That morning/C9 He is "My type"
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That morning/C9 He is "My type"
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C9 He is "My type"

Park ye jin opened the car door for Lee min na. She looked up at his face and get off.

After entering house Lee mi ra held Lee min na's hand and smiled "darling go back to your room and rest, for tomorrow I have already set appointment of best beauty spa. They'll be at our house. Sleep tight"

Seo dal mi smiled and nodded "as you say mother"

Lee mi ra touched her soft cheeks her eyes filled with tears "you were so small, I feel like you were born tomorrow and now you're going to get married"

Lee han seok looked at them he slightly smiled.

Park ye jin looked at Lee han seok and thought "this bloody bastard is good enough at acting"

Seo dal mi wiped Lee mi ra's tear off and smiled "don't cry otherwise you'll have puffy eyes, you ought to look best at my wedding"

Lee mi ra smiled "yes, young mistress now go to bed already"

Ki ra held Lee min na's hand and took her to her room and smiled "I'm so happy for you"

Seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "why"

Ki ra looked down as if she shy "You have a lover like Kim tae ho, every women want to be with him. They are just some who got a chance to talk to him once but you are going to marry him"

Seo dal mi pouted "Do you like that man too?"

Ki ra looked up and waved her hands "I don't dare to, he is your man"

Seo dal mi curled her lips "but Seo dal mi don't like that man"

Ki ra looked puzzled "Seo dal mi?.......who is she"

Seo dal mi tapped ki ra's shoulder "the main lead"

Ki ra was still puzzled but she didn't say anything she smiled "go to bed as Mrs. Lee said"

Seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "you're ordering me?"

Ki ra immediately waved her hands "no, no don't misunderstand me"

Seo dal mi tightened her eyes "tell me truly, do you like Kim tae ho"

Ki ra looked up "I'm going to be honest to you, not only me evey women like him"

Seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "what's so good in him"

Ki ra got existed and held Lee min na's hand "he is well known as the most powerful businessman, he is tall, he is handsome and he is super cold what makes girl fell for him but he is not cold to you, he care for you"

Seo dal mi pouted "how could girls just fell for masculine body ,great looks and powerful and even his cold nature"

Ki ra immediately said "his cold nature melts icy hearts of girls"

Seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "it seems like you also want to be with him"

Ki ra immediately waved her hands and started shivering "no, I don't dare to I've already told you he is your man"

Seo dal mi pouted "you....."

The door knocked.

Ki ra got up and opened the door. It was park ye jin. Ki ra asked "it's late, if it's important then tell me I'll tell young mistress"

Park ye jin took a deep breath "I can't tell you it's young master's order"

Ki ra suddenly looked back and said "it's Mr. Park"

Seo dal mi got up "let him in"

Park ye jin bowed his head and said "young master wants to meet you tomorrow at 11:00 AM"

Seo dal mi curled her lips "but I have a appointment"

He immediately said "Skip it then"

Seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "why are you telling me to skip it , meeting him isn't that is important"

He looked up "he told me to say that, if you will not come on time, you have to face something really scary"

Seo dal mi understood that Kim tae ho was 100% talking about making love.

She looked down "will my mom let me go"

He immediately said "that's my problem, leave it to me , I'll arrange everything"

Seo dal mi nodded.

He bowed her again "rest assured young mistress"

He left the room after he completed speaking. He was also a cold man who just listen to one man and that man is Kim tae ho. He was good looking and tall as if Kim tae ho only give job to those who have good masculine. He was so forward to everything. He don't waste time.

After thinking that all. Seo dal mi smirked "he is my type"

Ki ra entered the room and saw her smirking and smiled "was that a message from young master"

Seo dal mi raised her eyebrows "were you listening?"

Ki ra said "no"

"I just saw you smirking so I guessed but my guess was right"

Seo dal mi curled her lips and shouted "you little girl"

Ki ra giggled and got out of room.

Seo dal mi stoop there for two minutes speechless and then went to bed.

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