That morning/C1 Everything changed in just one night
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That morning/C1 Everything changed in just one night
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C1 Everything changed in just one night

It was 6 in the morning of 7 december 2024.

I woke up. I was so happy to see my boyfriend after 2 years. He was studying aboard. Finally I'm going to meet him. We decided to meet at 8:00 AM.

I took a bath, put my makeup on, wore a dress which I bought just to see him

I opened door. Mom who was in kitchen preparing food. She said "dal mi, where are going without having your breakfast".

Mom I'm going to meet Ryan

*Mom doesn't like him at all, but because I love him she never badmouth about him*

Mom said "are you going to eat with him?"


I started walking to the café. I was so happy that I can't control myself*

I ordered ice tea *he appeared in 5 minutes*

I couldn't stop looking at his handsome face. I was not saying anything, just looking at him.

Ryan : *put a glass of water and splash it on seo dal mi*

Seo dal mi : *got up from seat angrily* have you lost your mind what do you think you're doing.

Ryan : *with dirty smirk on his face* I did what I should do.

Seo dal mi : *confused*.

Ryan : look at yourself and then look at me. Do you think you're that useful to me?

Seo dal mi : what the hell are you saying

Ryan : *immediately* let's break up.

Seo dal mi : *with a sad face* what.......wait what. I was waiting for you from last 2 years and now when you're here , you're doing this to me.

Ryan : I don't care even you if you're dead.

Seo dal mi : *silent and shocked*

Ryan : I have a new girlfriend. She is much beautiful, rich ,hot , and she is better then you in every way.

Seo dal mi : so you were doing this aboard. Huhhh........!

Ryan : I don't want to see your ugly face ever. If you show up again in front of me I'll insult you more then I just did right now. If come for me again ever then there will be a big question mark on your dignity* he smiled*

*He got up and left the café*

I can't believe this, is this what I deserve. My love is in vain for this slut *starts crying*.

*Walking to a park so that she can cry there alone*

*while Crossing the road, suddenly a car appeared and hit soe dal mi*

*I can't hear anything. I don't know what's going I dead?*

In just 15 minutes

I opened my eyes I don't know what place is this

All I can hear is a voice of girl crying so hard my head is already banging because of that cry. It's a very big room I looked at my left

*Nurse was changing the flowers from the vase. She turned and looked that my eyes are open. She seemed so happy she said "Miss. Lee can you hear my voice"

I was silent and why is she calling me miss Lee

She ran out of the room to call the doctor

I said "stop it".

Girl in my mind stopped crying. I thought it was a coincidence but that girl in my mind said "who are you? And how are you in my body? *Sobbing*"

I thought my mind is not in good condition

But she said the same thing again like she was really questioning me. I was stunned at the moment

I said "I'm seo dal mi and what are you saying that I am in your body"

The doors opened of the room........ darling........!!!!!

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