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C5 Five

Blake's POV

I went back to home, smiling like an idiot. Maya and i had talked a lot. I learned that she was of my age. She is studying buisness management.

She told me that she was the only child and nothing else related to her family. What seemed wierd was that she looked almost lost when i asked her about her college.

Anyways, i ignored the topic afterwords and said that i had to go back to home. I went straight to my room after greeting my mom and dad.

I changed into my comfortable pants and a t-shirt. I went downstairs to find Julia, Em and Alessa. My heart skipped a beat when i thought that Lydia would be with them.

I was wrong.

She must be busy with Tomato. I shook away the feeling and went to the cabinet. I took out a packet of Doritos and went to Jules, Em and Alessa. They were talking in hushed voices.

They shut up as soon as i reached to them. A frown was etched on Em's and Alessa's face. "Sup?" I asked them as i started eating the Doritos.

"Oh, nothing. We were just talking about some girl's stuff" Jules answered before both of them could. "Okay. So do you girls have any plans? I am getting bored. We need to hang out" i stated as they frowned.

"Yes, we do. Can we go out for movies? All of us?" Alessa asked and all of us nodded. "Can we go for 'Valerian and the city of a thousand planets?" Em asked.

"Yes! Lets call Lydia and the boys!" Julia gushed out. Hearing Lydia's name made my heart flutter or something like that.

Jules asked Lydia, excitedly about joining the movie but frowned when, I guess, Lydia declined.

She doesnt have any fucking time for us!


"What's up?" Alessa asked. "Well, Lydia said that she is busy. Probably with that Tomato" she grumbled, annoyed as fuck.

I smirked when she called that guy Tomato, Tomato. I dont even know his name properly!

I guess it was Tamer.... No Tanner! NO i guess it was Tyson!

I dont even remember. "Why would she ditch us for him?" Em asked as she frowned, bringin me out of my thoughts.

"I know. She never ditches us. Anyways, call the boys!" Alessa babbled as i rolled my eyes at her babbling.


It was evening. Tanner called me.....

Tanner: hey Lydia! Are you free right now?

Me: yeah, i am. Why?

Tanner: can you arrange to meet me at the amusement park near your house? Then we could go to the cliff.

Me: yeah sure. I will meet you at 7 or something. Bye!

Tanner: Bye.

My heart sunk at the thought of the amusement park, the place where i told Blake those horrible things. The place where he threw that bracelet that he was going to gift me.

I still have that bracelet kept safely with me. I sighed as i looked at the time, its was 5:28pm. I stood up and took 'Divergent' and started reading.

I was inturrepted, rudely, when my phone rang. It was Julia.....

Julia: Hey Lydia! Where are you?

Her irritating voice filled my ears....

Me: Hi! I am at home chilling.... Why?

Julia: okay! So we were planning to go out for a movie tonight, just like the old times. We will pick you up around 7 or something.

I didnt want to decline because watching movies, just like the old times, is what i have very much. But, I couldn't say NO to Tanner too.

Me: Julia, i am not free. The idea seems tempting bu-

Julia: what is so important that you are declining the offer of hanging out with us?

Me: uh.... Its just, Tanner asked me-

Julia: leave it. I have to go. Bye.

She hung up on me. She seemed to be very sad. She already doesn't seem to be a big fan of Tanner and now i just ruined it even more.

I groaned as i lay on the bed. I looked at the time.


I groaned again as i got up. I chose a cute white top to wear, pairing it with a peach pant. Putting it on, i chose to put my hair into a messy high-ponytail.

I put on some eyeliner and put it on my waterline too, make my eyes look more alive. I put on some 'Bedazzeled Candy K' by Kylie Jenner's birthday collection which i bought recently.

What shocked me more is that they sent me their 'I Want It All' palette too. Its kind of amazing.

Wearing my white wedges, i took my peach sling bag and kept my phone in it and taking off. I didnt forget to put my emergency money in my bra.

Safety first!

I sat in my Cooper S as i took off towards the amusement park.

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