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C2 Chapter 2

Priya's POV

"I want you to marry my son Rahul… "


My heart just stopped and I could not react.

Why was he asking that? Am I going insane? Am I imagining things?

I kept looking at him.

Was he kidding? .... was he serious?? Did he know about my feelings for Rahul?

I don't know, for how much time I stood there without saying anything. My mind went blank…

My father came to me and asked me to say something. I looked at him and came to the conclusion that, it was not my imagination but Uncle has really asked me to marry Rahul.

OMG !!!! But does he wants to get married to me?? I didn't know what to say. What happened all of a sudden???

"But he was getting married today ?" I asked.

"Yes, but she eloped, leaving a letter that she had to go for an audition for an upcoming movie. So she could not attend her own marriage." Uncle said bitterly.

He then gave me her letter to read. I was not sure if I should read it... But Uncle said I must.

I started reading…

Dear Rahul,

I did not know how to say this to you personally but I have to tell you... You know that I have been trying to make my career in movies .......and I wanted to work with some good banner..... I had sent my portfolio to various production companies ...Well, I got a call, day before yesterday from one such production company. They have an audition for the main lead role. It is like my dream has come true. I am shortlisted so they called me to give an audition. I have to go for this, Rahul. I can't afford to miss this opportunity at any cost. Darling, I hope you understand that it does matter to me a lot. I have to leave for Mumbai today itself. So I can't marry you today. Please try to understand my point of view. We can get married later. It is not a big issue right. You are a sweetheart I know you will understand and as far as the marriage is concerned it would be better if we could rearrange the wedding date. Please fix some other date...... I will inform you when can we do that... Love you

Yours truly


Oh my god!!

I was shocked to read that my hand went to my mouth.

How could she do it?

"Now you know everything beta, she is the most irresponsible girl. Her career is more important to her than her marriage to Rahul. She expects him to understand her emotions, but what about Rahul's emotions?"

I nodded but kept quite. What could I say? My mom asked me if I have any problem regarding this marriage.

I always had a feeling for Rahul, so it was not such an issue, but what about Rahul? He never even looked at me properly. And he was in love with Leena.

" Priya beta, do you have anyone special in your life? Are you in love with someone?" Asked my father.

"No dad, it is not like that but I need some time. How can I get married today? Rahul was supposed to get married to someone else, he had feelings for her. Moreover, it can not be just my decision. What about him?"

"Ok beta, I will talk to him. Please do this for us beta. We have literally invited the whole city, even the reporters are here for their page 3 pics. If we do not have a wedding here today the whole thing will be there in all the newspapers by tomorrow. "

" Uncle please calm down anxiety is not good for you. I can understand what you are saying. It is ok with me, if it is ok, with my parents and Rahul." I replied though I did not know if what I was doing was right or wrong.

Uncle seemed so relaxed he hugged me and said, "Priya you are the sweetest girl around. Thank you so much."

My father told my mom and aunty to get me ready for the marriage ceremony. I came out with both of them.

Aunty called Rahul and Rohit, they both came.

Aunty looked at Rahul and said " Rahul go inside, your dad needs to talk to you." he just nodded and went inside, then she instructed Rohit, " Rohit beta go and tell people that your dad is much better now, so the ceremony will resume within an hour. And just apologize for the delay. Just make sure that everything is under control. Take good care of our guests."

"But mom ??? "

"Do as I say, son, there will be a wedding for Rahul today." He looked confused but he went to do what aunty told him to do.

"Let us go, Pooja, we will get our daughter get ready for marriage." Said aunty to my mom and my mom smiled.

Aunty took us to the room which was assigned to the bride. Her wedding dress was hanging there as it was from the groom's side and it was delivered to this room.

My mom opened the dress cover to take it out. It was a beautiful lehenga in wine colour with very beautiful and intricate designs. It was a very elegant and sophisticated dress.

Aunty looked at me with lots of love and said, " beta I know every girl thinks about her marriage and she has her own list of likes and dislikes. You did not get to choose anything in this marriage or do anything as per your taste or liking. I am sorry for that, but I am glad that you are going to be our daughter-in-law. We have always loved you like our own and I swear we will get everything of your choice sweetheart."

I just smiled and just then the makeup artist came and she started doing her job. My mom was looking at me adoringly. Sunita aunty left us to get ready as she had to see to her guests. My mom asked, if I was ok, with the way the matter took turns. I just nodded and smiled......

It took 30 mins to get my make up done and to get dressed. Aunty came back with some very heavy traditional jewellery. It was very pretty and went perfectly with my lehnga( wedding dress).

She made me wear them and kissed my forehead and said, " you are the most beautiful bride I have ever seen...... God bless you."

I looked at my self, I could not believe it. I was looking very beautiful. My mom was getting very emotional and she had happy tears in her eyes, she hugged me. Someone knocked at the door. Mom opened it and my father was there to take me to Mandap( marriage altar).

When he looked at me he just kept on looking at me and said, " I am so blessed to have such a beautiful and loveliest daughter. You are my princess. Let's go your Prince is waiting for you… Beta, Rahul is a very good person he will keep you happy and Ram and Sunita will take care of you."

I just smiled and hugged my parents again.

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