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C10 Brainwashing effect

When Long Lan heard this voice, he had already gone completely crazy.

Asking Bai Xiaoli to go get a room, he actually set himself to the "random battle mode" and was directly taken away by Sword Finger Navy Tide.

and so on... Sword Finger Navy Tide?

The God who was the most inspiring in the OR system?

The reason why he said that he was encouraging him was because he was unwilling to accept it.

This Great God of Navy Tide appeared in the Tianjing City two years ago. In the half a year that he had just appeared, he had almost never won. After losing for half a year, he suddenly stopped losing. Ever since he won once, he had never lost again, and had continuously won for a year and a half. From the start of the competition, it was simply a miracle!

"Big Brother, wait for me!" Long Lan howled and spent money to buy a VIP viewing room. The moment he appeared, he was pushed against the wall.

People... So many times!

"Hahaha, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat ?" Just how much do you want to eat meat in order to emphasize it so many times?! I have seen his battles before, but it seems like he has never fought with anyone before, he has always been beating this unlucky fellow called 'Tyrannosaurus Rex' to death with a single slap, so much so that it was even faster than hitting flies.

After being hit, Long Lan, the fly, did not say anything.

"I've also seen it before. What made me remember this person's name wasn't because of his battle, but because... This name is too damn brainwashing, okay? As long as I take a look, it will definitely circulate limitlessly in my mind! "

"I, who had dedicated myself to losing weight, went back to eat two big bowls of meat after watching his fight!"

Letting the Great God of Navy Tide's lord level compete with mine, if I want to eat meat at the entry level, isn't it really just a one-shot?

"Three cycles of wax for my meat."

In the arena.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] Dressed in battle uniform, with a face of a common man and a buzz cut, he held a longsword in his hand and looked at the system's matching opponent.

He was dressed in elegant white, with a wide-sleeved shirt. He was wearing ancient Chinese clothing. A head of long black hair was casually tied behind him. On his face, he wore a deathly-white mask. It was like a ghost; it was extremely frightening.

This was the image that Bai Xiaoli had in the system. He remembered Long Lan's words, he could not reveal his true appearance, and had to disguise himself as well. Thus, it created the current state of mind, which was "I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat".

If it were not for the word ID limit, Bai Xiaoli wanted to continue the cycle limitlessly.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] looked at his ID and felt dizzy. His eyes were filled with "I want to eat meat". Looking at his level, it was still just a beginner.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] frowned slightly. The throbbing that came from his soul made him feel a little uncomfortable.

In the eyes of the spectators, this frown was just another meaning. The spectators all thought that Great God of Navy Tide was looking down on the other party because his level was too low, hence, they were unhappy, and frowned and jeered at him one after another, causing him to quickly admit his defeat. They wanted to see the next match.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] did not want to oppress a newbie either. Given some time to consider it, if [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat] surrendered voluntarily, there would be no need to fight anymore.

However, Bai Xiaoli did not consider whether he should fight, he was looking around him strangely, and realised that he was standing on the stage. The other person on the stage was not Long Lan, but a stranger, and Bai Xiaoli knew that this was not a room.

Bai Xiaoli thought for a while, then turned and walked to the side of the stage.

The crowd was baffled.

"What does he want?"

"I don't know."

Then, Bai Xiaoli used his actions and gave his answer.

He stood at the edge of the arena and lowered his head to look down. Below him was an endless void. He thought for a moment. Could it be that he had to break through the barrier of the arena to return? He stretched out his hand to touch if there were any barriers, but he missed and fell down from the arena.

"Tianjing City":

[Sword Finger Navy Tide, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, Sword Finger Navy Tide wins.]

[Sword Finger Navy Tide]: "..."

The people of the VIP viewing room who had spent money: "..."

Long Lan immediately covered his eyes. He had already guessed that without him by his side, Bai Xiaoli would definitely do something bad.

Bai Xiaoli felt his vision blurred, and he had already returned to the place where he had logged in, but Long Lan was not there.

Long Lan knew that Bai Xiaoli had probably returned to where he was previously at and quickly rushed back, afraid that Bai Xiaoli would do something inconceivable again.

Then, when his figure appeared beside Bai Xiaoli, the voice of "Tianjing City" rang out once again.

[Random Matching succeeded. ID: Sword Finger Navy Tide [Tianjing City]. Fight. ID: I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat [Tianjing City]. Site: Ring. Weapon: Empty vs Empty.]

Long Lan, "..."

"What the f * ck!" "How can you be like this!" He hurried back to the VIP observation room to buy a ticket.

Those who had not left the VIP observation room: "..."

[Sword Finger Navy Tide]: "..."

Bai Xiaoli saw that the match was actually made between that fellow just now. With his previous experience, this time he did not hesitate at all, and jumped into the air to "kill himself".

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