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C5 Chapter 5

Priya's POV

They made me sit next to Rahul. I was getting very conscious because of what happened in the room, so I pulled my chair away from him a bit. He looked at me but I did not look towards him. I didn't want him to think that I was trying to impose myself on him.

The food was served and I started eating slowly as I usually eat very little and then I finish earlier than others. My mom scolds me a lot about eating too little. Aunty noticed that I was not eating. She asked, "what happened Priya? Why are you not eating? Are you not well? Did you not like it? Shall I get something else for you?"

"Oh no aunty, everything is very good, I am full. Seriously, I can't eat more." I knew what was about to get started.

My mom was just about to say her usual lines when all of a sudden aunty started saying those things," What!!! You are full... I don't believe it, you have had even less than a ten-year-old child. No this won't do... " I looked meekly at mom, silently asking her to help me but she also started.

Great!!!!! Now I have two mothers to fuss about my eating.

She personally started feeding me but I could not eat more then she said, "Rahul now it is your responsibility to ensure that she eats well. Come on feed her." I got very nervous as to how he would react.

He picked up a spoonful of Poha and brought it near my mouth but I could not eat it. He kept the spoon there and everyone started teasing us. To put a stop to all this I opened my mouth a bit and ate it.

They then told me to feed him. I got scared, that he would not like it. buy he said he has already had what he wanted and he excused himself as he had a few phone calls to make.

Dad and Uncle went to the study and mom and aunty made plans to go shopping in the evening. They wanted to do the shopping for me so we decided to go after Moonh Dikhayi.

Guests started pouring in And mom told me and Rahul to come to the Drawing room. Everyone gave gifts and lots of blessings.

Most of the ladies teased Rahul and I. I was blushing profusely. My face was as red as a tomato. As soon as the ritual was over Rahul got up and left the room. I felt bad that he could not tolerate me even for a few minutes.

After the guests left, aunty told me to take rest and wear something comfortable. I opened the bag of clothes my mom brought with her. I wanted to wear my shorts but couldn't. There wasn't any, it just had some light partywear, smart casuals, nightwear. I took out one lemon yellow Anarkali suit. It was very elegant.

I changed into it and we went shopping.

Mom and aunty bought lots and lots of colourful and traditional outfits for me like sarees, suits, lehenga choli for me. My mom told me to give measurements so the dresses can be altered and blouses could be stitched. Then we went shopping for bags and shoes.

After 2 hours we came out of the mall with two cars full of shopping.

Aunty caressed my cheek and said, "Priya, beta you must be very tired just go home. We need to do more shopping."

Mom got confused, " where do you want to go, Sunita? We will do it later on or in a day or two."

Aunty said, " No, I want you to come and do the shopping with me right now, C'mon. Try to understand, Pooja." She winked at my mom.

They both exchanged looks and got very excited as if they were planning something they both were so excited, just like teenagers.

I didn't understand anything so I came back to Kapoor Mansion.

Rohit was having his coffee, he asked me to join him. I was very tired so thought it was a good idea. We were enjoying our coffee and chatting. He asked me, "When will you have to go to your college?"

"I will have to join the college from Monday. I can't miss my practicals. They are very important. My exams are approaching and they will start next month. Then I have to do my internship " I was doing my post-graduation in Clothing and Textile.

"Priya have you told your friends about this marriage?" He asked casually.

"No I haven't and I don't even know how to tell them, they will shout at me that I didn't even call them," I said

"It's ok they will understand.'

"Ha, easier said than done..... it is not that easy Rohit. How would I explain this situation to them? They would think that I am joking..... or hiding things from them." I said taking deep breaths.

"Yes, of course, I think you are right, it is really difficult to make them understand. They will think that you have lost it. Such a bad choice. They will ask you why did you marry that khadoos ( arrogant) man when you could get married to any Jolly natured man, like me?? "

He winked at me. I smiled at his comment and then he said, " I think you should get your eyes checked ."

"But why? My eyes are perfect."

" I know sweetheart your eyes are beautiful. I am talking about your eyesight, please get your eyesight checked. I think you can't see properly." He said while laughing.

" hey!!!! why are you saying that my eyesight is perfect."

"Well, in that case, take an appointment with a psychiatrist because I think you really need treatment for you have chosen to marry my brother. Hahaha." Now he was laughing like a lunatic.

"Oh shut up" I rolled my eyes and said, but he kept on teasing me.

I threw up a cushion at him, but he ducked, then he threw up a cushion at me and it hit me. He said, " See you can't even throw a cushion at me, your eyesight is not perfect please get them checked. "

" It is too much now Rohit I will kill you." I glared at him.

"For that, you have to catch me. Come on, catch me if you can." He challenged me.

I ran after him and all of a sudden the door of the room opened and Rahul entered. He was between Rohit and I. I tried to stop myself but as we were running very fast, I couldn't stop and banged hard into him.

He caught me but due to impact, we both fell on the carpet. I was on top of him. my hand plastered to his hard chest. I was too shocked to react. I should have moved immediately but it seemed as if my body was paralyzed. He was holding me and was looking at me with shock. None of us moved.

Just then mom and aunty entered from the door and saw us in that position. But we were oblivious of the fact.

Rohit coughed and said, "What are two of you doing. Come on, we understand that you got married only yesterday, but pls control your emotions. You have a big comfortable room. please go there, don't corrupt the innocent soul like me." Mom and aunty burst out laughing.

I got very embarrassed, I tried to getl off him and I started saying, " No no...it's not what you think... it's not, what it looks like...I am sorry." I just didn't know what to say. I was blushing profusely.

Rahul was glaring fiercely at Rohit and he was laughing like a possessed man.

Aunty said, " it is ok... He is just pulling your leg."

Colour of my face must have been red as a beetroot. I just ran upstairs to our room. All three of them laughed loudly and Rahul went to study throwing cursing words at Rohit.

I just went to the balcony.

Aunty called me for dinner. I went downstairs but could not look at anyone. My head was bent and I ate very quietly. Uncle asked me if I was ok and I just nodded. Then he looked at others. Rahul looked annoyed and Rohit and aunty were amused. It reminded me of the small cosy moment and I blushed like anything. As soon as the dinner was finished, I said good night to everyone and excused myself.

As I was climbing the stairs, I heard Rohit narrating the incident to Uncle. Then there was a roar of laughter.

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