That morning/C4 They aren't same
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That morning/C4 They aren't same
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C4 They aren't same

"Lee min na what are you doing" Kim tae ho said angrily

She didn't know what to do and she was so confused because Lee min na wasn't replying her. In hurry to maintain her image in front of everyone she acted to be fainted in a really awkward way because she already taken too much time and even if she do something else Kim tae ho will shout on her that why did you take too much time to react.

After she fainted everyone stood up and ran to her, kim tae ho squated down and tapped her cheeks "hey, Lee min na open your eyes what happened" she didn't replied. He picked her up horizontally in his arms and took her to the room. After some time doctor came for check-up.

He didn't got anything and get puzzled

Seeing this Kim tae ho asked "what happened? Is she okay?"

"Yes, everything is good but she is still not awake and it's kinda strange" it could be because of tiredness, don't worry let her rest"

Kim tae ho just stared at her face and said "she was totally fine yesterday, now she is fainted."

"It's okay let her rest, if anything happens just call me I'll be there" he bowed to Kim tae ho and started packing up his stuff and said "young master, I'll go now"


Doctor bowed to him with respect and left the room.

Kim tae ho looked at the aunty from roumyung chamber and said "tell grandma that Lee min na is okay she's just tired and she'll be totally fine in some time and not to worry about her"

The aunty bowed and said" I'll tell grandma what you told me , now I should leave rest assured, young master" she left the room.

Seo dal mi thought in her mind " Lee min na can you hear my voice? Hey why aren't you replying. How will I go back to my right place if you keep silent....." She sighed because she didn't heard any reply.

Kim tae ho was reading news in his smartphone. After a while an aunty knocked the door.

Kim tae ho said "come in"

She entered the room and bowed to Kim tae ho and said "greetings young master, grandma wants to see you"

Kim tae ho nodded and got up and left the room

After he left seo dal mi opened her eyes, she was so scared because no one was there to help her go back to her home. She kept thinking what to do now when she have no one on her side.

After a while Kim tae ho was back and saw her awake and said "so you're up now"

She didn't replied.

"Do you dare to ignore my words now" he raised his eyebrows.

She was frustrated and said "are you blind, can't you see I'm up already"

Kim tae ho angrily said "repeat what you said"

"Ohhh so you're deaf too"

Kim tae ho was too angry and said "you dare to say that to me do you know I can make you unable to walk Tomorrow morning"

She was disgusted and said " don't even dare to touch me, okay"

"You're my women I can touch you, kiss you ,f*ck you and many more things"he smirked.

She said "don't you manners to talk to a women and one thing I'm not your women yet so maintain one hand distance"

He thought " is she the same person, she now even dare to say such things to him." He was so angry he couldn't control his anger he turned around and opened the door, got out of room and slammed the door so hard.

Seo dal mi was already scared and now she is more she thought "did I made things more hard for me to bear"

At 8 o'clock of night the door opened and Kim tae ho came in. Seo dal mi was scared and she got up and saw Kim tae ho she thought "is he here to take revenge on her" but she saw a girl with him.

Kim tae ho said "she'll be with you to take care of you"

The girl bowed to seo dal mi and smiled.

Seo dal mi also smiled.

Kim tae ho saw her smiling and thought "this witch smiles too" he raised his hand and waved the girl to go out. The girl silently left the room.

Kim tae ho said "I really don't care even if you die. I just want to marry you and that's it"

Seo dal mi said " why do you want to marry me I'd you don't love me"

"I have my reasons and you're not that important to me that I ought to tell you everything, you're just useless piece of trash to your family." He smiled and left the room.

What does it mean? She saw Lee min Na's parents were worried about her so much and now he is saying something different and what was the reason what made him marry Lee min na even when they hate each other. I can't even ask anyone, Lee min na is also not here to tell me what can I do.

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