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C1 One

Lydia's POV

I was sitting on my bed, chilling because I had nothing better to do. I was scrolling through my Instagram.

"Lydia!" I heard Alessa's voice and i went out of room. I went downstairs and saw her sitting on couch with Julia.

"Wassup girls" i said as i sat on the couch with a bounce.

"Nothing, just getting bored. By the way i am going to throw a party tonight as i wont be able to throw it this weekend. I am having my auditions" she said and i nodded at her.

"You have invited everyone?" I asked and she nodded. "Every ex-Worthington student" she said and i nodded.

We then fell into a comfortable silence. "Hey! Did you invite Em and Aaron?" Alessa asked suddenly. "Ofcourse, duh! They are one of us" she said as Alessa smiled widely.


I sat in my car as i made my way to Em's house. Yesterday, after the shoot we didnt get a chance to meet so i decided to meet her today.

Em had called me for having lunch at her house with her parents. As i entered the huge gates, i saw a beautiful garden with diffferent types of flowers.

The security guided me to park my car. I parked the car and went in front of huge mahogany doors. The house looked enourmous from its exterior.

I rang the bell and a maid opened the door. "Are you Lydia?" She asked, sweetly. I nodded and her smile grew wide.

"Oh welcome my dear. Please come in honey. Mr. And Mrs. Winston have been looking forward for you to come" she said as she stepped aside.

I entered the house to be greeted by sweet fragrance of orange. The house was beautiful. The made guided me to the kitchen and i saw a beautiful women cooking something.

She looked like she was in her late 30's. As i entered she turned and smiled brightly.

"Oh Lydia honey! I have been expecting you" she said and i sensed french accent in her voice. "Hello Mrs.Winston" i greeted her as she pulled me into a hug.

"Oh honey, please call me Veronica" she said as she pulled. Then Em made her grand entry in the kitchen.

"Lydia!" she squealed as she pulled me into a tight hug. "Hi Em. I have missed you" i said and she said the same.

"Fille, call your père here. Tell him Lydia has arrived" she told Em. She was too damn sweet. Em nodded as she made me sit in the living room. (Fille: daughter; Père: father)

I looked around the house as she went to call her father. There were beautiful painting hanging on the wall.

Then, the most beautiful thing caught my eye. Their family portrait. I dont know who painted it but it was too damn beautiful.

I heard footsteps and then i saw her father, Mr. Winston come down the steps.

He looking like he was in his mid-forties. He looked young for his age. I stood up to greet him. He came near me.

"Hello, you must be Lydia" he said warmly as he shook my hand. "Yes, its nice to meet you Mr. Winston" i said with a smile.

"Oh, call me Robin" he said as we three went to the dining area. "I must say Robin, you have a beautiful house" i complemented still astonished by the interior designing and stuff.

"Oh, give all the credits to my beautiful wife" he said as he kissed Veronica's cheek.

"Why, thank you mon amour" she said as she kissed his cheek back. They both fell into their small talk i french as me and took a seat.

"Your parents really love eachother" i said with a smile and she smiled back. "Yeah, oh by the way i am sorry i didnt tell you that my mom grew up in France " she said and i smiled.

"Its okay, i figured"

Lydia's POV

I was getting ready with the girls. I had worn a black knee length, strapless dress and paired it with a black leather jacket and black stilletos.

With black smoky eyes, red lipstick, hairs curled at the ends and perfect make up... i looked good.

I grabbed my phone. The party was at my house but we got ready at Alessa's. I sat in the car along with Jules, Alessa and Em.

We reached my house my house in no time. The boys had already reached at the house. "You do know that you look smoking hot right?" Em asked me.

"I didnt know you were interested in girls" i said jokingly. "Nah.... i am straight Aaron is good enough" she said, sighing dreamily.

We entered the house. The party was on full swing. People dancing, getting drinks, eating, etcetera.

I looked around the house to spot the boys.

Or Blake.....

Shut up conscience! I spotted the boys at corner of room. Blake had a girl in his arms. I ignored the hurt i was feeling.

But he almost looked bored. Ronny was just standing with Nate and River.

I saw how all of them looked hot. Blake was wearing a blue shirt, leaving few buttons open at top and pairing it with black jeans.

The girls went to their boy friends while i met everyone. Turns out a boy named Tanner who used to be a nerd had totally changed.

I saw how strikingly gorgeous he looked. I remember having a crush on him in 2nd grade.

He used to look good back then too, but he used to be bullied. He had left the school in senior year. And here he was, standing with built muscles, wearing a white t-shirt with black jeans.

He had paired it with black coat. The sleeves of the coat rolled up. He was drinking beer. Nina and Amy were standing there, ogling at him.

His blonde hair were perfectly gelled back. I didn't realise i was staring at him until he waved at me.

I came out of my thoughts and waved back. He stood up as i walked to him. "Hi" i greeted as i went to him, smiling.

He smiled back charmingly. "Hi Lydia. It has been a long time" he says as he stands infront of me, taking in my appearence.

I blushed and i was thankful that he cant see me through these lights. "You have changed a lot" i completed him.

"Same goes for you" he says as he winks. I blush again. I feel a warm feeling in my stomach.

He looks so hot. His eyes are bluish gray unlike those of Blake.

Not again!

"Care to have a drink with me?" he asks and i smile at him. He takes my answer as 'yes' and we go to the bartender.

He orders beers for us as we sit on the chairs. I could feel eyes on me, so i turn around only to find Blake looking at me and Tanner.

As he saw that i was looking him he averted his gaze. He started flirting with rhe girl earlier as she giggles.

"Are you alright?" He asks and i turn my atention towards him ignoring the hurt feeling i was getting.

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