That morning/C2 Who??
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That morning/C2 Who??
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C2 Who??

A lady in her fifties and a man in his sixties with a doctor and two nurse came in my room.

They come closer to me.

The lady said "darling are you okay.....can you hear my voice sweetheart??"

I said "who are you? And where am I now?"

That lady lost her control over her body and fainted.

The girl in my mind started crying again and saying

The man asked me "my child don't you remember who I am *with a crying face* ".

I said "I am sorry but I don't know who are you"

That man unconsciously sat on the chair.

Everybody was staring me with a very sad face

A girl entered the room "elder sister you're awake after 4 days I'm so relieved to see your eyes are open you know who I am"

I thought if I say that I don't know her too she will start crying

I said " I know you!!"

The man got up with joy and said look doctor she said she know her younger sister.

The girl in mind said "why are you lying?....why don't you leave my body??..."

I said "I don't know what's going on I was in a accident right now and I'm here. Who are they people?"

She replied "she is my mom and her name is Lee mi ra and he is my dad his name is Lee ho seok and that little girl is my younger sister and her name is Lee ji na"

I was fully confused.

Later a man in his twenties entered the room he was so good looking, he was tall and handsome

The girl in my mind said "he is that guy I hate the most he is Kim tae ho"

Why she said that she hate that guy

He asked finally you're awake, I was so scared about you.

That girls parents and the little girl took a side and stand there,where the man kim tae ho cme closer to her and took a seat next to her bed.

The girl in mind said I'm Lee min na daughter of Lee group's CEO and he is Kim tae ho CEO of Kim's empire.

Kim tae ho : *with a smile* so now when you're awake just recover fast I can't wait more to marry you.

I was confused.

Kim tae ho : *raised his eyebrows* Don't you want to reply?.....

Seo dal mi : yes, I want to.

Kim tae ho : you look so fine I think you'll be discharged soon am I right doctor *raised his eyebrows*

Kim tae ho was a really rich and cold man everybody was scared of him there because he has too much power.

Doctor said "till this evening or maybe tomorrow morning. Her Condition is goot she recovered really fast *smiling*.

Kim tae ho : that really good to hear. Well I have a meeting I have to go.

Kissed soe dal mi's forehead and said I'll be back soon Lee min na *smiled* got up and left the room.

Doctor said " let her rest for a while you should leave the room."

Everyone got up and left the room

I closed my eyes and started thinking what is happening my body is not with me ,I'm in other body . Am I dead or am I dreaming. I was so confused .

Even the girl in my mind was silent. I Started crying.

Lee min na : crying is not worth it. Leave my body as soon as you can then you and me both can live normal life.

Seo dal mi : you're right but it's not in my control if I could go back I would go right now.

Lee min na : Until you're here play my role well. So that my family will not face any problem because of that jerk Kim tae ho.

Seo dal mi : why do you hate him? He talked to me nicely.

Lee min na : yeah he did but because my parents were there otherwise he treats me like a piece of trash.

Seo dal mi : then why did he want to marry you.??

Lee min na : he must've his reasons but he never tell

Seo dal mi : we'll help each other so that I can return to my time.

Lee min na : wait you know which year is this?

Seo dal mi : I don't know anything here

Lee min na : huhhhhhh...... it's December 8,2010.

Seo dal mi : *shocked* whaattttt....

Lee min na : yes it is let's compromise....just take care of my body I don't want my body to be perfect as it is right now.

Seo dal mi : you're here thinking about your body's perfectness there I don't even know if my parents bury me by thinking that I am dead..

Lee min na : Sorry...

Seo dal me : it's're thinking about your body it's not a crime to care about our own body.

Seo dal mi slept.she thought that maybe she could return after waking up. She opened her eyes she looked that she was still at hospital.

She looked at her right Kim tae ho was staring her.

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