The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C14 I'm gonna kill him a hundred times
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C14 I'm gonna kill him a hundred times
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C14 I'm gonna kill him a hundred times

Cang Yan firmly believed that he did not fail, his Intrinsic Soul Beast must have already been summoned here, he had never mentioned this belief to Qiao Yisi, even if he said it, Qiao Yisi would not necessarily believe him.

It was just like four years ago, when he was summoning his Intrinsic Soul Beast, the result was that the Intrinsic Soul Beast did not summon itself but the sky and earth changed color instead. In the end, a spatial rift that spanned across the sky appeared.

After repairing the spatial crack, and killing the invaders, the members of the clan finally remembered to ask Cang Yan about the Intrinsic Soul Beast. It was also at this time that the clan found out that Cang Yan had failed in summoning the beast.

The direct bloodline that the clan had always regarded as "heaven warping geniuses" naturally had Soul Sea s and two seas coexisted. As long as they could summon their soul beasts, with his talent, he would definitely be able to lead the clan to another peak.

However, he failed. This was a huge blow to the clan.

When everyone said that Cang Yan's summoning of the Intrinsic Soul Beast had failed, he firmly told everyone that he did not fail and summoned the Intrinsic Soul Beast. He could feel his own soul throbbing.

However, no one believed his words. Many people said that he couldn't bear such a shock and had lost his mind. Even the elder and his own grandfather were very disappointed in him. From then on, Cang Yan did not speak anymore about it. Adding on his father's matter, he left the clan completely and went to the Tianjing City alone to look for his soul beast.

In Bai Xiaoli's entire life, other than the fact that he had been injured by the three guardian beasts, he had never suffered such a huge loss.

When the cultivators of the Dao Origin Sect roasted meat at his foot, he was attracted by their fragrance. When they offered him their roasted meat, they sincerely invited him to be the guardian beast of the Dao Origin Sect and promised him a feast. All sorts of heavenly materials and spirit stones and precious pills were his tribute, so he followed them back to the sect.

He truly enjoyed these reverends. Those cultivators did not lie to him; otherwise, he would not be able to withstand the combined attacks of the three ancient mythical beasts with just the strength of a single beast during the great war between the sects.

He, Bai Xiaoli, had repaid the debt of gratitude, had taken revenge.

kept silent for an entire night. Early the next morning, he kicked open Long Lan's room door.

"Since the real world cannot eat or kill people, then I will go to Emptiness World to kill him. Tell me, how do I have to find him and kill him?"

Long Lan was still in a deep sleep, and was suddenly awakened by Bai Xiaoli's words.

"You, you, you, you ? You want to go kill Great God of Navy Tide? "

"Great god? Is he very strong? " Bai Xiaoli was not convinced.

If he hadn't forgotten yesterday that it was the Emptiness World's soul body, and not its main body, he wouldn't have gone to grab the gun muzzle. He was well aware of the strength of her own body. After being tempered by spirit energy for so many years, even if he was unable to use his Spiritual Energy, it would be impossible for ordinary weapons to harm him.

Forget about everything else, just using pure physical strength alone, Bai Xiaoli could instantly kill a bunch of them.

"Ugh ?" Cough, Great God of Navy Tide is indeed very powerful, but compared to you ? "It was still missed by a bit." Long Lan said with a guilty conscience.

In Long Lan's heart, the Great God of Navy Tide was still powerful. After all, no one would be able to become famous without a reputation. The Great God of Navy Tide must have his own strength to be able to reach the lord level in the OR system.

The main reason why Long Lan was so biased towards [Sword Finger Navy Tide], was because he didn't even know how strong Bai Xiaoli was. Every time Bai Xiaoli and his arena matches, he would always slap his own face, and Long Lan would become cold. He simply didn't even have the chance to see Bai Xiaoli's methods.

The method of dodging the bullets that he saw Bai Xiaoli use yesterday, and the last illusion of the stage, were both first time Long Lan used them. From this, it could be seen how miserable his life must have been during the past three months.

Bai Xiaoli immediately raised his chin and said proudly: "Of course I, Bai Xiaoli, am the strongest."

"Ugh ?"

"Tell me the way to find that fellow. I must kill him a hundred times over!" Bai Xiaoli was very stubborn.

After interacting with him for so long, Long Lan had more or less understood Bai Xiaoli's personality. It was definitely impossible for him to take this lying down, so he could only let him take it.

"Send him a challenge. As long as he accepts it, you can fight him." Long Lan suggested.

"Good!" "Just issue your challenge!"

To dare bully his white grandfather, he must definitely make him regret it for the rest of his life!

Bai Xiaoli climbed into the OR system cabin and followed Long Lan's instructions to give [Sword Finger Qu X] a challenge. Then, without logging off, he stared at the challenge letter he sent out, anxiously waiting for the other party to accept the challenge. Then, he was killed a hundred times by him!

Long Lan was extremely helpless as he dragged Bai Xiaoli out of the OR system cabin, "It's morning now and class is about to start. Who would still be in the OR system?

Bai Xiaoli was stubborn, "No, I have to wait for him on the system, the moment he comes online, I will kill him immediately."

Long Lan knew that he would not be able to persuade his, so he could only use his trump card.

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