The Accountant/C4 Violent Reaction
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The Accountant/C4 Violent Reaction
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C4 Violent Reaction


People say he was just like his father. A motherfucking nutcase made of titanium no man can crack.

Arrogant, merciless, and an overbearing asshole who can make enemies lose their shit when he walks into a room. His presence alone commanded absolute respect.

Of course, the description came from his little sister. He smirked. She was the only one who can talk to him like that. And mom was the only person who can make him quake in his boots.

Until HER. The traitorous thought came unbidden. He shook his head. Irritated. Angry and agitated once more.

His thoughts went back to his parents. To his father, the former mafia leader mellowed over the years. His sister had both of them wrapped on her pinky finger and his mom still had his influential sire's pussy whipped.

Handing Dominic the mantle three years ago, his father was presently enjoying his retirement with his mom and Dominic's sister, somewhere in France. Imagine what love can do to a mafia king. Love. Interesting.

Fuck! If anyone could see him right now. Pining for a woman who he didn't even get the chance to know the name. He pinched the bridge of his nose. Control. He needed it. His blood has been boiling for days, he was constantly prowling at night.

He went back to his new club, Euphoria, several times. Waiting. For his detka.

Even interviewed the fucking bartender. He smirked. The asshole peed in his pants, made aware to never make a pass on the big boss's woman in the future. Yes, his woman. His pussy.

Still early in the evening and yet he had a lot of work to do. In his black boxers, freshly showered, he went to his desk. His usual business transactions lasted until the early hours of the morning. Uncaring of the state of undress he was currently in, he settled on his leather seat. Overly tense. Every muscle in his body was rigid.

Overthinking. Still imagining. His angel.

"Ublyudok!" He banged his fists on his table, denting the wood, barely noticing the sting. He couldn't go on like this.

Where the fuck was she?! He had to find her. The only woman he had ever wanted to wake up next to him in bed was gone. She left while he was asleep. He wanted her. He fucking did.

God! The first time he saw her he thought he was looking at an angel. Sultry, seductive with an aura of innocence surrounding her like a halo.

He was speechless. Stunned. He kept eye-fucking her and imagining what she would look like under her gray shimmering dress molded to her perfect body. Her skin was naturally tan, glowing in the dim light of his newest club. When his eyes reached her delicate features, tracing her lush pink lips, her flush cheeks, and her mesmerizing chocolate brown eyes, he knew right then and there he was fucked. His cock was throbbing in his pants, seeping precum. Hard for her. He had wanted to claim her then and there.

And to think he considered himself jaded. Too tired of bimbos, actresses, and models, and the like. He had lost interest in bedding them a long time ago. He dated for galas and appearances and that was it. To their disappointment, he always sent them home after.

Ever since he became the head of the organization, he took his mother's advice and started to look for his anchor. The one who will keep him sane in this mafia world. He wanted what his parents had. It became his goal and when he finally found her, had her in his grasp, in his bed, she escaped him.

He shouldn't have let his guard down and slept. But he was so fucking deliciously exhausted, his body had shut down. His balls were drained from cumming several times inside her and her mouth. Shit! That was the only night of sexual activities he didn't use a condom.

He was usually cautious to the point he would always withdraw even with rubber on. But with her. Fuck! With her, he lost control. It was as if he was aiming for her to conceive. His precious angel. A virgin. She was. He taught her a lot after that. So eager to please him, she blew his mind away. And he fucked her until they were both raw.

He will have her and he will find her. Not giving a damn even if he had to kidnap her. She was his and his alone. No one else will taste her delicious pussy. Anyone who tried to steal her from him will be dead.


"I want good news, Alec." His dark eyes pierced his general. Almost at the end of his patience, he was ready to tear down San Francisco to find his angel.

"Tzar, our techs are reviewing the surveillance from the club and this hotel. The girl..." Dominic hurled his crystal glass on the wall, watching the expensive vodka stain the white paint. Cutting his general's sentence.

"Not good enough! I want results. That my woman," His anger has become his companion these past few days. The frustration he felt without her by his side was overwhelming. Why did he forget to get her name?

Because he was an arrogant asshole thinking she would be like other women that would insist to stay in his bed, even when he kicked them out after sex.

She was different. He will never make the same mistake. If he had to tie her to his bed, he will do it. God! The possibilities.

"Of course, tzar. She hailed a cab outside your hotel. We are looking for the driver and the vehicle as we speak." Alec was standing ramrod straight before him. He took a deep breath to relax. Still tense. Fuck it!

"Shit. I need her, Alec. She is the one." The only one he could confide in was his general. They grew up together. Fought and bled together. Their fathers always knew that Alec will be his second in command, just like his father before him. He was also the only one to come close to beating Dominic in combat. He respected the man and he trusted him with his life.

"I know, tzar. You will find her. Aunt Tatiana will be ecstatic." Dominic smirked. She would be planning a wedding if she knew.

"Not a word. I want to find my woman first." He warned and Alec nodded.

He was a hardened assassin but he was scared of the tzar's mother as well.

"Yeah. I know how your mom and my mom are." Alec shuddered dramatically. Both ladies, best friends, were terrible matchmakers.

"It's been days. I want to find her soon." Dominic was going crazy.

"I promised you will, tzar."

He nodded. He will, even if he had to roam the city himself.

"Any updates from accounting?" He asked. Changing the subject. They had been having issues with unbalanced sheets for weeks now. It was the main reason he flew back from Russia on such short notice. He was fucking thankful he did. Something good had come out of it. Detka.

"Yes. I have spoken with Daniel Mills. The department head. What we are looking at is around 200."


"200 million in Euros." His whole body froze. Money was not a problem. The amount was a drop in the ocean of what his family had accumulated over the years. Loyalty was. It was the ultimate code of honor in his mafia world. It was either you were loyal to the code or you die.

"That Daniel guy couldn't find it?"

"No, tzar." Alec shifted. Conveying his distaste for the thief in their organization.

"Then fire him. We need someone smarter."

"He redeemed himself. He recommended someone that he said was a miracle genius. B.G. Anderson. I checked the man's credentials. Ph.D. in Finance and Accountancy. Independent firm. Works from home. The problem is we can't afford to send sensitive data outside of our office. I requested the man to report on Monday." He trusted his general. It could work. His eyes serious, he lifted his chin to let him know he approved his recommendation.

"Alright, I will meet Mr. Anderson on Monday. I want a complete background check on him. Make sure his office will be on the same floor as mine. And for fuck's sake! Find my woman before I burn San Francisco to the ground." Alec's eyes grew round as saucers. He knew Dominic will make good on his promise if he will not have his detka in his arms soon.

Yes. The infamous mafia tzar was a nutcase.


Mature Content 18+

Self Service

Shit! He couldn't sleep. It was fucking 4 am and his head was pulsing with the amount of vodka he had consumed and he still couldn't sleep.

The bedsheets had long been changed, however, he instructed the maids to leave the pillows as it was. His detka's scent lingered. Her intoxicating unique fragrance. Honey and vanilla. Was that her bath salts or shampoo? He will make sure to fill their bathroom with that perfume.

He turned to his side, his eyes narrowed on a red lace peeking from inside the pillowcase. Shit! Her torn panties. He felt his cock respond to the thought. In his eagerness to eat her pussy, he tugged the piece of fabric from her. It meant she went home without any underwear. His jaw ticked. To say he was overly possessive of her was an understatement.

With deft fingers, he brought the fabric to his nose. He inhaled deeply. Fuck! He wanted to ride her so fucking bad right now.

"Hmm, you smell so good, detka." The precum leaking from his dick was an indication he will not be getting any sleep if he didn't take care of it. And since he didn't want any other pussy but his angel's, then his hands and her panties will do.

The last time he jacked off was when he was a youngster. He reckoned beggars can't be choosers. With the piece of soft cloth in his hand, he wrapped his thick cock, slowly moving his hand up and down the throbbing length. Heavy pants rumbled his room, imagining his detka riding him. Like she did that night. Her pussy was so tight and wet, milking him. Fuck! He wondered how she could take every inch of him, knowing how well-endowed he was. She was made for him.

A steady flow of precum made his dick slick, he tightened his fist, still imagining her cunny. Shit! He wouldn't last. This will tide him over until he found her. When he did, he will make sure to fuck her every chance he got. He was addicted to her and there was no denying him.

His balls boiled and his hips jerked. His vivid memory went to the times he filled her pussy, he came hard, groaning. Shit! He would love to know her name, so he can groan it out loud the next time he came for her.

-Soon, my love. Soon.-


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