"In a blink of an eye, the third day had arrived. Su Mo'er was pulled up by the white fruit even before dawn." "Miss, Miss, you'd better get up. Your servant gave you three sets of wedding clothes yesterday. Miss, you'd better get up and try on which one to wear. Miss, today is your wedding day, you can't sleep late ~"

Su Mo'er covered her ears as she didn't want to listen to this girl's blabbering. She fell down, as if she still needed to sleep. Last night, she went to the east side of the city to urge the blacksmiths to make six throwing knives according to the blueprints she gave. In her previous life, in order to protect herself, she was most adept at melee combat and throwing daggers. In this era, it should be called a concealed weapon. He was busy until daybreak before secretly returning to his residence. She was so sleepy.

"Oh my god! Guan Yin, Bodhisattva! Let me sleep a little more!" Su Mo'er whined on the bed.

"Yo, Eldest Miss is still sleeping. Hurry up and get up, it's wrong to miss the auspicious hour for our General's Estate. Our Residence can't afford it, and we don't know which jinx has no military authority in our General's Estate." Quick, help the young miss up and help her change her clothes. " Before she could step through the door, Second Aunt started shouting. But this old demoness had guessed correctly, she really hadn't gotten up yet. She really didn't know how her father took a fancy to this old demoness, but he knew how to make a ruckus. She took the opportunity to flip over and slap! An embroidered shoe landed right on Second Aunt's face.

The room immediately became silent. The wives and maids held their breaths with red faces, not daring to laugh even if they wanted to.

"Aiyo! Second Madame, what's wrong? Why does your face look so unsightly? Suspicion ~ ~ Why is one of my shoes missing?" She looked left and right. "Aiya, why are you with Second Aunt? Hurry up, let Second Aunt take it over and put it on for me. I don't dare miss the auspicious hour."

Lady Li coldly snorted upon hearing this and left with a brush of her sleeves.

Su Mo'er came to her senses and casually picked a wedding dress, allowing the maidservants to carry out their tasks.

Su Mo'er, who was sitting in front of the makeup mirror, hadn't really seen her face since she transmigrated here. When he saw it, he couldn't help but be shocked. This small face, this small nose, these round eyes that were full of spirit energy, small cherry lips, it was mainly this skin. Although she was also a famous beauty in her previous life, the air, environment, cosmetics, heavy metal pollution and other factors couldn't be compared to her current face. After all, the environment was different, and the age was different. At this moment, she really wanted to look up at the sky and laugh out loud. If she was a man, she would have wanted to push him down at this moment.

Bai Guo looked at her young miss touching her own face with a sparkling smile. She covered her mouth and chuckled. The young mistress must have been stunned by his beauty.

Su Mo'er came back to her senses. Embarrassed, she smiled at the servants in the room and waved her hand, "You guys continue." How embarrassing. She didn't think that her simple appearance would make her look like a celestial person. It could only be said that her simple appearance was that of a cute, cute, and spiritual beauty. But any casual makeup he put on would definitely shock the world. The prerequisite was that he had to put on makeup. Today, this makeup was painted by a grandma. She had willow shaped eyebrows, big red cheeks, and peach colored eyes. This ancient makeup technique mainly emphasized white and heavy colors. It didn't know how to highlight. There wasn't any black rouge on the market. Apart from the film crew, there really wasn't any other makeup shop that had rouge and cosmetics.

Su Mo'er lay dispiritedly on the table. She was only 15 years old. What was the point of painting something so vulgar?

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