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C4 Four

His soft lips moulding on mine perfectly. We kissed for like forever until he pulled away. He kept us close. Our forhead's touching.

"I need to go" i said as i started pulling away. "I know. Have a good night" he said. "Good night" i said as i rushed out of the car and went inside the house.

I knew i was blushing, totally red. I entered the living room, noone was there. I went to my bedroom and locked the door.

I took a really long shower and jumped on the bed after wearing a loose t-shirt and shorts. I sighed as i smiled.

Everything is perfect for once....

I thought as i closed my eyes. But, there is once thing that keeps on nagging me, do i like him?

I mean, i do get butterflies in my stomach and warm feeling but my heart doesnt picks up its speed as it does when i see Blake.

Yup, it still happens. But like, even if it doesnt, it is a chance to move on from Blake. Tanner is a good guy. He is going to keep me happy. I know that.

Does he like me? I mean, ofcourse we kiss and stuff, but he never ever confessed anything. His actions make me believe that he does.

Actions speak louder than words!

I kept on repeating it as i closed my eyes and fell asleep.


Julia's POV

Its afternoon now and Alessa is still gushing about Tanner aling with Em. Its clear that Alessa and Em are happy with Lydia dating Tanner or Tomato, the name Blake gave him.

But, one thing that they arent getting is that Tanner seems a little bit weird. I mean he is doing a little too much in just 3 days.

It seems odd about how he showed up suddenly in our party. I didnt even invite him. And he is being too good. Also, how can someone crush on someone so quickly?

He didnt even convince his feeling! I mean, who fuckign does that dude! Also, he is being a bit cocky too.

Lydia is at fault too. She is being too damn blind after breaking up with Blake. They didnt even have to fiht for this long!

They could have just said their 'i love you's' and got over it!

Blydia is forever! Why cant they just get back together!

"Baby? Why are you frowning?" Nate asked as he sat down beside me. He pulled me closer to him by my waist and i looked at his mesmerising blue eyes.

They were so damn beautiful that i could stare in them all day long. "Nothing" i said and he gave me a kiss.

"What are you thinking about muffin?" He asked me as i kept my head on his chest. "Just Lydia" i said and i felt him tense up.

I knew he care about her too. Hell, even Blake, Aaron and River do. We all really do care about her. Its just Alessa and Em who are excited.

"I feel suspicious about Tanner. He is just being too good. And how could he return all of a sudden? I mean, we are partying on a fine day and then he suddenly decides to pop out of no where after all these years! Also he was fucking un-invited!" I said, frustrated because of thinking too much.

I felt Nate relax and then he chuckled. "Calm down. Stop screaming muffin. I feel suspicious about him too. But, its just that we cant do anything about it. Lydia is becoming too blind to understand it. Just give her some time. Eventually she will know that there is something wrong with Tanner" he said as he kissed my cheek and rubbed my back, making me instantly relaxed.

I let out a sight and i nuzzle my head in his neck and we stayed there, cuddling for most of the afternoon.


Blake's POV

It was 5 in the evening. I walked down the park and sat on one of the bench. I looked around to see children playing, people jogging, teenager's hanging out and people talking here and there.

But, what caught my eye was a girl in the corner of the park with a cute puppy. She had honey blonde hair, i couldnt notice her eyes but she was beautiful.

Guessing from her appearence she looked like she was 17 or 18. She was wearing a crop top with shorts.

Her hair were straight / wavey and pulled up into a high ponytail. She was looking at her sorroundings. Maybe she was new here.

She was so ingrossed in looking around that her dog managed to loosen her hold from the leash and the dog ran towards me.

The girl's eyes widened as she started to run after dog. "Cherry wait! Cherry!" She yelled for the dog.

As if it would stop for her!

Shut up conscience! I managed to grab the leash immediately and hand it to the girl. She looked so innocent.

"Thank you so much" she said as she shyly ducked her head down. "Your welcome. By the way, you have a cute dog" i complimented.

She looked back up at me and smiled. "I know! Cherry is so cute" she said with a wide smile.

"I am Maya by the way".

"I am Blake. Nice to meet you."

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