Today, Su Mo'er woke up early. Yesterday, she was busy working with the two account teachers until the evening and was finally able to look through the account book. After checking it out, she found that the balance of the accounts was 2,000 taels of silver less than the actual balance of the accounts receivable. Even though she knew it was a loophole, she didn't expect it to be so much. After letting Bai Guo put on her clothes, the two little gongzis once again sneaked out through the back door.

He had originally wanted Second Madame to bring over the account books from the previous two years, but after looking at the two thousand taels that she had, he decided against it. He didn't want that concubine to know that he was going to blow up money. Two thousand taels was more than enough to send her flying into the world.


Lin Gouzi and Su Mo'er came over, bowing and greeting. Su Mo'er looked at the new signboard and saw the new clothes of the workers. Su Mo'er headed straight for the backyard.

"Shopkeeper Lin, go and bring the people from the woodshed out!"

Lin Gouzi quickly got someone to make Su Mo'er some tea and personally went to the firewood house to fetch her.

"You dog slave, do you know which law we broke?" Su Mo Er looked at the trembling old shopkeeper as she said in a stern voice.

"This servant accepts a servant, and this servant has taken the silver taels from the general's mansion. In order to justify his crime, I beg the Young Master to be merciful, and I beg the boss to be merciful. This servant did not dare to accept, and this servant originally gave all the silver taels back to the boss, begging the Young Master to be merciful …" the old shopkeeper kowtowed and begged for mercy.

"Oh? From the account books that I have, you seem to have gotten a lot more greedy. " She knew that she would be able to pay more silver today. She thought that without any evidence, it would be difficult to get rid of all the evidence, but it seemed like this space was the most important place for power. She could kill her with a single sentence, and no one would be able to investigate if her family servant died. For some reason, Su Mo'er suddenly had a feeling that she had been separated by a lifetime. If power was everything, then the entire general's mansion's comfort would be due to her grandfather.

To Su Mo'er, this was not a competition of time, but a race against time. While her grandfather was still blessed by the emperor, she had nurtured her own power.

Su Mo'er handed the silver to Lin Gouzi for questioning and searching. She sat alone in the front hall, going over and over her plans for the future.

After four hours, it would be four hours.

"Young Master, Young Master, Manager Lin and the others searched for 5,000 silver and 1,000 silver." Bai Guo looked at her young mistress with admiration. She didn't understand why her young lady said she had money today, but now she understood that her young lady was truly amazing.

"Alright, White Fruit, you go call Shopkeeper Lin to the front hall for a meeting."


Su Mo'er took out a stack of paper from her sleeve. It had the entire shop's decorating plan, and it was filled with small words describing exactly how to use a nail. This era's hairpins were straight, and the top of the hairpins were mostly made of flowers. Su Mo'er and the rest, however, were different: there were green willow branches, a large cloud of green agate was embedded to make raindrops, and the hairpins were spiral and curved. This design allowed the hairpins of this era to reach a new height in their craftsmanship. Afterwards, he got Lin Gou Zi to find a few famous art studios in the capital and draw a few pictures of beauties. No one had to wear these hairpins designed by Su Mo'er.

Listening to Su Mo'er's words, Lin Gouzi became smarter and took out a piece of paper, writing it down one by one. Su Mo'er secretly nodded as she saw this; this kid was worth teaching. Su Mo'er said again.

As for the old shopkeeper, there's no need to punish him. His appraising eyes are above yours, and I told him to choose the hairpin that the craftsman you found to leave behind. After all, he's been a shopkeeper for many years.

Su Mo'er decided that her first manager would be this Lin Gouzi.

"Yes, if Gou Zi writes about your trust, I will definitely do everything I can to help you, Young Master, do a good job for your boss."

Dogman was so excited that he quickly knelt down and kowtowed to Su Mo'er.

"Alright, stop kneeling down. You are also starting to nurture people, and now is the time to use them. In the future, just call me Young Master Mo. "

"Yes, Young Master Mo."

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