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C2 Secretary

I heard some neighbour's whispered as we headed back home. Our house is still in good condition, the walls are considerable, well -galvanized, and the tiles are intact.

"Aren't they the ones whose parents died early? What a pity! When it's your turn to die, it's your turn," a woman chatter while wearing a loose dress.

My sister covered my ears but it was too late because I had already heard what they said.

We went inside while she was carrying a plastic food bag. Next, a figure entered, that's a friend of our mother who is worried about our condition.

My sister was serving the food at a table when the woman came in, she inform us of the information that had happened to our parents. They died in an accident on the way home. The taxi they were riding in— collided with another vehicle. That's what we know because that's the report they announced on TV. We could not go to the area where the accident happened because we were told to come directly to the funeral.

Social welfare tried to take us but since my sister was at the right age to work, she asserted and fought about taking us.

The woman who arrived at our house also helped to convince them that, after the death of my parents, my sister would take care of me.

"Nothing was found wrong with the accident that happened to your parents. It was a pure mishap because the road was dark and the taxi driver did not see the car that was approaching, nor we can't blame the driver because even he, is dead. If we try to sue his agency, there will be a long process. You? What is your decision?" She asked my sister.

I'm only 13 years old, so I don't know much about what they're talking about. I picked up the spoon that was on the table and started eating. The woman touched my hair and smiled. I smiled back at her before my sister replied.

"Not anymore. Winter and I also want to move forward. It has been three months, I already found a job, that's enough for our everyday expenses and save some."

Daisy is my sister's name, we are 5 years apart in age. She would have been in college now if she hadn't just been forced to stop to support me. Her reason was always that she wanted me to finish school.

"If that's what you want. I'm always here when you need something, you have my number. Just call me if you have a problem," said Aunt Julia, my sister's interlocutor.

It seems like only yesterday when my parents died. It was like last night when I spent a drum of tears in my room. I never thought that five years ago all that had to happen. My sister is a full-fledged manager at an expensive restaurant now. And me? A complete teenager today! It's my 18th birthday!

It was seven-thirty o'clock in the evening and we were waiting for my sister to arrive so that I could blow out the candle. The 18th dance and candle are over. My sister informed me that she would arrive at seven o'clock, but until now, there is no even shadow of her. The other guests are also bored. Aunt Julia approached me and whispered to blow out the candle so that the guests could eat. Even though I was unsettled, I did it.

While the guests were having fun I was restless. I also don’t smile at newcomers greeting. My nude gown was getting dirty because of my back and forth walk. I was anxious for unknown reasons. Until the guests gradually said goodbye, my sister did not show up. Instead of getting angry, I was led by nervousness.

Aunt Julia calmed me, sat me down and gave me water. "Sit down first, your sister is definitely on her way home. Perhaps, she went to someone, so she was late. You know that she's too busy with work," she comforted me.

I put my head on the table, I couldn't even change my clothes. Slowly, my eyelids began to fall off until they closed completely. I woke up to a noisy conversation, when I peeked out, the three police are in front of our house. I didn't feel good about it, so I quickly ran to listen to their conversation. I was just approaching when I covered my mouth at what I heard.

The one police handed an ID with red lace to Aunt Julia and said, "The victim was wearing this when we saw her. We inspect the address on the ID, so this is where we went. No belongings were lost on her, but the body was stabbed multiple times. She is in the morgue now, to distinguish if there is assault involve. There is a 99℅ possibility that the victim was raped because her body was found naked."

When I heard those words, before I could get close enough, I burst into tears. They all turned to me, even Aunt Julia instantly ran towards me. She caressed me as she was also carried away by my tears.

"That's not true, isn't it? My sister's just pranking me because she's late for my birthday. She wants to surprise me, right? Isn't that true Aunt Julia? Where's my sister ?," I laughed out loud as the big grains of tears in my eyes fell one after another, "where is my sister? why isn't she still showing up?"

"Sshhh." Aunt Julia squeezed me to her chest but I tried to stand up. The three policemen averted their eyes from me as if in pity. I approached them and touched the collar of the second man.

"Show her to me, please? Hmmm. It's my birthday today, I don't want a joke like this," I tried to raise my voice, but in the end, It broke.

The air clogged my throat and my chest tightened. I was blacking out, I heard the tension of them all before I completely lost consciousness.

I woke up to a white ceiling and wall. Aunt Julia's entry was just exactly. The two of us stay silent until she finally communicated.

"I know, it's hard to accept but — no choice. That's how life operates, we have to always be prepared. Inevitably, they will leave," she litany. She took both my hands and squeezed them.

I didn't move and just space out. I'm still processing, that my sister is gone. That I was alone. I'm angry with her because she left me! I was mad because I couldn't even get a return and show her all the sacrifices she made for me! I'm furious because I'm selfish that I don't want him to leave, even though she's tired! I am hateful with those who killed her! I'm irritated with her! I'm mad at myself!

When I returned home, she gave me her ashes that were in the burn. I didn't bury her, I wanted Daisy to be with me even if she was just ashes. I also found a buyer of the house, I don't want to stay there anymore because I will only get pure pain every time I walk every corner.

"Aunt Julia, thank you so much for taking care of me and my sister, until her last breath. We've bothered you too much. I'm going to look for my own rented house and look for a job, now that my sister is gone I have to work and scrape a bone.

She was crying when she hugged me so I chuckled. She's like a mother to me, so even if it hurts to leave her, it's necessary. I gave her half the money that the house had sold. My sister had savings in the bank, she was given money from her job. Now, I have enough money to start with.

I am now gazing in a large company. I looked up at it and saw the big name RxTra. I went in and saw the long queue of applicants. They don't seem to be complaining because the interior is fully aircon. While queuing, a tall man passed by. He was wearing a black tuxedo and high stance. His steps are big, so his secretary is having a hard time.

Before they could get away I heard the woman speak, "Sir, please, accept my resignation letter. I'm about to leave but I still can't find a replacement because you don't want all the applicants."

I lean my back and peeked at them again before they finally left. RxTra is a famous company, they handle various types of medicine. They buy stocks and distribute them to various pharmacies. I studied business management so I'm taking risks. Just in case, I didn’t graduate college so I’m not sure.

I went inside and gave the resume to the woman in the sexy dress. She didn't read it and didn't ask, he just leaned back in the swivel chair. I just stood up.

"Tell me about yourself," she looked at me from head to toe. Won't this woman even make me sit down? I was taken aback by his sudden declarations.

"A-Ah! I-I'm Winter Hoppe! I'm 18 years old. I graduated HighSchool and studied Business Management for 1 year. I just quit this year because of personal matters," I said hurriedly.


I never let the woman finish speaking and cut her off from what she was going to say. I pressed my two palms together as if praying.

"Please! Please! Any position would do, just hire me! Even if it's being a janitress, I'll take it!" I closed my eyes as I begged.

The woman laughed out loud so I opened one eye.

As she chewed the bubblegum that has been open, she nodded her head. She picked up the telephone and called someone on the other line.

"Hello Cherry? This is Wendy. I've already found someone who can take your position." The other line spoke but I never heard. The last thing Wendy said was, "Yeah, I'm sure to her. She can stand your rude boss!"

My eyes lit up at what I heard. I quickly clapped after Wendy dropped the call. She laughed again and said something I didn't understand.

"Have fun now, because for sure, hell is waiting for you," I just pouted when the door opened.

The woman appeared. I know her! She was the girl with the dazzling man! She immediately pulled my hand away and waved at Wendy. She carried me as we walked hastily to the elevator.

"Please! You're my only hope!" She touched both my shoulders. The elevator opened and we entered a spacious room.

"Who did you bring this time?" The man crouched as he signing the papers. A few more minutes before he looked up at Cherry and me. His blue eyes seem to enchant you, his sharp nose and red lips feel like flirting with you.

I wanted to smile but before I could do it, he uttered words that boiled my head.

"I don't like you. Leave."

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