That morning/C5 A new friend
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That morning/C5 A new friend
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C5 A new friend

After Kim tae ho left that girl knocked the room

Seo dal mi came back to senses " come in"

The girl entered the room with a smile, bowed to seo dal mi and said "miss. Lee, if you need anything anytime just give me a call and I'll be there to help you"

Seo dal mi nodded and said "I'm too bored I've been in rooms for a long time,I want to go out for a walk"

The girl said "sorry young mistress, but it's too late and doctor also said that you need rest. We'll go tomorrow morning" she smiled.

Seo dal me sighed "I feel so lonely here, I can't even go out to feel lieght" she made a sad face.

The girl said "then I'll go and ask young master...."

Seo dal mi held the girl's wrist and said "No!!.....he'll be angry on me"

The girl said "so what we should do to make you feel good"

Seo dal mi asked "what is your name?"

"Su ki ra" she replied with smile on her face.

"Come on take a seat, you're standing since I saw you" with a smile on her face Seo dal mi said.

"No, I'm sorry young mistress but I cannot afford it"

"I'll not tell anyone" she raised her eyebrows.

"But it means I'm going against the rules, I'm new here with a small image, I can't sit next to you"

She pouted "hey, you said that you'll do anything to change my bad mood and you aren't even listening to me, I said just come and sit"

She immediately sat "I'll listen to you then"

"That's good, do you know me?" Seo dal me get existed.

Ki ra smiled and said "who don't know you, everyone know Lee min na, you're everywhere on magazines"

"You read magazine" curiously.

"Yes, I love to especially read in which you're involved" she became shy.

" Am I that famous" she smirked.

"You're sweeter than I thought you would be. I didn't thought you had really friendly nature"

She was happy to meet her because she was a quite fan of Lee min na.

"Then let's be friends" seo dal mi smiled.

"I would love to" she smiled too.

"Call me Lee min na by name don't call me young mistress, I don't like it" seo dal mi said.

Smile disappeared from ki ra's face "that's too much for me I don't dare to call you by that name, even if you kill me"

"Are you scared of someone?" Seo dal mi asked.

"I'm scared of everyone here" she smiled.

They both talked and talked.

After ki ra left the room so that Lee min na can have rest, seo dal me was little happy because she made a new friend today in this haunted house. But she was still sad about losing Lee min na. She slept.

Next morning ki ra came to her room and knocked the door. Seo dal mi was happy because she knew that ki ra is here after all Kim tae ho don't knock that's obviously ki ra. She ran to the door and opened the door.

Ki ra smiled seeing her and said " young mistress you didn't need to open door, just say come in and I'll open the door myself"

"Didn't you said last night that we can be friends and now you're saying this" she pouted.

Ki ra entered the room with a smile and said "last night you want to go out for a walk, I took young master's permission so that we can go out for fun"

Seo dal mi was happy when she heard it and thought "that jerk isn't too bad he gave her permission". Seo dal mi said "so when are we going"

"After you finish your breakfast what I brought to you"

"Did you eat?" Seo dal mi asked.


"Then let's eat together you're like younger sister to me how can I eat when my younger sister is empty stomach" she smiled

Ki ra felt so warm in her heart because she called her younger sister "I'll bring my food then".

They finished eating and went out of Kim shin's place.

They were walking on a side then seo dal mi saw the same restaurant where she went to mean Ryan. She ran to that place ,ki ra followed her and said "you cannot run like this young mistress everyone knows you here".

"Ki ra this place!!!"

"What's wrong with this place, it's new" ki ra was confused because of Lee min na's expression.

"It's new........I thought" she sighed.

"What happened? are you okay?" Ki ra stressed out.

"Nothing let's go"

They went to the market, they were shopping some little things. They were going to open the door, a man came out of the shop with a knife and held Lee min Na's wrist and pointed it right on her neck and said to his partners come here, gather around

Lee min na was so shocked. That man pushed ki ra so hard she fell on the ground. That man told one of his partner to bring their car. Ki ra got up and said " do you know who you are touching right now , she is Lee min na women of Kim tae ho, do you know who he is he'll chop your hands off"

His partner drove the car, the man holding Lee min na said "then we'll ask for more money from him" he laughed evilly. He was about to get into the car a hand held his colla "you.......

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