That morning/C3 Why you didn't answered ?
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That morning/C3 Why you didn't answered ?
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C3 Why you didn't answered ?

Seo dal mi : you scared me.

Kim tea ho : you even get scared *smirked*

Seo dal mi : I'm human being I can also get scared ,can't I get scared ?

Kim tae ho : no, without my permission you can't even breath nor die.

Seo dal mi : hey I'm already pissed off don't talk to me like that did you get it

Kim tae ho : *raised his eyebrows* looks like you got some courage.

Seo dal mi : huhhhh......I was never coward.

Kim tae ho : whatever....I don't have time to waste on you, you'll be discharged in some time

Seo dal mi : ohhh

Her parents enters the room

Lee mi ra : Ohhh son in law you're here already. Looks like you care for her too much

Kim tae ho : *got up smiled and bowed to both parents* yes, I do

Lee mi ra : my daughter is very lucky to have you

Lee ho seok : tae ho do you want her to go with us or you want to take her to you house

Kim tae ho : I would like to take her to my house

Seo dal mi : *immediately* No

They all looked at her she said "I mean I don't want to disturb tae ho to take care of me"

"It's okay, I can take care of you and my work at once" tae ho said

After all you're going to be my wife min na

Lee ho seok : if you care about her that much and you'll not be disturbed then just take her with you at your residence* smiles*

Doctor enters room bowed to all of them and said "you can go home well deliver you belongings at Mr. Kim's residense

Kim tae ho : yeah sure. Thank you.

Doctor : oh sir you don't need to thank me it was my pleasure to serve Miss. Lee

Kim tae ho : at the end of the week she'll be Mrs. Kim *smiled*

What a disgusting man I'm on the bed not okay properly and he still wants to marry Lee min na at the end of week.

Doctor removed cannula from her hands, she wake up changed clothes and got ready to go at Kim's residense.

They both sat in car and left to Kim's house

Kim tae ho said "you better recover fast, tomorrow morning we'll go to Grandma's mansion.

"Okay" seo dal me said.

Reached home

Kim tae ho said " make yourself home, what would you like to eat order the cook she'll make it for you

"Okay" replied

But I would like to eat in my room

"Okay go ahead"

Entered a room

Seo dal mi : so who are we going to meet tomorrow.

Lee min na : I'll tell you everything tomorrow what should you do and what not.

Seo dal mi : okay.

Next morning get prepared to go to Grandma's mansion

Lee min na : that mansion called "Kim shin' s place"

Seo dal mi : sounds like a big place.

Lee min na : it's more big thrn you can think it is.

Kim tae ho said " Lee min na come out let's go"

" Yeah coming"

Sat in car. Kim tae ho said "you know how to behave right"

"Obviously are you underestimating me"

Kim tae ho made weird look and said "did I say something about me underestimating you?"

Seo dal me didn't replied.

Reached kim shin's place .Kim tae ho gets out first and opened door as a gentleman as he always does. They both held hands and started walking in.

Lee min na was introducing everyone there to seo dal mi so she could show good respect to everybody. Later on Lee min na stops talking.

They went in a big place "roumyung chamber"

They walked in two servent who were standing on the door bowed to both Kim tae ho and Lee min na.

They entered seo dal mi didn't know what to do now she said in her mind " hey Lee min na, tell me who they are and what should I do now "

Kim tae ho and seo dal mi were standing in a room between many people around and many old women were sitting in front of them she didn't knew which one is grandma and which one she should show respect first.

They stand still for a while then kim tae ho gave a look to seo dal mi but she didn't knew what to do. Kim tae ho said that grandma doesn't like those girls who are ill mannered.

I dont know what to do " Lee min na have you lost you mind why aren't you telling me what to do tae ho will kill both of us"

Kim tae ho looked so angry, seo dal mi looked at him and don't know what to do.*scared*

Kim tae ho said " Lee min na .......

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