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C3 Three

Lydia's POV

It 5 pm in afternoon right now. I had 2 hours to get ready. Tanner called me this morning and asked me to dress simple.

I sighed and went to take a shower. After 1 hour of doing my buisness and shower, i finally came out.

I sighed when i realised i had to choose a good dress or outfit. I went through my closet and took out a cute peach coloured dress.

It was cute and casual. I wore it. I paired it brown flats. I wore a cute pendant with matching earrings.

For makeup, i put on some Kylie Jenner's Koko K. I put on some eyeliner and some blush. Being satisfied,i checked the time.

It was like 10 minutes until he came. I sighed as i grabbed my peach sling bag. I kept my phone in it and headed downstairs.

Not so surprisingly, everyone was seated in the living, having conversations with eachother. Mom and dad were not there.

It was only Alessa, Julia, Em, Aaron, Nate, River and Blake. As i entered, all of their attention turned towards me, except for Blake. He looked at me and then looked away.

"Where are you going?" Aaron asked as he raised his eyebrow. "She is going on a date with Tanner " Alessa answered for me.

This caught Blake's attention as he took in my appearence and frowned. "Who is he again?" He asked as he frowned.

"That old nerd" Nate said distastefully. Okay, that word rude. Its not my fault he was a nerd. My frown deepened.

Looking at River, Nate and Aaron, i was sure that they werent happy. I dont know why. After answering the question, the boys didnt utter a word.

Em and Alessa were squealing like freaking pigs while Julia didnt utter a word. Her face didnt give off any emotions.

I pursed my lips and averted my attention to Em and Alessa.

Atleast they are happy!

They were talking about how hot Andrew Garfield looks in Amazing Spider Man. I rolled myeyes but agreed with them internally.

He is cute. Like i would totally dare him. I was pulled out of my thought when i heard a honk of car. I grinned as i said goodbyes to everyone.

I walked out of the house to be greeted by the sight of red Tesla Roadster.

When i was a child, i used to think about getting married to a human. But, after looking at jaw dropping cars in my life, i might marry cars instead.

I stopped drooling looking at the car and sat inside it. This car is amazeballs.

I literally am marrying it.....

I averted my attention from the car when i heard a throat being cleared. "You are drooling" Tanner said and i smacked his head.

It was then when i noticed how hot he was looking. With a navy blue shirt on, he paired it up with black jeans, looking hot as ever.

His blonde hair gelled perfectly.

Yay i am sitting in a hot car that is having a hot owner....

I guess my luck is befriending me after its horrible doings. "Take a picture, it would last longer" Tanner said, pulling me out of my thoughts.

I didnt even realise that the car had srarted moving, until now. I just rolled my eyes at him. "You look beautiful, cupcake" he said and a smile made its way on my face.

I got this warm feelign that i couldnt explain, even my hearbeat increased. "You dont look bad yourself" i said and he grinned at me.

"So, where are we going?" I asked.


"Tanner where are we going?" I asked him for rhe millionth time and got the same answer as before.

A fucking shrug. I huffed as i crossed my hands. "You look cute when you are angry" he said and i couldnt help but smile at his compliment.

We stopped at some point. Tanner had blindfolded me. He carefully made me step out of the car and i am glad that i was wearing flats because i felt my feet touching a grassy area.

"Are we there yet?" I asked. "No" he answered simply. I pursed my lips and walked patiently until we reached our destination.

"Okay, i am not sure whether you are going to love it or not. But please kiss me for my hardwork" he said and i let out a giggle.

He uni blindfolded me and i gasped at the scene infront of me. The sky was filled with sky lanterns.

It was beautiful. The view was so amazing that even the words couldnt describe it.

It was as if i was in the larern scene of the movie 'tangled'. It was amazeballs, literally.

I looked around to see a table with two chairs and food on lit. There were candles sorrounding the table, giving off a sweet aroma.

This is best night ever! I didnt realise that i was smiling until my cheeks started to hurt. "How is it?" He asked, scratching the back of your seeming nervous.

"It's amazing! Oh my god i have no words to describe this feeling. Oh my god!" I said as i hugged him, tightly.

I felt him smile, "thats good then. All my hard work didnt go in waste" he said as I kissed his cheek.

We let go of eachother qs we sit on the table to have our dinner. He opened the lid to be greeted by smell of mouth-watering lasagnia.

"Its the only thing I could cook" he said and smiled sheepishly. "Its oaky. It looks delicious" i said. He served our food and poured some wine in our glasses.

We dig in immediately. It was delicious. I doubted that he even made it. But like even if he didn't, it was delicious.

I don't care if he didnt make it, i got to eat it anyways. We ate our food quicky, getting to know about eachother a little.

After we ate, we sat in silence. "What's the time?" I asked him. "Its almost 9:30" he said and i nodded.

"So, would you have a dance with me?" He said as he stood up and came towards me. "Ofcourse" i said as i took his hand.

He connected his red iPhone to the speakers and started playing some romanctic song, which i had never heard.

We danced, had fun and kissed sometimes too. He was so sweet and caring that i felt my self falling hard for him in 3 days.

It funny how life keeps on taking turns. I remember the day me and Blake broke up and now, today here i am with another guy, dancing and having fun.


Blake's POV

I went back to home after having dinner. It was crystal clear now, Lydia had moved on. She started dating that Tomato or whatever his name is.

I know he will treat her better. I am just a little fucker. Maybe we broke up for the best. Her life would be perfect if i dont get involved.

It is good for her. That Tomato guy is going to treat her better and i know it.

Maybe getting love from someone is impossible for me....

Noone is going to love. I know that. But, my love for Lydia wont go away. And thats the truth.

This truth hurts. Maybe if that fucker Davis never got involved in our lives, then i would be happy.

You arent worth it....

This was the only thought that came in my mind as i emptied the bottle of cold beer.

Lydia's POV

After dancing, Tanner took me to an ice cream parlour. We ordered our ice creams and sat on the chairs of the table nearby.

We ate our ice crems, no words exchanged during the process. "So, tell me something about your family" i said finally breaking the silence.

He seemed uncomfertanle, almost as if he was thinking about what to tell me.

"Well, i am the only child. My dad died which was the reason why I shifted away from here. Mom left me soon. I was alone until mom showed up at my grandparent's house. Then i came back here. I don't talk to her much because i still stay with my grandparents" he said.

I pursed my lips.

I guess i shouldnt have asked him that. "I am sorry about your dad" i said and he smiled at me.

"Its okay, i am over it now" he said as he continued eating his ice cream. No words were exchanged until we reached back to my home.

I kept sitting in the car because i didnt want to leave. I looked at him. Is he going to kiss me now?

"When do we meet next?" I asked him, wanting to stay in his Tesla forever. "Maybe next date?" He asked as he winked at me.

God, why did you have to make half of the male population so gorgeous!?!

I knew i was blushing but i gathered up the courage to speak my next words. "Okay then. This time i will be the one to take you on one" i said.

He seemed shocked at first but then he smiled quickly. "Okay then" he said as he leaned in. I leaned in more to kiss his cheek.

But as i was about to, he turned his head, causing our lips to meet instead. The kiss was as usual, amazing.

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