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C3 Proposal

"I don't like her. Leave."

"Why?" I raised an eyebrow at him and crossed my two arms.

"Why should I answer that? You're just a mere applicant, you don't have the right to ask about my decision," he said coldly as if he didn't care about my reaction.

"I just need to know! You didn't even look at me, you didn't even read the resume I brought!" I insist.

He did not answer and continued what he was doing. I approached his table and whack it hard so I could get his attention. I succeeded so I kept talking.

"That's the problem with you rich people! Just because you have money, you underestimate people!" I shouted at him. I saw Cherry close her eyes tightly. If before, she cared how to stop me, now she doesn't know how to look at this man. Who is this arrogant man anyway?!

"I didn't underestimate anyone. As an employee, I have the right to choose who I hire. And do you think, the way you behave, I should hire you?" he said without expression. I closed my mouth because of the cold tone of his voice. It sends a shiver down my spine.

My eyes widened at the photos that were posted on the brown wall. The faces and names of former CEOs hang in there.

"McCarty," I whispered into the air. When I realized what I had said, I quickly looked at the man's table nameplate. I saw there the glowing surname McCarty.

I'm talking to the president of the company! I'm lucky and not the CEO himself! I just want to swallow by the soil out of embarrassment. What am I thinking? That this person is just my calibre? I want to stamp my two feet in annoyance.

In the middle of our conversation and the President's cold treatment of me, the woman entered. She's beautiful and looks just around my age. She was wearing suede sandals heels and a chiffon floral light pink dress, it suits her because of her long black hair, and white skin. I move backwards, so I won't interrupt them.

"Primo, baby. Your daddy and I arranged a blind date. She's from a rich and decent family. We've been telling you for a long time that you have to start a family so that we can give the company to you permanently and become a full-fledged CEO. I mean, we don't care if she is rich or not. We want you to settle down quietly so that you can focus on everything while you have a wife who takes care of you," long explanation of the woman. I wasn't surprised that it was his mother because the Primo he called was handsome.

"Mom, please. I don't want to talk about this. If dad wants to give me the company, that would be nice," Primo replied while massaging his head as if it hurt because of what his mother said. As I backed away I didn’t notice the flower vase that was behind me, the ending— I accidentally hit and broke it with my foot. All their attention went to me, the irritated-looking Primo, glare even more. While her mommy's face lit up.

"Is this the reason why you don’t want to show up on the blind dates I arranged for you?" She said with a big smile on her face and hugged me.

What's happening? No! No! No! It's not what you think. Don't tell me, she thought that I am the girlfriend of this arrogant man?

"Ma'am, No, no this is not what y—" I didn't finish what I was going to say because she quickly approached Primo and recited.

"Take her home later and I'll call guests and prepare a lot!" She said excitedly and ran out the door.

When she came out, I first looked at Cherry who was suppressing her laugh. Next, to Primo who was glaring sharply at me. I immediately hid behind Cherry for fear of what he might do to me.

"Cherry, this is your last task this week and I'll accept your resignation letter. Take her to the salon today. I shouldn't see even the last dirt on her finger," he ordered Cherry.

I looked at my clean nails and whispered to myself, "My nails aren't dirty."

He peered at me with cold eyes and continued, "Teach her also what to do as my secretary."

"Yes sir!" Cherry saluted like a soldier. She was excited because she could leave now.

Primo came out, Cherry and I followed, we arrived at another room. Primo handed Cherry a card before he talked, "After you come back, go here to sign the paper contract. I'll also check if you're decent looking," he said without an expression.

"Wait! Why are you deciding for me? I only applied as a secretary, not being your girlfriend," I sighed at him.

He gestures to Cherry to get out first, and the woman immediately followed. Primo looked at me again with rough stares, “I will offer you money that you haven't touched yet. We will just be a couple on paper. In just 100 days we will be together and file an annulment in the next 101 days. I will indicate on paper what is forbidden to do while we are together under one roof."

"I'll wait for you until this afternoon. That's up to you if you will agree. Thereupon, I'll explain what sum you can get," his last words.

He came out first and I came after. I saw Cherry waiting for me outside the door, "Let's go?" She invited.

I'll find out later what I can get and how much. For now, I will obey his urge. If I like the offer, then I will sign.

I felt nervous while in the car whenever I remembered that I would encounter different people of high rank in life if I ever accepted the proposal. We are going to the mall now. Cherry mentioned to me that I needed to buy an evening dress for the place I'll attend with Primo later. We reached an outfit shop, the short-haired woman approached us. She was wearing a wrapped dress gown off her shoulder. I presumed this is the owner of the shop because apart from her I don't see anyone else.

She looked behind us as if looking for someone to pop up. She looked back at us when I caught her disappointed expression.

"The President is not with me. He wants you to make her presentable and put to her the most beautiful dress you have," Cherry declared.

The woman raised an eyebrow and looked at me from head to toe. When her eyes returned to my face I also raised an eyebrow at her. I wanted to ask, who she was but I restrained myself. It is obvious what this woman is thinking and it is also obvious that she likes Primo.

"Who is this woman?" She shook his neck and asked Cherry. She also pointed at me as if disgusted. This woman is provoking me! I didn't wait for Cherry to answer.

"Primo's fiance, why? I thought you were just a dress designer? Why do you want to know? He didn't mention that you're a pollster," I shut her off.

It seemed to be effective to her. I saw her stiffened and became red. She turned and went to the white door. "Follow me. I'll measure you to see what dree to give," she grumbled.

I want to burst out laughing because I feel like I won a battle. After she measured my body, she ask me to try the Evening Dress Short, Paragraph Party Mini Dress. Its colour is light, a combination of blue, pink and white glitters. Cherry handed over the card given earlier by Primo and the woman swiped it.

We got back to the building at exactly noon. We didn't see Primo at his table when we arrive because he was at a board meeting. I waited on the sofa in his office.

I fell asleep because of the cold room, Cherry came out to follow the meeting.

When I woke up there was a coat wrapped around me. I adjusted my position and saw Prino facing the glass window while someone was talking on the cellphone. I saw the beauty of his body, even his ass was round, he was going to the gym. I quickly covered my face because of the thought. Primo turned to me before finally ending the call.

"You're awake," he walked over to the table and took a ballpen, he walk towards me and laid out the papers.

"Read what is stated there before you sign. You will receive a regular salary for being my secretary. Everything will be free when we live on the same roof, you can take my black card anywhere you want. When I finally become Chief Executive Officer, I will give you 10% of what I get. You can get the money the day we file the annulment paper," he explained to me and can't hint at anything in his voice.

I laid the papers on the table in front of me, promptly signed the contract and returned it to him, "Just make sure that everything stated here is fulfilled, because not only your family will know when by chance you did not meet what you said," I threatened him.

"Don't flatter yourself. I'll give you a copy of the papers so you can be sure and that you can study the ones that shouldn't be inconvenienced when we're in the same house."

"Don't worry Mr McCarty, I don’t like to interfere in other people’s lives. Even if you bring ten more women home, I don't care."

New chapter is coming soon
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