That morning/C6 I don't feel lonely anymore
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That morning/C6 I don't feel lonely anymore
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C6 I don't feel lonely anymore

Do you know who's women are you touching. He held Lee min na's hand and pulled her to his side and hit that man's hand ,hit his face and started fighting with everyone. At first seo dal mi was worried for him but just in some time he almost killed thode man that the owner of a shop brought police.

That man who saved her just now talked to police and shook hands with them she was so shocked. She thought that she'll die today. That man to him and said. Miss. Lee are you okay.

She was stunned.

Ki ra smiled "because of you mr. Park, we are save. Thank you from young mistress side and that you from Saving my young mistress"

"Do you know him" Seo dal mi asked with surprised expression.

Ki ra laughed "don't you remember, he is young master's right hand"

Seo dal mi looked at his face "you're bleeding, I think you should apply medicine"

"It's okay, it doesn't hurt"

Seo dal mi held his hand and brought him to a nearby restaurant said "ki ra go ask anybody who works here to give us some medicine"

Ki ra went to ask for medecine.

"Miss. Lee do you really don't remember me?"

"Huhhhh what I really remember you, I know you"

"Then tell me what's my name" he raised his eyebrows.

She pouted "are you doubting me mr. Park"

"I'm sorry"

"No , need I should thank you to be on time to help me out" she smiled.

"It's my duty" he respectfully said.

Ki ra brought medicine and was going to give it to Park ye jin but Lee min na took it. And opened the box and started applying medicine on his hand.

Park ye jin held her hand immediately and said "miss. Lee what are you doing I'll do it myself, please don't worry."

"You helped me can't I even apply this , it's an order from young mistress" she smiled and continued.


"No buts"

He couldn't help but do what she said. He thought this is kinda strange, she was cold to him before because she hated Kim tae ho and park ye jin is his most trusted person.

They got up and started walking. Park ye jin surprisingly said " did you walked over here on your feets."

"Then what do you think I flew here" ki ra and seo dal me both laughed.

"You never used to walk like that, you never go out of house without car and you're now here like this"

She gulped her saliva "I just started trying something new, right ki ra"

Ki ra smiled "yes, young mistress"

He stopped walking "Let me drive you it's late already and if you walk there you'll be more late that young master will be angry"

Seo dal mi nodded "okay".

They sat in car and left for Kim shin's place.

They reached, Park ye jin got out of car and opened door for her, she got out. Park ye jin said "I have some work with young master, I'll leave first rest assured" he bowed to her and left.

He was like a gentleman not as ruthless jerk Kim tae ho.

"Young mistress, what are you thinking don't you want to go inside it's cold out here"

Seo dal me came back to her senses "yes it's very cold and ran into her room"

Seeing this ki ra also run past her smiling.

They entered room.

"I'm so tired" seo dal me closed her eyes and directly fell on bed.

Ki ra smiled "it looks like you're too much tired let me bring you some hot water , dip your feets in it and feel relaxed"

She smiled widely "You're something, do it fast please"

After some time when she changed her clothes. Ki ra knocked the door. Seo dal mi said come in and looked at ki ra "I've told you not to knock enter whenever you want"

"And I told you I can't" she smiled

"What's the matter, it's late" she raised her eyebrows.

"Young master is calling you" ki ra replied.


"I don't know, you may ask him yourself that why is he calling you at this time" ki ra smiled and winked.

Seo dal me became disgusted "how old are you? Do you want to get beaten up be me"

"Hehe" ki ra bowed her head "you should go otherwise maybe he'll fire me because I'm too slow at transferring message" she made a sad face.

" Is that so"

Seo dal mi got up and when to Kim tae ho's study room, she knocked the door.

He looked up and said come in and sit here.

She sat beside him.

While reading his book he said "Go back to your house Tomorrow"

She get excited "why?"

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her."You didn't wanted to come to Kim shin's place in beginning but now it seems like you don't wanna go now"

"Who wants to stay here with you I just made a very nice friend here" she made an ugly face.

He smiled slightly " who is that unlucky person"

She pouted " that unlucky person is ki ra"

"Who is ki ra" he made a questionable face.

"Your memory is so bad, that girl whome you brought to me for taking care of me"

She is so different from before,now she is making friends with maids.

He got up and went to her side, he bent in front of her he came near her ear and slowly said "are you hurt somewhere"

She got goosebumps and pushed him.

She made a ugly face "What are you doing"

"Asking you about your health, Park ye jin told me about what happened today" he crossed he his hands.

"I'm okay and why do you care you said that you don't care even if I'm dead" she smirked

He smirked "Just two days, after that I want to taste you"

"You Kim tae ho" she got up and left the room.

He looked at her back and smiled.

This time seo dal mi was shy her cheeks turned red when she entered the room she saw ki ra making bed for her. Ki ra saw her and smiled "why are you so red"

"What?.....who? looked in the mirror and saw her red cheeks and covered them with her hands, "it's nothing leave if you're done "

Ki ra couldn't help but she was happy for her and she smiled and left the room.

She said to herself by looking in mirror "I know that jerk is handsome that doesn't mean you'll be shy when he come close to you and say something stupid"

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