He hired a carriage and went straight to the jewelry store.

When they got there, Bai Guo paid the fare and was about to help her daughter out of the car.

"Miss, your servant …"

"Cough cough!" "Call me what?" Su Mo'er blinked at the white fruit.

"Young master, please get off the carriage. The shop has arrived."

He saw a young man step down from the carriage. He had a folding fan and was dressed in white. There was silver embroidery on the bottom of the fan. A white jade hung from his waist, and his hair was as black as ink. On his head was a blue crown with a white background. He was extraordinary. What a handsome young master. The women on the street turned their heads frequently with blushed faces. If it weren't for the fact that her eyebrows were like mountains, her features were firm, and she was a foppish dandy while walking, everyone would have thought that she was a girl from another clan. Who else could this young master be other than Su Mo'Er? This resolution, but Su Mo'er let the white fruit go to the kitchen to get an unburned wood ash, used it as a club in his previous life ah.

He entered the shop to see if the business was good or not. There were two young misses and a young master. The store was actually not that big and the reason why Su Mo'er had taken a fancy to it was because it was a good location. There were many restaurants on the opposite side of the street.

In this era, people did not have much entertainment. After all, there was no phone, no computer, no internet, not even electricity. After eating, there was no need to eat. It was not yet noon, and business was not yet at its best.

At this moment, the young master in green was chatting with the shopkeeper while holding a pearl hairpin.

"Shopkeeper, I don't want this hairpin anymore. I am truly in need of money."

Seeing the reluctance in the scholar's eyes, the shopkeeper smiled and said, "My lord, do you not know that this pearl is produced by the seawater on the south coast of Eastflow City? This pearl is very rare, it is flawless, and it is also adorned with high quality Cat's Eye Stones, my lord's character is valuable, I believe that the young master's daughter is also a noble person, a noble person should be matched with this flawless pearl." The shopkeeper saw that my lord was still hesitating, so he continued, "My lord, this old man wishes to become a beauty in the future, but if you miss these two young masters, then there will be no more."

The scholar took out some silver from his sleeve and was about to pay when he saw a shop assistant behind the shopkeeper winking at him. Don't buy, don't buy.

While the scholar was still confused, he asked the shopkeeper, "Shopkeeper, take a look and see if your shop assistant has contracted an eye disease. I see that the corners of this little brother's eyes have been twitching for a long time." The scholar pointed at the shop assistant.

Hearing this, Su Mo'er and her servant, who were watching the entire scene, almost laughed out loud. Where did this bookworm come from? He had been kindly reminded, but he thought he was suffering from an eye ailment.

Hearing this, the shopkeeper looked at the shop assistant and kicked him with his leg. The shop assistant covered his leg and cried out.

Bai Guo couldn't stand to watch any longer. This was bullying. Our Miss was the owner, so she wanted to go and stop the shopkeeper. However, Su Mo'er pulled her and indicated that she should not be impulsive.

The shop assistant didn't care much about the kick as he walked in front of the scholar.

"Young master, I kindly remind you that you can't buy this pearl hairpin. Normally, you only sell it for 60 gold coins, but the shopkeeper would sell it for 15 silver coins today. He must be lying to you. Don't be fooled.

He pointed at the shop assistant and asked, "Tell me, what did I say wrong? This pearl hairpin is worth 15 taels of silver. If you don't give me an explanation today, I'll break your dog legs."

"This …" Seeing that the shop assistant didn't have any proof, the 14 year old boy puffed his chest out as he said to the scholar, "Young master, these pearls are usually only sold for 60 gold coins, but today you are going to spend 15 gold coins. You can't be fooled."

Su Mo'Er secretly nodded to the shop assistant. Not bad.

At this moment, when Bai Guo saw that her young miss had drifted away, she anxiously shook Su Mo'er's arm like an ant on a hot pan. Su Mo'er helplessly shook her head. It seemed that this little girl was really impatient.

"Shopkeeper, why don't I tell you what's wrong with your pearl hairpin?"

As the restaurant was bustling with noise and excitement, a lot of people had already gathered at the entrance of the restaurant. The shopkeeper had wanted to kick out the white-clothed gongzi, which showed that the man was dressed extravagantly and had the aura of a superior being. The capital city was under the watch of the emperor, so he didn't dare to offend this noble young master. After making a fuss, the shopkeeper cupped his fists and said to Su Mo'er.

"Please advise me, Young Master."

"I would not dare to give you pointers, but just now the shopkeeper said that this pearl is valuable, but I do not think so. Whether or not a pearl is valuable depends on the origin, color, luster, saturation, size, and roundness of the pearl." This pearl hairpin was of the shape of a goose egg, and its color was not uniform. As for its origin, this saturation was not from seawater beads, it was cultivated by humans. "I don't know, Shopkeeper. Am I right?"

He had a cold sweat on his back. He had met an expert today, someone from the General's Estate had informed him that the shop had changed owners, even though it was still the property of the General's Estate. The owner had indeed changed from the General's Estate to the eldest miss. Since such a thing had happened today, his position as the head storekeeper would probably be lost. This matter should be put down for now.

"Yes, Young Master is right. Young Master is very knowledgeable, I wonder if you two Young Masters can meet with this old man at the back of the hall to take care of today's matters."

The green-clothed young master's face had long ago flushed red. He had been toyed with so much that he almost got cheated, humiliated, humiliated! Just as he was about to open his mouth and refuse, he flicked his sleeves and left. However, he heard Su Mo'er's response.

"No need. Today, this pearl hairpin belongs to me. Go and give a high quality pearl hairpin to this young master. This is my compensation for this young master. Young master, you must not refuse." To be honest, I am entrusted by the young miss of the General's Estate. From now on, I will be managing the shop.

Bai Guo took out her identity token and passed it to her young miss. That shop assistant immediately went to find a high quality pearl hairpin, but the shopkeeper was so shocked that his face paled and he directly kneeled down. Young master, this humble one knows my wrongs and will not dare to do so again.

Su Mo'er looked at the storekeeper's fat body kowtowing so nimbly. She could not help but feel a wave of boredom in her heart.

"Get up first. This young master isn't dead yet. Why are you kowtowing?" The shopkeeper felt as if he had been granted amnesty. He stood by the side with his hands hanging by his sides. His back was already drenched in cold sweat.

"Shopkeeper, go, show me the account book of the store within three years." He was just fooling around with the customers, but the shopkeeper had been flustered ever since he heard that he was taking over the store. He was actually flustered when he heard that Zhang Tie had taken over the store, or rather, he was too flustered when he saw that Zhang Xuan was lying. Besides, with such a location and the storekeeper's eloquence, the shop could be considered to be quite profitable. But when he asked for it from the Second Madame, she didn't show any sign of pain. At this moment, the shopkeeper's sharp eyes were looking at the counter from time to time. Su Mo was almost certain that there was a huge problem with the accounts in this shop.

With a plop, the innkeeper knelt down once again. "Young Master, leave the account books to Second Madam. I don't have any."

This time, Su Mo Er ignored him and knelt.

At this moment, the shop assistant brought out a newly found pearl hairpin and handed it to Su Mo'er.

"Young master, this is my apology. Young master, please accept it." The green-gowned young master who had just felt humiliated was not being hypocritical. He received the pearl hairpin, bowed slightly, and walked out of the jewelry store.

Su Mo'er walked to the door and looked at the crowd, then she cupped her fists and said.

"Today, the store is closing for the day, so we need to adjust our staff. To be honest, the people who randomly raised the price no longer use the store in the future, so please supervise us everyone." "It's inconvenient to receive everyone today, please disperse."

With that, Su Mo'er ordered someone to hang up the closing sign. The commoners didn't have any excitement to watch, so they all dispersed.

Su Mo'er sat on a chair and looked down at the shopkeeper kneeling in front of her. Seeing this scene, the shop assistant quickly ran to the inner room to pour Su Mo a cup of tea.

"What's your name?" Su Mo asked the shop assistant

"In reply to young master, my name is Lin Gouzi. This storekeeper often bullies honest people, so I can't stand watching him act like this."

"… …." said Lin Gouzi. She almost spat out her tea again … How could he take such a name?

"I see that you're being honest and smart. How about this, I'll report this to the boss when we get back. From now on, you'll be the shopkeeper. Go, bring the account book over for me to take a look."

Lin Gouzi was stunned. In a split-second, he gave Su Mo'er a huge bow. This little one will be nurtured by Young Master Xie, this little one will definitely serve and serve you well. "

"This Lin Gouzi is usually smart and the storekeeper didn't treat him like a normal worker. In just a few moments, Lin Gouzi passed the account book to Su Mo'Er." Young Master, only this year's accounts are in the shop. The previous two years are in the hands of the Second Madam. "

It wasn't that there was anything wrong with the account book, but rather that she could not understand it. No matter what, she was a master's in her previous life, yet she could not understand the account book.

Su Mo'er was not in a hurry to flip through the account book. As she continued to look through the books, her eyebrows knitted together even more tightly. The old shopkeeper was drenched in cold sweat as he suddenly saw Su Mo'er slapping the table and pointing at the storekeeper.

"How dare you!"

The shopkeeper fell limply to the ground as he muttered, "It's over, it's all over …"

Seeing this, Su Mo'er's goal was achieved. She ordered Lin Gouzi to "lock him up in the backyard firewood house. I will come over tomorrow to ask about it in detail." You will be the shopkeeper from now on. I don't want anyone related to the previous shopkeeper to appear, so you know what to do. " Su Mo took out a piece of paper from his chest pocket. It was the signboard she drew last night, with the words "Gossamer Pavilion" written in large characters on it. Behind the sign, there was a logo of a long-haired woman with a picture of a wooden hairpin on her head. This is a signboard, you get someone to do it and count the people in the store. Everyone makes a set of clothes, it is simple and tidy, and each set has a long haired woman's design embroidered on the chest, the color of the clothes needs to be highlighted. The money needed for that will first be drawn out from the accounts, and I'll see more than four craftsmen here tomorrow. " Su Mo'er gave out her orders one by one. Even though Lin Gouzi was clever, his forehead was covered in sweat as he memorized each and every one of them. "Yes, this little one will remember it. This little one will definitely take care of it."

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