After leaving the Gossamer Pavilion, Su Mo'er could almost hear her stomach rumbling. Looking at the three-storey restaurant across the way and smelling the aroma of the wine and meat, Su Mo'Er wiped the saliva that didn't exist at the corner of her mouth.

"Guo Guo, are you hungry? I've decided that we'll eat here today." Saying this, he pinched the little girl's cheek. The two of them were both dressed in men's attire, and their actions attracted the attention of the passersby, causing them to point their fingers at them and avoid them. Could it be that these two were Long Yang's friends?

"Young master, but the Taotie House's meals are extremely expensive. I'm afraid that I won't have the money to spend it today and I won't have the money to come out this month." Bai Guo looked pitifully at the restaurant and then at her young mistress. No, her young master.

Su Mo'er opened her folding fan. He strutted in.

"Don't worry, we will have a lot of money to spend tomorrow. Let's go and eat with me."

At this moment, in a private room near the window on the third floor of Taotie Ramadan.

"Crown Prince, isn't that jewelry shop over there the Great General's house? I heard that the Great General's only son died in battle, and there are no males in the younger generation in the house. Why did that young master appear in the jewelry store? It seems like he even punished the shopkeeper."

"Interesting, interesting. Who told you that she is the Young Master's. " The corners of the man's mouth curled up, as if he had found an interesting prey.

"This... The crown prince was saying that she was a woman disguised as a man? "It can't be, which young miss is so daring …"

"Why not? You go downstairs later …" The man interrupted the servant and whispered in his ear.

"The Taotie Pavilion is divided into three floors, the higher the price, the first floor is the main hall, and the second floor is the private room. Young Master, let's eat on the first floor. " Bai Guo asked as she introduced them.

"Then let's go to the second floor. When this young master is rich, I'll take you to the third floor. How about it, little Guo Guo?" Su Mo'er blinked towards the white fruit.

Bai Guo facepalmed. What had happened to Miss recently? She looked like a dissolute young master. Right, debauchery.

"A waiter came to greet them as soon as they entered the door. He saw that the two of them wore extraordinary clothes with delicate features." I see that these two are unfamiliar, but they do not come often, the signature dish of our Tao Tie Zhai is from the capital far away from civilization, it looks like the two of you are people with status, how about we go to the third floor? " As he said this, the waiter turned around and led Su Mo'er and Han Ying Ying upstairs.

The waiter had a very tall hat. Normally, a young master in his teens would have to go to the third floor. However, she touched the banisters of the staircase. Golden silks and nanmu would probably be too expensive for her to go to the third floor. "No, second brother, just take us to the second floor and stay by the window."

Just as he finished speaking, a young master wearing a green robe, carrying a teapot, walked towards Su Mo'Er. The waiter in front led the way, and the white fruit behind him made it impossible for Su Mo'Er to dodge.

There was a scream. "Ah!" Little … Young master, young master, are you alright? Young Master... "

Seeing that the white fruit was about to cry, it was mainly because her voice was obviously a girl's voice that sounded so pitiful. The people around them were all looking at them strangely. What a shame.

"It's fine, it's fine. This tea isn't hot, don't cry, don't cry."

Su Mo'er looked at the strange looks on the surroundings and was about to ask the waiter for a dry handkerchief to take them to their meal. She didn't want to get a towel anymore. There definitely wasn't one in this era.

Qing Yi and Sword Young Master said seriously, "My apologies, but I rashly charged into the two of you. Please follow me to the third floor's private room, which is a bit larger for you two to clean up. I'll call the waiter over right away." The two of you, please come in. "

There was no other way. Go on. Su Mo'er sighed helplessly. This month was the autumn of the full moon. Although there were three layers of clothes, for the sake of acting pure white today, the undergarment of a girl would not be made into pure white. He needed to find a time to go to a clothing store and make two pairs of bra and underwear for the future.

3rd floor wing

Su Mo'er entered and felt a wave of demonic Qi paving the way. She saw a man on the bed, dressed in a purple robe with golden cuffs and sleeves rolling about, with a huge peony embroidered on the bottom of his robe. His mouth seemed to contain a vermillion pill, a pair of peach blossom eyes, and a wave of demonic qi was emitted from between his brows. If not for her heroic and sword-like eyebrows, she would have thought that this was probably the number one card of some brothel. Although the man in front of her had a demonic air, Su Mo'er could admit that he was not ugly. It could be said that he was unforgettable.

"Young master, have you not seen enough? Although I am an elegant and elegant man, I am not as good as Long Yang." As he said this, the man in purple looked towards Su Mo'Er's wet clothes. "Qingshu, what's going on?" The man was called Qingshu, and Qingshu had whispered to his son the whole story.

"So that's how it is. Young masters, this is my guard's fault, how about this, I'll send someone to buy some clothes right away. There's a screen here, how about changing young masters? As men, it doesn't matter." With that, the fox turned to look at Su Mo'er.

"No need, just because you've wet my clothes. I don't need so much money to pay for it, and I don't want more than 50 taels of silver. I think the two of you have the time, so why don't you bring us down from this window?"

Zhuge Min raised her eyebrows. What an intelligent and bold woman. She was not as shy as an ordinary woman.

"Very good, Qing Shu will send someone to send you two off." He then made a hand gesture to Qingshu, he wanted to find out which family they belonged to. To be exact, it was the young ladies of the general's residence.

Su Mo'er led the horse carriage into the alley and then sent the coachman to another horse carriage. After a few turns, they finally arrived at the general's manor.

"Su Mo'er kicked off her shoes and lay sprawled on the bed. She was so tired, hungry and tired." Guo Guo, hurry up and go to the small kitchen to chow, you've starved me to death. "

"Yes, Miss."

Su Mo'er lay on her bed and thought back to the scene at the restaurant. She was not sure if the two master and servant had done it on purpose, but since the fox man was dressed in such an ostentatious manner, he should be quite famous in the capital. Why couldn't she recognize him? He had to find someone to ask, and he also had to find someone to teach him the account book he brought back today.

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