Su Mo opened his eyes once again, and the quaint bed entered his sight. His throat felt dry.

"Cough cough, cough cough."

"Miss, Miss, you've woken up. You're scaring this servant to death. The doctor said that Miss could wake up early this morning. It's almost dark, and this servant thought she would never see Miss again …" Wuuuu... "Pfft, what can't I see? Your servant deserves to die! Your servant deserves to die!"

As he spoke, he knelt down and kowtowed.

Su Mo felt the memories in his mind flood over him like floodwaters. This body was called Su Mo'er, the grandson and daughter of the great general Su Jin. Her mother died in childbirth, her father died in battle, and her grandfather Su Jin was too old to fight in the battlefield.

Su Mo'er was the only direct descendant of the general's wife. Su Mo'er's father had a wife and two concubines, and she also had two daughters. They were the manor's second miss, Susan, and third miss, Su Ruxue. And this Su Mo'er had an extremely weak character. She was often bullied by Susan, both openly and covertly. Su Ruxue's memory in Su Mo'er was indeed something that neither of them dared to offend.

Since I have another chance, I will live for myself in this life.

A society of equality that had crossed over was naturally shameful.

"White Fruit, pour me a cup of water!"

"Yes, Miss."

White Fruit wiped her tears away and ran over to pour some tea.

"Pfft …" It was unknown how long this tea had been in there and the taste was too bad. In his previous life, he had mixed himself well and was also a granddaughter of a general. Why was the tea that the granddaughter of a general in this life drank so badly?

Back when he was young, when his parents were still alive and his grandfather was still alive, he was a tyrant in the military compound. But … When he thought of these people's eyes, he immediately felt dejected.

"Miss, what's wrong? Isn't it too hot? This servant will once again help you cool down." Bai Guo took Su Mo Er's cup and said.

Looking at the white fruit in front of her, Su Mo'er shook her head. 'Forget it, since I'm here, I won't think about anything else. From today onwards, I will be Su Mo'er.

Now, four parts of the world: Big Cold, Wu Bang, Xi Chen, Dong Shun. Su Mo'er was located in Dongshun, which was one of the four countries.

This time, Su Mo'er fell into the lake and her whole body was frozen. Fortunately, the Emperor suddenly fell ill and went to court early. Grandfather came back early and saved her.

The servants waiting on her courtyard had originally been maidservants who didn't know how to drink water. For some reason, the soldiers in the outer court had all been summoned by Second Madame to instruct them not to be disturbed by anyone. Hehe, Su Mo'er thought, this Second Aunt really wants her dead. After lying there for nearly two days and a night, his entire body had become stiff. Su Mo'er stood up and stretched.

At this point, Grandfather and Second Aunt walked into her room.

"Mo'er, you're finally awake. Grandfather's heart is finally at ease. Hurry and come take a look. Do you want Grandfather to come to the palace and ask for an imperial physician to come and see you?" Su Jin walked in quickly with tears flowing down her face. If … If … How could I be worthy of your father? "

Before Su Mo'er could reply, she heard Second Aunt's voice.

"Father, take a look. No matter what, she's still a golden daughter. It's fine if she doesn't bow when her father comes in, but from her actions just now, she's really rude. If this were to spread out, others might just say that she has no manners …"

After all, she was just a concubine, whose status was slightly higher than a servant's so she could only be called a general. Unfortunately, there was no mistress in the mansion, so the old general wouldn't care about the trifling matters in the mansion. Every day, Second Wife Li climbed up to the position of Mistress.

Based on Su Mo'er's character from before, she would definitely cry after being scolded for being so uncultured. However, the current Su Mo Er was completely different from the past. He didn't want to pay any attention to her.

Grandfather, your granddaughter is fine now, and I'm worried about you. It's your granddaughter's fault. Grandfather, please sit down. Your granddaughter will pour you some tea. Don't let anything happen to your granddaughter.

After helping the old general to sit down, Su Mo'er took the teapot with the white fruit and poured the old general some tea. Lady Li was stunned for a moment; this old general was also a first rank official of the imperial court. Madame Li lowered her head as she thought of a countermeasure.

"It's good that you're fine, it's good that you're fine. I'll be satisfied if we stay away from that pond in the future and our general's residence is safe and sound." Su Jin took a sip of Su Mo'er's tea. His expression immediately changed. "Why does this tea smell so bad?" Su Jin sat on the chair and put down the teacup in her hand as she looked at the Li family.

Although the general was old, the cold expression on his face, which had long held a high position, did not diminish.

"This humble one doesn't know. I've arranged for the Eldest Young Miss the best in the estate. Father is perceptive!"

Madame Li knelt down with a terrified expression.

The direct line of descendants in ancient times was very different. The Su Clan only had Su Mo'er left, and she was still a girl. Su Jin had complained before. Without a man, there would be no descendants in East China. But the old general goes year after year

With his age, he would be able to think things through. Perhaps his life on the battlefield was one where he had killed too many enemies. Especially his son and Da Liang who died on the battlefield, all the good things were given to Su Mo'er.

Hearing what Madame Li said, Su Mo'er sneered. There wasn't a single silver coin left in this place.

"Don't know? "I think you're confused. How could an ignorant woman like you treat the eldest miss of my general's estate with such contempt?" The general was puffing his beard and glaring at him.

Don't say it, Su Mo'er felt that this old man was very adorable when he was angry.

"No, no, it must be that the woman in the kitchen had stolen the silver taels in exchange for the eldest miss' mildewed tea. Father, you must be wise. I have never been like this in all my life." Madame Li knelt on the ground, not daring to raise her head. When a concubine enters a room, they have to hand in their indenture contract. Just like a servant, the law of Dongshun states that it is fine to kill her. However, the Li Clan had two daughters. No matter what, they were the daughters of a general. This time, they definitely wouldn't bring down the Li Clan just because of a packet of tea.

Grandfather, Little Mo'er knows that Aunt definitely did not do it on purpose. With Grandfather's love and protection, Aunt didn't dare to treat me so harshly, I think she's probably the one who's always running the shop as well as being the housekeeper. She's too tired to do all the work, and Little Mo'er is almost too old to help her take care of two shops.

Su Mo pulled on Su Jin's sleeve and shook it.

"I can't accept this. Father, Eldest Miss is a woman who has yet to leave the pavilion. How can she show herself and take care of the shop? Our General's Estate can't afford to lose this person." Su Jin was still wondering if her granddaughter and her granddaughter weren't close when they were young. After all, they had been close for a few years, and her granddaughter was going to act coquettishly to him. Did she really accept her grandpa? But when Madame Li heard that she was going to take care of the shop, she immediately spoke up.

"Grandfather, if Mo'er doesn't want to go out, Mo'er will just take care of the accounts every day. If she doesn't want to show her face, then grandfather can promise Mo'er. If you are worried, you can ask the two accountants to call Mo'er over. Mo'er is the eldest daughter of the General's Estate." Who cares, they don't need money to act like a spoiled child. Originally, she had treated this grandfather of hers as her own grandfather from her past life. She didn't believe that she wouldn't be able to keep these two shops.

Seeing that Su Jin was still hesitating, she threw caution to the wind. She lifted her skirt and squatted on the ground with her chin on her grandfather's knees. With a pitiful expression, she looked at her grandfather.

Su Jin sighed as she looked at her granddaughter. She pitied her granddaughter for having no son in her entire life, but she wanted a little girl to take care of the shop. "Good, good, good. Madame Li, go to the storehouse and bring the land deed over. Let Eldest Miss choose two stores!"

"But …" Madame Li couldn't accept this. Why did this good-for-nothing Eldest Young Miss have such a change in personality? She usually cried for a long time. What kind of medicine did she eat today? Why did she feel like she was being watched by a wolf?

"But what, is it useless for this general to speak?" Or do you think you don't have to listen? " The old general slammed the table!

"Yes, yes, I'll go right now!" He bowed towards Su Jin before heading to the storage room.

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