In the blink of an eye, seven days had passed. Su Mo'er was in her courtyard in the morning, finishing a set of military martial arts. After showering and washing up, she took the white fruit and changed into men's clothing and left.

The mansion and maids that she had instructed Lin Gouzi to buy a few days ago, it was about time for her to take a look.

It was not that she did not want revenge, but as a person who had experienced two lifetimes, she knew that she had to keep her eyes open for a long time. Currently, there was no heir to the general's house, only three daughters. The general was getting old, and the older he got, the more he suffered. As for the reason why the Emperor did not strip his grandfather of his military authority, it was not because his grandfather could still contribute to the nation's efforts. It was because he had not found a suitable candidate to replace him.

Since that was the case, she had to establish her own power in her grandfather's sunset year in order to protect herself in this era where power reigned supreme.

As for her two concubines, they were probably preparing a program for the Mid-Autumn Festival. In any case, they didn't have to interfere with each other ever since they arrived here. Nowadays, the staff in the beginning stage of business is unstable, relying on manpower to make money. After this stage, he would be able to make money, and at that time, he would have to clean up a bit.

Currently, the clothing store at the south side of the city had also changed its name to the Gossamer Pavilion. Today, Lin Gouzi had come to the courtyard to have what Young Master Mo called a "meeting".

"Shopkeeper Lin, in the future, you will meet every 4th month at the side courtyard. Tomorrow, the Gossamer Pavilion in the north of the city will be renovated and open for business. At that time, I won't come anymore. Every half a month, send the accounts to the guest courtyard. "

"Yes, Young Master Mo."

After leaving the courtyard, Su Mo'er took away two of the more quick-looking maidservants, named Mo Lan and Mo Zi.

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