That morning/C10 Deal
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That morning/C10 Deal
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C10 Deal

Next morning

The door knocked.

Seo dal mi went to open the door.

It was already 10:00 AM.

Ki ra entered the room with a sweet smile on her face "good morning, young mistress"

Seo dal mi looked at her and smiled "good morning,good morning"

Ki ra said "you mother told me to bring you down"

Seo dal mi suddenly remembered what park ye jin said last night. They talked alone and he told her to keep it secret that's why she can't tell anyone. She raised her eyebrows "Ohhh is that so, I'll be there in few minutes. You go back first"

Ki ra nodded and left the room.

Seo dal mi was confused in her thoughts "what is it about now, mom will not let me go out how will I leave and where is that park ye jin who said he'll arrange everything"

Seo dal mi got down and saw park ye jin there talking to her mother.

Lee mi ra turned her head and looked at Lee min na "darling, Mr. Kim has arranged everything for you. He is inviting you there I think you will not be able to attend your spa day here.

Seo dal mi smiled "It's okay ,I'll be home after I'm done"

Seo dal mi looked at park ye jin. He bowed to her respectfully and said "young mistress if you're, ready should we go?"

Seo dal mi nodded and bowed to her mother and said "I'll go first"

Seo dal mi looked at ki ra and then park ye jin "is she going with me"

Park ye jin said "yes"

Ki ra smiled and held Lee min na's arm and they left.

When they entered the destination. Kim tae ho was already there sitting on couch.

Park ye jin said to ki ra "you stay here. Young mistress....." He opened his one arm like making way for her.

She took step forward and sat in front of tae ho.

Kim tae ho stopped looking at his phone and picked up the document and put it on her side "read it carefully"

Seo dal mi looked at him and then picked up the document. After reading she looked up at him again and said "What do you mean by that"

"It's simple as you see it is, everything mine will be yours and every single thing yours will be mine"

Seo dal mi made a weird look and said " isn't it obvious, I'm not talking about that I'm talking about that term which says we will just show to be a good husband and wife in front of others"

Kim tae ho raised his eyebrows "What were you thinking that I'll be so good to you in future"

Seo dal mi put down the document and said "I don't expect anything to you".

She thought in her mind that does that thing mean he will not even touch her when they are alone together in room.

Seeing her expression Kim tae ho smiled evily "No, after marrying me your everything will be mine including your body"

Seo dal mi tightened her eyebrows "you talk so valgur"

Kim tae ho came closer to her and said " you are the one who said you want to marry me even if I told you some terms before."

Seo dal mi blinked her eyes many times. Yes, she don't know anything about that deal because she was not the one who was ready to marry this cold ice.

Kim tae ho raised his eyebrows and said "So what are you thinking now. Sign these papers"

She was about to say something.......but Kim tae ho already kissed her lips.

She was shocked, she immediately back up.

Seo dal mi looked at his handsome face with admiration but she quickly came back to her senses and said " I will sign it you don't need to do these things to me"

Kim tae ho smiled "then do it and leave these papers here jin will take them from here"

Seo dal mi said "Ahh, okay you go quickly"

Kim tae ho tightened his eyebrows "Am I an eyesore."

Seo dal mi knew that she Shouldn't make him angry he will take revenge of everything after marrying her. So she kept quiet.

Kim tae ho smiled evily and stood up "go, I've arranged everything for you here"

He walked out and after a while ki ra entered she looked at seo dal mi with red cheeks and said "young mistress"

Seo dal mi came to her senses and looked at ki ra .

Ki ra smiled slyly and said "why are your cheeks so red"

Seo dal mi gently touched her cheeks and said "it's hot in here that's why my cheeks are so red I guess"

Ki ra smiled " young master told me to take good care of you. Are you willing to come with me now to your spa otherwise we'll be late"

Seo dal mi immediately got up and looked at ki ra and smiled " let's go"

She remembered that she haven't signed those documents yet how could she sign those documents when she don't know Lee min Na's signature.

She said " ki ra wait outside for her a bit, I have something to do"

After ki ra left she took out her smartphone and searched online for her sign look after taking look of it for a while she tried to copy it as same as Lee min na does. After signing the document she left the room and met ki ra waiting for her and they went outside.

After a whole day they returned home in a car arranged by park ye jin.

New chapter is coming soon
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