The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C13 If you can't get anyone you can sell yourself out
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C13 If you can't get anyone you can sell yourself out
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C13 If you can't get anyone you can sell yourself out

Cang Yan was a little absent-minded again, "This person is very powerful, if not ? I should lose. "

Qiao Yisi was curious, "Not what? Didn't you always refuse to admit defeat? How can you have such a high evaluation of a beginner? You are Cang Yan, who was unable to even fail in summoning a Intrinsic Soul Beast! To think that you would give up so easily after cultivating the stellar force to such an extent? "

Cang Yan looked at Qiao Yisi, but did not explain any further, "Have you finished recruiting for Team?"

Cang Yan had always believed that his attempt to summon the Intrinsic Soul Beast had not failed, and that the attraction from his soul had always been there. He had only lost his Intrinsic Soul Beast and one day, he would definitely find his Intrinsic Soul Beast.

Wasn't the reason he came here from the Copperfield City all the way to find his Intrinsic Soul Beast? The guidance from his soul had led him to this place. After arriving, the guidance felt ethereal, and he could not find the right target.

He knew that his Intrinsic Soul Beast was definitely in the Tianjing City. However, after searching for a whole two years, he still could not find it.

Cang Yan frowned, thinking about how his soul would throb from that [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat], he was a little frustrated. But, how was this possible? The beast he summoned was the Intrinsic Soul Beast, it was a beast, how could it be a human? He must have sensed wrongly.

"With our Team's strength, recruiting second and third year experts is simply impossible. Right now, we can only focus on the first grade's new students.

"Amongst this year's new students, the three people with the most outstanding fighting strength are Ma Nan, Kaiyin Lin and Bai Xiaoli."

At this point, Qiao Yisi laughed, "This Bai Xiaoli is really a weirdo. He specifically recruited him into the Tianjing Academy with a total of 30 points in cultural credits."

Cang Yan was surprised, "How did he score 30 points? It shouldn't be easy for you to get this score, right? "

"Hahaha, that's what makes him so special. Don't look at his culture, he got a perfect score in actual combat, and his stellar force reached as high as 60. Gu Wu is evaluated to be level F, second stage of the Scarlet Star Realm." Qiao Yisi was obviously very interested in this person.

Cang Yan praised him, "A first year new student, to be able to reach second phase, in the entire federation, there won't be many people. Disregarding his cultural results, just in actual combat, he's a pretty good person."

Seeing that Cang Yan was finally interested, Qiao Yisi took the chance and asked, "Are you going to recruit him?"

Cang Yan hesitated for a moment before suddenly asking, "Do you think there's any possibility for the OR system to produce a cross-species simulation?"

"What?" Qiao Yisi's head was full of greetings, he was completely unable to follow Cang Yan's thoughts, "I don't think so, what is your cross-clan simulation?"

That kind of soul throbbing, Cang Yan could still not ignore.

"That's right ?" Soul beasts log into the OR system, but choose to take human form. "

Qiao Yisi looked at him with an inconceivable look, and was a little worried, "Are you alright? Why would he have such a bizarre idea? Soul beasts can already log into the system cabin, so what's the use of us? And why would a soul beast choose the human form? "Since I'm used to using my four claws, I probably won't be used to suddenly transforming into a human, right?"

Cang Yan rubbed his forehead, knowing that he must be thinking too much, "It's fine, work hard on recruiting new disciples, no matter what, we have to gather all of the people from the Team. Since we're going to fight, we can't possibly not have enough people from the Team."

When the Team's recruitment was mentioned, Qiao Yisi's face was basically covered in blood, "If you could announce that you are Navy Tide Sword Finger, then the situation of our Team would definitely not be this tragic. With the conditions of our Team, it wouldn't be easy for us to recruit anyone, right?"

Cang Yan spread out his hands, "Even if I say that my sword fingers are Navy Tide, do you think anyone would believe me? How could a person with only a 1-star aptitude be Navy Tide? If word of this gets out, someone will smash the rotten egg. "

Qiao Yisi was desperate, "For someone with only a 1-star aptitude to be the captain, forget about competitions, I don't even know how many people can participate, okay?"

Cang Yan said coldly: "Do you have any objections to me becoming captain?"

Qiao Yisi: "I also feel despair, okay?"

Cang Yan said without mercy, "If you can't get the minimum number of people Team requests, you can go sell your perverted looks."

After saying that, he went back to his room alone.

Qiao Yisi muttered to himself, "Even if you want to sell out your perverted looks, it's you who should be more satisfied, right?"

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