"The imperial edict has arrived!"

Following this loud voice, the entire general's household kneeled in the front yard.

The one who came was the eunuch next to the emperor, Wang De.

Grandfather Su Jin, who had just left the imperial court, rushed over from his study and was about to kneel down when he saw Wang De propping him up with his hands …

The Emperor has ordered that the Great General serve the nation and the people for many years, and have rendered meritorious services for the Eastern Shun. That is, General Su Jin will be bestowed with a gold medal when he becomes Duke of the Kingdom, and when I think of the Great General's age, I will be exempted from kneeling and bowing. Here. This servant congratulates the protector of the nation. " Wang De laughed.

"Thank you, your majesty." Su Jin bowed. Su Mo'er knew that this old general was truly disheartened. This was like rising from the heavens and falling from the shadows; his military power had been snatched away. What happened today in the imperial court? The emperor was in his prime, and the general's estate was trying to express their attitudes to any prince or prince. Why was the emperor so anxious to take back the Tiger Tally? What was the emperor afraid of?

Su Mo'er felt unwell in her heart. Her grandfather's death in her previous life was strange, and the higher ups of the military, Su Mo, were unable to investigate what happened back then. Could it be that her grandfather would also walk this path? No, this body was only 15 years old. There was still a long way to go. With her current status, politics and her own life were closely intertwined. She definitely wouldn't let her relatives suffer without knowing why.

"Eldest Miss? "Eldest Miss?"

"The white fruit beside me touches Su Mo Er's arm." "Miss, your father-in-law called you."

Su Mo'er recovered her wits, "Yes, your subject is here."

Seeing this, Wang De began to read the imperial edict

"We have the granddaughter of the Protector of the Kingdom, Su Mo'er. She is 15 years old and has not been married yet. Thinking of the illustrious achievements of the Duke of the Kingdom Protector's Mansion, Su Mo'er and the Blue King were to be married within three days. Su Mo'er would be the first wife of the Blue King. "Eldest Miss, thank me."

"This subject thanks Your Majesty for his grace." Su Mo'er's face remained calm as she received the imperial edict, but her heart was filled with the emotions of thousands of galloping horses. This was odd. Su Mo'er and her grandfather looked at each other. Seeing their grandfather's indifferent expression, they should have long known about the contents of this imperial edict.

Following that, Wang De began to sing out orders, "The Blue King gifted Jade Ru Yi a pair, Eastern Pearl …"

Su Mo'er was so shocked that her jaw almost fell off. Even though the marriage was completed within three days, there was no need to be in such a rush. Nacho, Nacho, Naji, Nacho, welcome, welcome.

Today however, the first step was a direct request.

The Second Aunt brought Susan, Su Ruxue, and watched eagerly as the boxes of betrothal gifts were carried to the palace. Susan wrote down all the schadenfreude on her face, and everyone in East China knew that although the Blue King was the most beautiful man in Grand Slam, he was an unaffiliated prince with no authority. All the princes and princes held official positions, except the Blue King. The reason for this was because of the incident 10 years ago. As for what exactly happened, no one in the country dared to mention it, and Su Mo'er did not know the whole story. "Marrying the Blue King means that you will never be able to get that position in your entire life." "Congratulations, big sister. Congratulations, big sister, for marrying our Dong Shun's number one beautiful man." Susan's face was full of schadenfreude. Su Ruxue lowered her head, not seeing her expression.

After sending off Wang De, Su Mo'er rushed to her grandfather's study, wanting to confirm her guess.

"Grandfather, I can't bear to part with you. "Even though the marriage was ordered by her parents, Mo'er doesn't know anything about it. Would her grandfather be willing to marry Mo'er?" She sat on her seat and looked at her grandfather with tears in her eyes.

I can't even protect my own granddaughter anymore. Child, if you don't want to marry the Blue King, then Grandfather will enter the palace right now and use the title of Duke of the Kingdom to protect you, and Grandfather won't make things difficult for you. "Since when did my granddaughter suffer such grievances?"

When he looked up, his grandfather looked ten years older. He had thought that his grandfather would explain himself when he saw his granddaughter being wronged. Perhaps he would mention what had happened in the imperial court today, and why the emperor had made her marry the Blue King so urgently.

She didn't expect the elder in front of her to be so arrogant as to stand up for her instead of explaining. Su Mo'er understood that the old man in front of her truly cared for her, even when she was young. Su Mo'er threw herself into her grandfather's embrace.

"Grandfather, granddaughter is willing to marry the blue king, grandfather don't make things difficult for her, granddaughter just can't bear to give up grandpa, who wouldn't want to marry the most beautiful man in the world, right?" He raised his face and gave his grandfather a big smile.

If you want to marry, then marry!

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