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That morning/C8 Care?
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C8 Care?

Kim tae ho sighed that she can't even act to be good to him.

Ki ra suddenly looked at him and bowed to him, seeing this seo dal me also looked him and waved her hand with a smile "bye, see you soon".

Kim tae ho smiled "take care"

And he left, ki ra and and Lee min na went to her room.

Seo dal mi was sitting on her bed she suddenly remind that Lee min na have a sister, but she didn't saw her.

She raised her eyebrows "where is my younger sister"

Ki ra smiled "she is at her school after all she is a high school student, she'll be home soon."

Seo dal mi nodded.

"Are you missing her, she'll be happy when she see that you're here"

Seo dal mi smiled but didn't said anything.

After a while her room door opened and there was Lee ji na, she run toward seo dal mi and hugged her.

Lee ji na closed her eyes "Sister, I missed you so much"

Seo dal mi hugged her back and smiled "me too"

Lee ji na raised her face"So should we go out for eating food tonight"

Seo dal mi smiled "Sure"

Seo dal mi looked at ki ra "come with us"

Ki ra waved her hands "you are together after a while, spend time together I don't want to bother you"

Lee ji na held ki ra's hand "you're in my sister's room that means you're a good friend of her, you'll not bother us and I want to know that how you come closer to her even she is so rude to everyone"

Lee ji na looked at Lee min na "What are you looking at let's go"

Seo dal mi nodded.

Lee ji na held Lee min na's hand walking around and after a while of walking they reach a restaurant.

Lee ji na stopped there "let's eat here today"

Seo dal mi nodded, three of them entered and sat on seat.

They were silent for a while, seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "how's your study going on"

Lee ji na smiled "it's good...........I want to tell you about someone"

Waiter came and started putting thier order on the table.

Lee ji na was silent untill the waiter was gone.

Seo dal mi picked glass of water and was going to take a sip of it, suddenly Lee ji na said "I have a boyfriend".

Seo dal mi spills water "wait.... What?"

Lee ji na smiled "I knew it that you won't believe it"

Seo dal mi thought how could that student have a boyfriend and even telling Lee min na. Wow what a relationship between two sisters.

Seo dal mi smiled "how does he look and where you found that guy who can steal your heart"

Lee ji na curled her lips "he is my classmate and basketball player of our school team. He is super super hot"

Seo dal mi smirked "you're not lesser then him, you're hot too"

Lee ji na raised her eyebrows "after all I'm your sister"

Seo dal mi and Lee ji na both laughed. They three spend time together and returning to Lee's mansion. Ater the reach home Seo dal me smiled at Lee ji na "you should rest now, go to sleep early"

Lee ji na smirked "Yes, as you say. I'll go first young mistress"

Seo dal mi pouted "hey don't tease me"

Ki ra smiled and put her hands on her mouth. Lee ji na looked at ki ra "am I wrong?, Isn't she your young mistress"

"Yes, yes you're absolutely right"

Seo dal mi interrupted "okay okay go to bed"

Ki ra smiled at Lee min na "let me set bed for you"

Seo dal mi nodded.

They both went to her room.

Ki ra raised her eyebrows "don't you want to call young master"

Seo dal mi looked at her "Why do I?"

"He care for you too much you should atleast make a call"


Ki ra nodded.

"Go I'll do the rest there was ,you also walked with us you're tired too"

Ki ra smiled "okay young mistress, rest assured. I'll leave first"

Seo dal mi nodded.

"Care, my foot. He is just a lusty man who want to marry Lee min na because he want to have sex with her forever long"

She slept.

Next morning Lee ji na came in Seo dal mi's room. "Sister, where are you mother is looking for you"

Seo dal me got out of dressing room "what happened?"

Lee ji na raised her eyebrows "don't you know. We are going out for shopping for your wedding"

"Ohhh, then I should change my clothes"

"You're already looking good in this and if you take more time we'll be more late"

Seo dal mi pouted "okay then let's go, where is ki ra?"

"She's downstairs"

Seo dal mi looked at Lee ji na "she could bring me why do you bother yourself"

Lee ji na pouted "I just want to spend more time with you that's all"

Seo dal mi curled her lips "so that's the matter"

Lee ji na sighed "I have you for just two days, then young master will take you away from me forever"

Seo dal mi looked at her and slowly whispered in her hear "I'll run away to meet you"

Lee ji na looked at her and they both laughed. They were getting in car a hand opened gate for her, she looked up . It was park ye jin.

She raised her eyebrows "Mr. Park what are you doing here?"

Park ye jin bowed to her and said "young master sent me"


Park ye jin raised his head " he don't want your parents to spend on you"

He really thinks that Lee min na is his property.

She looked away "But I'm not his wife yet"

Park ye jin with respect said " I'm just following his order"

Seo dal mi nodded.

They got in car. They went to some big shops to buy some things important for her.

It was 5:40 already. They were on their way to home, Lee ji na who was sitting next to Lee min na looked at her "sister, young master care for you too much that he sent his personal assistant to take care of your stuff"

Seo dal mi made a ugly face " you're thinking too much ,if he cared about me he could come himself"

Lee ji na made a pity face "you don't know anything"

Seo dal mi looked at her "and you know everything right? Like you're much experienced then me"

"I am much experienced then you in this matter"

Seo dal mi put her hand on Lee ji Na's shoulder "tell me truly, how many boyfriends you had?"

Lee ji na raised her eyebrows "Sister, I just have one but I know how a person shows care"

Seo dal mi looked away out of the window.

After a while they reach home.

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