The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C1 Master bai in trouble is worse than a chicken
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C1 Master bai in trouble is worse than a chicken
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C1 Master bai in trouble is worse than a chicken

In 2020, the Earth was facing an apocalyptic crisis.

As the mysterious energy flooded into Earth, the planet's original ecological balance was destroyed. Animal and plant life were mutated, and under the invasion of so many Variant, mutated beast and other races, mankind was on the verge of destruction.

In 2050, humans used their mysterious power, the Jedi Counterattack, to finally recapture the territory that belonged to humans.

This hellish 30 years, was what future generations called the "Dark Age".

Over the next hundred years, mankind entered a period of rapid development. Whether it was science and technology, or the number of people, both had increased by an unprecedented amount.

"Pi Ka ?!"

A huge crack suddenly appeared in the pitch-black sky, spreading from east to west.

Black shadows appeared in the cracks, falling to the ground like dumplings. The ear-piercing sound of an alarm resounded through the world.

Amid the sirens, there was a shrill scream.

"Awoo ?, this is too bullying!" Three against one, what kind of skill was that! Come, come, come, come, come ? 1v1! Let's see how your Bai will deal with you all ? "

"Pa ji!"

The painful screams suddenly stopped. A white ball with Black Symbol wrapped around its entire body like a Pile, quickly burrowed into its body. However, the white ball did not notice at all, and dropped to the ground.

Its entire body was snow-white, its fur was full of bloodstains, and its body had several deep wounds that could be seen even bone. These hideous wounds seemed like they wanted to cut meristem into pieces, fresh blood continuously flowed out, and a thick sweet smell wafted in the air.

Bai Dan stomped on the ground and tried to stand up. When he touched his broken leg, he screamed out in pain again.

While the white ball was still trembling in pain, it suddenly discovered that someone was approaching. It turned its head to look and all the hair on its body was standing on end.

"What?" Not counting the three against one, they were even planning to gang up on him? Are there still any beast products left? "

One side howled miserably while the other side ran away with their tails raised, not caring about their broken legs.

"Just you wait. When your white grandfather recovers, I'll swallow you all in one gulp!"

"NO!" Bake and then swallow! "

The injuries on the white ball were too heavy, he needed to find a safe place to recover.

He finally escaped to a mountain and found a safe cave. The white ball took the form of a human and sat down cross-legged, drawing in Qi into its body ?

Suddenly, Bai Xiaoli's eyes opened wide, he could not feel any trace of spirit energy!

What caused Bai Xiaoli to tremble even more was, "Where is the Heavenly Dao every day? Where's the Heavenly Dao? "

Not only was there no spiritual energy, even the Heavenly Dao had disappeared!

"Oh ? no!"

Bai Xiaoli was in despair. After a while, he suddenly thought of something, if not for the restrictions of the heavens, wouldn't he be the big boss?

"If the Heavenly Dao does not exist, from today onwards, I, Bai Xiaoli, will become the mountain lord of this mountain! "Hahaha, hiccup, cough, cough ?"

Bai Xiaoli's injuries were too severe. If one wanted to be a mountain master, one must first recuperate from their injuries before being able to inspect the mountain.

What could he do without spiritual energy? He could only use the spirit stones in the cave to gather.

The cave ?

Bai Xiaoli's mind moved, he was shocked to realize that the cave that was being refined in his body was actually surrounded by countless of black symbol Pile. He wanted to enter the cave, but was instantly blocked by the Black Symbol, and even if he wanted to take something out from the cave, he had no way of taking it out.

"What do you mean, I can't enter my own home? Why should I? "

Bai Xiaoli did not believe it. He tried to enter again and again, but was struck until his face was covered with dirt. He finally realized that there was a problem.

? His home, still his home, but his house was locked, and the person with the key, was not him!

There were many rare treasures hidden within his cave. He had collected them since he was young, and there was no lack of immortal wine and spirit meat inside. Those were his favorites. He even had spirit pills, precious medicine, spirit stones, and so on, but he could not take any of them out.

Bai Xiaoli felt that the beast was living in darkness, lying on the ground with nothing to live for.

Thinking about the immortal wine and spirit meat, Bai Xiaoli started to drool and suddenly felt hungry.

Considering the level of his cultivation base, he didn't need to eat any more. However, all he wanted was to eat.

"I'm so hungry ?"

"I'm in so much pain ?"

"I want to eat meat ?"

"I want to drink ?"

Bai Xiaoli just lied on the ground, thinking about the good wine and good food before falling asleep. He intended to let his strong physical body recover by itself and open his eyes again. It had been two years already.

Bai Xiaoli stretched lazily and realized that his injuries had mostly recovered. His internal injuries ? There was basically no recovery?!

"How can this be? Where is my Spiritual Energy? What about my powerful cultivation? He actually used all of them! "Oh, no ?"

Bai Xiaoli screamed miserably as he looked at the broken ceiling with an expression of helplessness. His little brain really couldn't understand what was going on.

To think that he, a dignified Nine-tailed Sky Fox, would end up like this, without eating, drinking or spirit stones, without spirit energy or heavenly laws, with a Spiritual Energy, an immortal cave, or a cave, how could he be any more miserable? Wu wu wu ?


Bai Xiaoli's eyes were wide open, as though he was frightened, he immediately sat up and stared at his own stomach.


His stomach once again made a long, seductive sound.

Bai Xiaoli trembled from head to toe, he was hungry to the point of dizziness, "This, this... This isn't spiritual hunger, but rather ? It's true! "


Bai Xiaoli did not understand. It had been a long time since he felt hunger in his body.

He held onto the wall and stood up. In order not to starve to death, he had no choice but to lower himself and go out in search of food. Not long after he walked out of the cave, he saw a calf the size of a calf ? Chicken?

No, this was no ordinary chicken, this was a battle chicken with iron wings. When Bai Xiaoli saw it, it also saw him and immediately spread out its iron wings.

"Yo, you have guts. You dare to blow your hair at your Bai. Don't think that just because you grew up that you aren't a chicken."

Bai Xiaoli placed his hands on his waist, with an imposing manner, as though he was a sacred beast that should have existed in the sect. Raising his chin, he commanded, "Bai wants to eat you now, I'll give you a chance to show off, then set a fire and jump up."

"Cough, cough, cough ~ ~ ~"

The Iron Winged Battle Chicken suddenly jumped up, and peck towards Bai Xiaoli's head. Its mouth that looked like it was made of steel, was shining brightly.

Bai Xiaoli screamed, he turned and ran.

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