The Accidental Bride/C4 Chapter 4
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The Accidental Bride/C4 Chapter 4
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C4 Chapter 4

Priya's POV

He removed all the pins and finally, I was able to remove that heavy dupatta. I said thanks to him and started removing my jewellery but my Mangal sutra and the string of my heavy set got entangled and though I tried my level best, I could not.

He saw this and came to help again and I swear his proximity was affecting me a lot. I kept standing there and he helped me to untie all the jewellery.

I said thanks to him and picked up my bag and went to change into the washroom. I brushed my teeth, removed my MakeUp, washed my face and changed into my pyjamas set.

I came out of the washroom and started folding my lehnga and I kept it in an almirah and then I collected all the jewellery, bangles etc and kept them properly. I went to my dressing table and combed and tied my long hair, applied some moisturizer and I was ready to sleep.

All the time he kept on working on the laptop. Then he said, " You must be tired, you can sleep on the bed and I will take the couch."

" No I will take the couch as it is not big enough for you so you can sleep on the bed," I said

"It is ok, I have to work till late so you sleep on the bed. " he said looking at his laptop.

" But it will not be comfortable to sleep on ."

"Please don't worry about me, just sleep."

I sat on the bed and slipped under the cover. I must have been very tired. My eyes started getting close. And I slipped into slumber.


I got up early in the morning. When I opened my eyes I found myself in a different room. Then all the events from the last night came rushing to my mind.

"Oh my God !! I am married to Rahul, the Love of my life... but what do I do now? I didn't know how to behave around him.

He was sleeping on the couch and his head was in a very uncomfortable position. He would surely get strain in his neck. I picked up a pillow and placed it under his head and then I covered him with a blanket which was lying on the floor near him.

I went to the balcony, and a cool morning breeze greeted me. There was a very beautiful garden down there with lots of colourful flowers. It was such a visual treat. I did yoga on the balcony. It was a good morning. The breeze caressed my skin and my hair.

I then went to the washroom to freshen up. I didn't have any dress to change into, so I went downstairs in search of aunty. She was having her morning tea, as soon as she saw me she hugged me.

"Good morning beta, how are you feeling this morning?"

"I am good, Aunty, I don't have anything to change into, can you please send someone to get my clothes? "

" It has already been taken care of, beta. Pooja called up and she said that she is coming with your stuff."

" As this is your first day in our house, please wear a saree beta, as so many people will be coming to meet you today around 11 in the morning for Moonh Dikhayi (a ritual were friends and relatives of groom's side come to meet the bride and give her their blessings)."

" Ok aunty, I will be ready" I smiled shyly.

"One more thing sweetheart, please don't call me aunt. I am also your mom now, call me mom."

" Ji aunty. Aww I mean "

"Good girl, now tell me, what would you like to have for your breakfast?"

" Anything, I will help you in the kitchen, what do you want to eat?"

She smiled and hugged me and said, " No beta you can do that tomorrow, as tomorrow you will be cooking for us for the first time. It is one of the rituals. But today just enjoy what the caterer has prepared."

We went to her room and she gave me a beautiful baby pink saree with very intricate pearl work and the jewellery to go along with it.

"Beta now go and get ready you will look very pretty in this. It will suit your complexion too. And see if Rahul is up or not, please tell him to get ready as he is also supposed to be there."

I nodded and went upstairs. He was still sleeping. I called his name twice, but he didn't even stir. Then I had to touch his shoulder to wake him up, but still no reaction.

Then I shook him again and all of a sudden he caught hold of my hand and pulled me. I fell on him. I was so shocked, so I tried to escape from his arms but he was holding me tight.

He was still sleeping as if he was dreaming. I tried to come out of his vice-like grip but he said " Oh come on, let me sleep and hold you."

My heart just stopped, he thought that I was Leena. I felt like crying but I gathered myself and pushed him with all my might.

He opened his eyes and saw me, he jumped as if he just touched a live wire.

"What were you doing ? Please don't touch me"

I was too shocked to say anything. I just ran into the washroom. I shut the door and leaned against it. I couldn't control my tears. It is not his fault he loves her. But how do I make my heart understand that?

I took two deep breaths, washed my face and patted It dry. After taking a deep breath again I opened the door and entered my room. It was empty. Thank God he was not here. I was not sure how to deal with this situation.

I decided to take a bath while he was not in the room. I took a shower and started getting ready. I was drying my hair when someone knocked on the door, I turned to see that my mom was standing there with a smile and lots and lots of love in her eyes. I ran towards her and threw my arms around her. She gave me a tight hug and kissed my forehead.

I was overjoyed to see her. She made me sit and started combing my hair. It was so calming. I felt very good

"Beta we are very proud of you. Your decision was right. Rahul is a very good man and you know that Ram and Sunita love you as we do. I agree that it will take some time for both of you to like each other but eventually, you will fall in love." She took my hand in hers and looked into my eyes.

" Give some time to him, he will start caring for you. You are such a sweetheart, he will not be able to resist your charm. " I blushed and hugged her to hide my face.

She helped me to get ready and together we went downstairs. Everybody was there. My eyes collided with Rahul. He was looking at me with a strange look in his eyes. I averted my eyes from him.

Rohit smiled and said, " Hello beautiful, who are you? What have you done to our plain Priya? Have you drunk some magic potion? You are looking amazing." Aunty hit him on his arm and told him to stop teasing me and she hugged me smiling.

" Aww look at her, she is clearly the most beautiful girl. Isn't she Rahul? "

He just nodded with a faint smile.

My dad also hugged me and said, " Of course she is very good looking as she is my daughter. I am also an extremely handsome man. Am I not?"

Everyone laughed and my mom shook her head saying, " Oh please, you think very highly of yourself. She has taken after me."

"Ok, you two please don't argue, you both make a very handsome couple. But my daughter is much more beautiful than anyone else." Said Ram Uncle touching my chin. I smiled shyly.

Just then the servants came to inform us that breakfast is served so we started going towards the dining room.

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