He said to himself in his heart: "Did you hear that, the Secretary-General actually saw your file, did you hear that!? This is a sign of the importance that the Secretary-General attaches to you! " If at first it had been exhilarating to hear the Secretary-General promise to transfer himself to the Executive Office, it was enough to make him blissfully happy to pass out now that he had promised to upgrade himself by half a grade and to prepare a position as a deputy. However, this happiness came too fast for anyone to believe.

He looked at the Secretary-General, pleasantly surprised. His lips were trembling and he didn't know what to say.

The Secretary-General continued to look at him calmly. After a while, he said, "If you have any other questions, I'll call the office to arrange for your transfer." Li Rui was so excited that he didn't say anything, but now, if he didn't say anything, he wouldn't be respectful to the Secretary-General anymore. He hurriedly stood up, bowed to the Secretary-General, and said respectfully: "I … I'm at the disposal of the Secretary General, and I. "Thank you, Secretary-General, very much." The Secretary General also stood up and said, "The Second Secretary's Office is currently presided over by Comrade Ji Gang. He is the Secretary of the Deputy Secretary for Peace and is currently in the field with Secretary Yu for research. When he comes back, I'll take you to him. "Right now, there's nothing important to worry about. After you've done the job handover for the original unit, you can take a break of two days. You can just come back to work next week." Li Rui was flattered and said, "Secretary General, thank you. Rest assured, I will come to work as soon as possible after the handover. I will work hard and study hard. the importance they place on me. " The secretary nodded and thought to himself, "Foolish brat, I am not the one who values you."

When Li Rui saw that the Secretary General did not say anything else, he knew that it was time for him to leave, so he said: "Then Secretary General, you're busy. I'll be leaving first."

The Secretary General walked him to the door and watched him go, thinking to himself that this young man could not see anything special about him apart from his good spirits. How could he possibly look at him in a different light?

Li Rui walked out of the office building like a cloud and looked back at the old and run-down building. He thought about how he was going to work here next week, and it was also the secretariat that was the easiest to get close to the head of the city council. He was so happy that he wanted to dance with joy. This was too strange. Recently, he had not done anything outstanding, so it was worth the attention of the city council's secretary-general. Since he did not participate in any exam training, there was no possibility of him being recruited. Then what was going on?

The Secretary-General definitely wouldn't be so busy as to pay attention to him for no reason at all. What did that have to do with him? If he carefully recalled what had happened during this period of time, he would have done the same thing to his boss, Yuan Jingjing. Afterwards, he would have been in Shuanghe County, at Jiupo Town.

Suddenly, a thought flashed through his mind. He remembered that after the Rising Feather Crystal and before the disaster, he had rescued a man and a woman from the flood on the mountain path below the Immortal's Cave scenic spot. Later on, that man promised to repay him well and found out about his work unit from Yuan Jingjing... No way, could it be him?

When he thought of the only possibility, Li Rui's eyes lit up. When he carefully thought back to the man's appearance and appearance, he felt that he had some sort of official air about him. But if he was the one behind all this, what kind of official would he be if he could get the Secretary General of the Municipal Committee to do it? Mayor? No, he had seen the mayor many times. He did not look like him, and the mayor could not order the city's secretary general around either. The secretary of the city council? No! The city secretary had seen him on the news many times, and he looked nothing like the man. That's weird, who the hell is he? Could it be the other Municipal Committee members?

Li Rui thought about this all the way back to the water bureau. In the parking lot of the water bureau, he saw his superior Yuan Jingjing's bright red Volkswagen Beetle. He thought of his wife, Liu Liping's Geely Panda, then looked at his electric bike and smiled wryly. Not only was she not moved by her love for her wife, she was also blaming herself for not being able to earn enough money to buy a BMW for her. She shamelessly took a condom from her home to mend a wild man outside, yet she ended up without anyone's love.

However, all of this was in the past. From now on, she, Liu Liping, was Liu Liping, and I, Li Rui, was Li Rui. Hmph, since I've been transferred to the Municipal Committee, do I still have to worry about not having a future? Are you still worried about not being able to get a good wife? Are you still worried that you won't have a good car to drive in the future?

Li Rui comforted himself and returned to his office. Everyone looked at him when they saw him return. Li Rui looked at his colleagues who were extremely familiar with each other, but he had never truly befriended them before. Li Rui looked at his colleagues who were extremely familiar with each other but had never truly befriended each other before and felt mixed emotions in his heart. Li Rui looked at his colleagues who were extremely familiar but had never truly begrudges each other, and said that he hated them. Now that he was about to leave this place forever, he would no longer have the chance to interact with them in the future. They would also no longer have the opportunity to see him make a fool of himself.

Li Rui smiled bitterly and shook his head. He took a deep breath and raised his head with a smile. He asked with a loud voice, "Is the director here?" He didn't ask who exactly, even though he could call everyone by their first names. He thought to himself, "I've always been a coward at the flood control office, and I'm about to leave. If I don't become more masculine and domineering, I'll be looked down upon for the rest of my life."

Everyone was baffled when they saw his appearance. In the past, this guy had been tortured by Yuan Jingjing to the point that he was neither a human nor a ghost. When he came to work, he slackly sat down on his seat and waited to be ordered around by Yuan Jingjing. Even after ten days or so, he never showed a smile on his face. But today, why did he straighten his back, raise his chest, and smile? His voice was filled with confidence, what was going on? Had this brat gone crazy from Yuan Jingjing's torture? I heard that he was sent to Shuanghe County to help with the disaster. Oh, what a pity!

Good old man Li put his finger to his mouth and made an exaggerated shushing gesture towards Li Rui. He pointed at Yuan Jingjing's office and signaled her to stay inside, telling her not to speak loudly.

The mischievous child, Little Wang, giggled and said, "Yo, Brother Li, you sure are very daring today. The chairman hasn't come looking for you, yet you dare to take the initiative and provoke her."

When the others heard this, they chuckled.

Li Rui didn't get angry. With a smile, he walked to Yuan Jingjing's door and knocked it. Without waiting for her to speak, he pushed open the door and walked in.

Yuan Jingjing was sitting on the boss's chair staring blankly at the computer screen. When she heard the knock on the door, she looked towards the door. When she caught a glimpse of Li Rui uninvited, her face darkened.

Li Rui walked to her table with a smile on his face. He did not sit down, but just smiled at her. Yuan Jingjing leered at him, put her arm on the table and said coldly, "The dog's belly can't hold two taels of sesame oil! "Look at you, the city council has a good thing to talk to you about?" Li Rui laughed, "Director, you should have praised me today. I didn't knock last time I came in, and you scolded me once. I knocked today, but I've made progress. " Yuan Jingjing snorted and then fiercely glared at him, saying, "I don't have time to talk nonsense with you. What are you doing here?" Li Rui stopped smiling and said seriously: "I'm here to thank you." Yuan Jingjing was surprised for a moment and then sneered, "Thank me? "Thank me for what?" Li Rui said, "Thank you for taking care of me for so long. Firstly, you didn't kill me. Secondly, you fostered my perseverance. I feel that right now, there's really nothing I can't endure. " Yuan Jingjing gnashed her teeth in anger and cursed in a low voice, "F * ck off! I've been dealing with you all this time, but after I've dealt with you for so long, how can I compare to that time you played with me? Now you actually dare to boast and say there's nothing you can't endure, stop f * cking giving me an easy job. If you have something to say, then say it. If you have nothing else to say, then scram! When I see you, I feel sick and I want to puke! "

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