The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C11 What do you want to do with three lifetimes?
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C11 What do you want to do with three lifetimes?
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C11 What do you want to do with three lifetimes?


[Sword Finger Navy Tide, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, Sword Finger Navy Tide wins.]

Everyone felt that the OR system must have been poisoned today. Otherwise, how likely would it be that the same person would be randomly assigned to the same person at the same time slot?

Yes, it was a random mode. He had always been random, and under normal circumstances, the system would match those with similar data to him. Never had such a thing happened before.

"Let's try again, this time won't be so coincidental."

[Random Matching succeeded. ID: Sword Finger Navy Tide [Tianjing City]. Fight. ID: I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat [Tianjing City]. Site: Ring. Weapons: Double Gun vs Empty Hand.]

Everyone was going crazy.

"Is this special? Is it destined to happen in three lifetimes or what?" Would it be okay? Can you still watch the match properly?! "

"The OR system is crazy, no explanations!"

"From today onwards, the OR System will be renamed the 'OR Red Mother System'!"

The third time Bai Xiaoli saw this [Sword Finger Cangxiu], he didn't look very good.

"Don't pick me, I'm going to get a room."

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] was also helpless. Previously, he had never spoken in the arena, but now he had no choice but to speak up.

Bai Xiaoli was unhappy, "Bai, I can do whatever I want, and if you want me to change it, why won't you change it? You don't want to place it at random. "

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] frowned. "I've always been random."

Bai Xiaoli raised his pale white mask, "What a coincidence, from now on, I, Bai, am also going to be at random.

The audience was dumbfounded.

"Awesome! I want to eat meat three times. I dare to make such a direct noise with a God. My idol, aren't you afraid a God will immediately explode and torture him to death?"

"Could it be that I am the only one who realized that the Great God of Navy Tide broke the ring? He said so in the arena! Speak! It's done! "

"AHH! It's so beautiful! I actually forgot such an important matter!"

"Goddess Vivian is about to cry in the toilet!"

"My heart dotes on my goddess."

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] Without another word, he raised his two guns and aimed at [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat].

saw this scene, this was a fight to come. He had been in the system with Long Lan for three months, and he had heard about random weapons before, so he was very clear on the spear's power.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] raised his two guns and stopped for two seconds before firing.

He didn't want to launch a sneak attack, so he gave his opponent enough time to prepare.

"Great God of Navy Tide was originally a lord level, and now that I have such a powerful pair of spears in my hands, I can already see the outcome of me wanting to use my flesh to circulate three times."

"How black is it that I want to eat meat three times in a cycle? All three times I randomly chose to eat it all empty-handed!"

"The Great God of Navy Tide's level already crushed him, and now he's even crushed his weapon. There's no need to look anymore, I want to have meat to circulate three times, it's already cold."

Being pushed against the wall, Long Lan weakly explained for Bai Xiaoli, "It's not that his face is dark, it's that he doesn't have a weapon at all!"

After beating him up for three months, Bai Xiaoli did not even need a weapon.

With a single slap, he felt his heart turn cold.

In the arena.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] suddenly pulled the trigger, shooting two bullets at [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat].

Bai Xiaoli's body straightened, and his feet slightly moved, easily avoiding all of the bullets.

Bai Xiaoli's body trembled to a very small degree, he did not waste a single ounce of energy. Every time he dodged a bullet, his body would return to its original position in an instant.

This caused everyone to widen their eyes.

"This... The bullet went through? "

"It's not piercing!" Instead, he dodged! Look carefully! He was moving, but only in a small and fast manner. After moving, he would return to his original position! It's already fast to the point that I can deceive vision! "

Someone clicked on the slow-motion playback to see what had just happened.

"Oh my god! "What an exquisite method!"

"Could this be a civilian expert?"

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] was a fairly high level skill. Of course, it could be seen through at a glance. The other party had dodged the bullet. This method of dodging the bullet was truly novel.

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] smirked, obviously interested in this opponent.

"Bang !"

"It's an 8-star ban!" Great God of Navy Tide used the dual spear ultimate skill, the Eight Star Seal! "I want to eat meat three times. This time, it's really going to get cold!"

[Sword Finger Navy Tide] This time, it was not a straight shot. Instead, it was a different angle. Using eight bullets, it completely sealed off the path of [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat].

When everyone thought that I would definitely cool down after eating three cycles of meat, Bai Xiaoli was still standing at the same place. He could indeed not use his Spiritual Energy, but his Spiritual Sense was not affected in the slightest.

Bai Xiaoli sprung up, his body twisted in an inconceivable manner in the air, and once again perfectly dodged the attack from the Eight Star Bestowal.

Everyone: "..."

"This... Can a person really twist their body into a fried dough twist and even pose? "

"I'll give it a try when I get back."

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