That morning/C7 Am I the one with dirty mind
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That morning/C7 Am I the one with dirty mind
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C7 Am I the one with dirty mind

She wake up in the morning and realised that she's going at her father's house today. She got up from bed and ran to find Kim tae ho. She was running in the corridor and suddenly bumped into Kim tae ho.

He held her waist so that she don't fall back. He raised his eyebrows "why are you in such hurry".

She looked up at him "I want to ask you for something"

"Go ahead"

She smiled "can I take ki ra there with me".

Because there was no one who is familiar with her, so she wanted someone she know there.

He directly said with a cold expression "No"

She tried to push him but he grabbed her and lower his head and lightly kissed her lips and let her go.

Her expression was disgusted ,she pushed him "stay away from me"

He looked at her back and smiled "she's so stupid"

Maids said "young mistress, it's getting late dress up please you need to go to Mr. Lee's mansion"

She raised her eyebrows "where is ki ra?.. why she isn't here?"

She bowed her head with respect "Young mistress, I haven't seen her since I wake up, you should get ready."

She got ready and left her room to go in car waiting for her. She saw Kim tae ho already there in car. Park ye jin opened the door for Lee min na. She entered the car and maintained distance between both of them.

As they reached at Lee mansion. Kim tae ho got out first and opened door for Lee min na and said "don't let them feel that we hate each other, did you get it!"

She smiled "I'm not deaf as you are, I can listen to things in once"

Kim tae ho smirked and held her hand. Her parents were on the main gate waiting for them to come.

They both bowed to her parents , Kim tae ho said "greetings to you parents"

Lee han seok with a smile held Kim tae ho's hands and said "why are you still here, come in"

They both entered entered the house and took a seat on sofa, sitting beside each other Kim tae ho was holding her hand.

After a while a man came in with a smile and sit next to Lee min na, she thought "who is this man now". She can't even do anything because she didn't know who he is, she just slide to Kim tae ho's side and smiled to him.

Kim tae ho saw her reaction and said to that man "may I ask you who are you?"

That man smiled "I'm suho, mo suho"

Kim tae ho raised his eyebrows "It still doesn't define who are you"

Suho was speechless.

Lee mi ra smiled "he is son of the richest merchant of Seoul"

Suho looked at him "don't you know who I am, I'm surprised. You're the first one here who said you don't know Mo suho"

Kim tae ho smirked "Mister you haven't met so many people here that's why you're saying this"

Seo dal mi controlled her laughter she put her hand on her lips to hide them.

Seeing this suho said "And also a person who loves Lee min na the most here and with her since she was a kid"

Kim tae ho raised his eyebrows, seo dal mi stopped her thoughts and was stunned that this man dared to say that in front of Kim tae ho.

Kim tae ho was filled with anger and raised his eyebrows.

Suho smirked "if you weren't here I would be the one who marry Lee"

Kim tae ho looked at his in laws with angry face .

Lee han seok immediately said "why don't you go upstairs see her room and rest there for a while"

They got up and Kim tae ho gave suho a death stare and left.

After they left Lee han seok said "Mo suho you little brat, have you lost your mind do you know who is Kim tae ho and what will he do to you. Lee min na is now his woman so stop your affection for her and leave here"

Mo suho stumped his feets and left.

When Seo dal mi opened the door she saw that there is ki ra already in her room, she didn't looked anywhere and ran to her and hugged her "ki ra you're my only friend now you're here I'm so happy"

Ki ra didn't hugged her back she looked at Kim tae ho as she asking for permission to touch his woman in front of him.

Kim tae ho nodded.

Ki ra hugged Lee min na and smiled "young mistress,I missed you too"

Seo dal me let her go and looked at Kim tae ho and smiled.

Kim tae ho waved his and as if he ordered ki ra to get out of the room. As she left the room he came towards Lee min na.

She took three step back and fell on the bed.

Kim tae ho smiled "are you provoking me"

"Who? no you're getting something wrong"

She was going to get up but Kim tae ho pushed her to bed and laid down on her smiled and whispered in her ear "are you happy now"

She didn't replied and looked down.

He lowered his face and kissed her lips. She tried to push him but he was too strong to be pushed by a weak girl like her.

After he finished what he wanted to do he smiled "I have to go now"

She pushed him when she got a chance and shouted "Kim tae ho, you slut, stop doing this to me from now on otherwise I'll kill you"

He raised his eyebrows and smiled that everyone is scared of I'm but this tiny girl is saying that she'll kill him. He got up laughed at her and said "Ohhh now I am so scared of you.... Miss Lee spare my life"

She felt embarrassed lowered her face in disdain " Is this allowed in republic of Korea"

"Stop this nonsense let's go down"

She shouted "we aren't even married yet and look what are you saying, why don't you mind your language"

He laughed "you dirty minded girl I'm telling you to go downstairs"

She was so shy that her cheeks turned red and looked down and embarrassed of what she just said.

They both went downstairs.

It was lunch time, they both sat on the dining next to each other.

Kim tae ho looked at Lee han seok "father in law I will go after having lunch, I have some business to attend at the company"

He smiled at him "why not young master"

He made a angry face "In my absence please don't let that man Mo suho to talk to my woman, I will be upset if he do so"

"Haha..... don't worry young mister we will do as you say, we'll take care of your woman here. After all she is my blood"

Kim tae ho looked at Lee min na " min na take care of yourself and don't miss me too much" he smiled.

Seo dal mi felt disgusted but pretended to be shy and said "Darling you better think about yourself" she smiled.

Kim tae ho felt weird "I'm done I must go now".

He got up and was ready to leave turned his head and looked at Lee min na but she was busy talking with ki ra

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