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C2 Two

"Yeah, i am good" i say as i took a sip of my drink. "So anything new or interesting in your life?" I ask him as we stand up and go the back garden.

"Well nothing much. I am handling my father's buisness and not continuing with my studies now. And, i am single" he says and winks at me.

I let out a laugh. "And what's up with you?" He asks. "Well, i am continuing my studies in Sydney. And i have started modelling too, i guess" i say and he smiles.

His cute dimples just make him look 10 times hotter. "Thank you" he says and my eyes widen.

Shit i said it out loud! Way to go Lydia....

I knew i was blushing red and i knew he could see me because the whole garden was lit.

We soon fell into an awkward silence and reached the pool area. Some people were out here, talking to eachother and stuff.

I looked to my right to see Tanner lookung at me. Almost as if he was studying me.

"You have grown more beautiful, more than you used to be..." he said and i was now fully facing him. I blushed as i looked down.

My stilletos look good....

"Lydia look at me" he said and i raised myhead. He was looking at me with so much adoration.

Maybe my crush for him still hadnt gone....

And you forgot about him...

Well my conscience was right about this one.

Lydia's POV

He leaned in more as i pushed my 'Blake' related thoughts away. I leaned in too.

He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer. I wrapped my arms around his neck. We were so damn close, our noses were touching.

I tilted my head and he crashed his lips with mine. His lips moulding with mine as he pecked my lips once, twice and then we finally started kissing.

Kissing him feels amazing. But Blake's used to be better. Ugh! Why do i have to think about Blake all the time.

He pulled me even closer to him, our bodies now pressed against eachother. He bit my lips causing me to gasp as he entered his tongue in my mouth.

I almost moaned at the feeling. I got a warm feeling in my heart and butterflies in my stomach.

We kissed like there was no tomorrow. My hands in his hair tugging, pulling and his hand stayed on my waist and one went to my hair.

He pulled away breathing as hard as i was due to the lack of oxygen because of out recent activity.

In less than a second of pulling away, he started kissing my jaw. He took a hand full of my hair and tugged it back, kissing my neck.

He left warm kisses on my neck until he came to that one point of my neck/shoulder where he sucked my skin and i moaned.

I could feel that i was already wet. He tugged on my skin softly and i bit my tongue to hold back my moan that threatened to come out.

His hand- which was on my waist- went a little lower as he squeezed my but. I was literally melting in his arms.

He went on with his torture and as he lifted my up i moaned again as i felt his ahem part on my ahem part.

I felt him smirk against my neck and he lifted his head. He looked at me for a moment as his heavenly lips crashed on mine again.

We kissed again for a while until someone cleard their throat, breaking us apart. I literally felt like punching that person.

I turned around to see Alessa standing with Em behind us. The only difference was that Em was smirking while Alessa was grinning like an idiot.

"What?" I asked them, annoyed. "Announcements of our success are to be made soon. Now, if you will excuse us, pretty boy" Alessa said as she pointed towards his one hand on my butt and other on my waist.

We instantly let go off eachother. "I am Tanner, by the way" He said after the great moment of silence.

"Tanner? As in Tanner Heathmen?" Alessa asked with wide eyes, while Em stood there confused. Tanner grinned, "the one and only" he said.

Alessa's mouth kept on opening and closing. I couldn't help but giggle as i looked at her face. Em did the same.

After we sobered up, Em pointed towards the direction where Tanner was standing. I frowned and looked at his direction.

He was looking at me with so much adoration and love that it melted my heart.

I wish that he would've came in my life earlier and i would've dated him instead of Blake. It would've been lot better i guess.

He had looks, brain and he respected girls. He had every thing that a girl would want. I was pulled out of my wonderland when Alessa grabbed my arm and dragged me inside the house.


Blake's POV

All the announcements, celebration and stuff were done. I was currently back at my house. I just couldn't stand at Lydia's house when i saw her kissing Tanner.

It hurts me to see her doing this. But even she deserved to move on. How long will she wait for me? Hardly sometime.

I deserve what i am going through right now. I practically called for it. I kissed girls infront of Lydia. I even posted pictures with them on instagram.

I deserve it.

Maybe getting love is impossible in my life. Emily, the girl i used to love, left me for another guy(Not Aaron's Emily,her name is Emily Winston). Emily Winston reminded me of the other Emily.

Emily left me because for some douche. She broke my heart. But, i didnt realise what love was until i met Lydia.

Lydia has been the only girl i have ever loved. Even she will leave me and go away. She will go to Tanner and forget about me.

One tear slipped as i took a sip of alchohol. Second tear left my eye, until i cried.

The thing is that all of it, all of it had been my fault. Maybe because i am not good enough. Not good enough to love someone and get loved by someone.


Lydia's POV

I woke up in the morning. I smiled as i looked out of window, but instantly frowned as i recalled Blake storming out of our house.

I shrugged as i checked my phone. It was 2 in the afternoon. I groaned as i stood up and went straight to the bathroom.

I did my business, took a long shower and came out of bathroom wearing a robe. I wore my inners as i looked through my wardrobe.

I sighed as i wore a navy blue 'Adidas' crop top pairing it with black jeans. I pulled my hair into a high pony tail, leaving some strands loose.

For make up, i simply applied eyeliner and wore some pink lip gloss. I looked in the mirror. I decided to put some eyeliner on my waterline too.

Again, i looked at myself in mirror and smiled. I my cute slippers that i wear at home and went downsrairs.

Nobody was up yet, indicating that the whole house was asleep. I greeted my maids and cooks on ym way as i sat on the island chair.

"What do you want to eat, honey?" My cook asked sweetly. I decided to go woth with a bowl of chicken salad and coffee.

I made the coffee by myself as the cook, Leticia, prepared my salad. I took a sip of my coffee, instantly relaxing.

I had a short talk with Leticia, sipping the coffee occasionally. Soon, we both fell into silence as she gave me my salad and excused herself.

I ate in silence, occupied with my own thoughts. I decided to go into the library nearby to have some 'me time'.

I wore my navy blue vans, took some money, my car keys and left. I hope they dont get mad at me again. The library is nearby anyways.

Tal wont chase me right now. I sat in my car and left. I went straight into library after parking my car. I went through books in romance section.

I found my one and only favourite book, of all time called 'Stolen' by Lucy Christopher. She is an amazing writer. I have read the whole book more than 3 times and here i am reading it again.

The book is more like thriller than romance but i love it anyways. I sat on the corner table and read the book.

It felt amazing to read the book again. The girl gets kidnapped from an airport, the boy who kidnaps her, in this book is described as a hot guy.

Though they have a 10 year gap between them, i would've liked the book more if they had fell in love with eachother.

The girl sure gets attracted to the guy. But still, imwish there was a sequel. The whole book is basically a letter for the guy.

The girl wants the guy to know, what she had been through because of him but still he wants her to love him.

I love the book. I was disturbed when my phone rang. I looked at the caller id and smiled immediately.

Tanner was calling me. I recieved his call.....

Me: hello?

Him: hello, Lydia.... are you busy right now?

Me: no, whats up?

Him: i was wondering if.... (he seemed nervous)

Me: if what Tanner?

Him:if you would want to come....

Me: on a date with you?

Him:yeah.... (i smirked slightly. He is so cute!)

Me:okay cool. At what time though?

Him: tomorrow, 7pm. Is it okay?

Me: yup its cool.

Him: okay then, i will see you tomorrow Lydia.

Me: okay Tan, bye...

Him: bye, cupcake.

I blushed at the nickname he just gave me.

Cupcake, really? Princess seems better!

Shut up conscience!

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