The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C15 Throbbing from the soul
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C15 Throbbing from the soul
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C15 Throbbing from the soul

"I heard that there's a delicious meat bun in the dining hall this morning. If I go too late, I definitely won't be able to buy it."

Bai Xiaoli's eyes immediately lit up. What revenge, what killing, they were all thrown to the back of his mind, he was drooling.

"I want to eat one hundred meat bun!"

Long Lan said as he cleaned up the mess, "100 is too many. Normal people wouldn't be able to eat that much."

Bai Xiaoli hesitated for a moment, and then spoke again in a very pained tone, "Then ? "Then 99?"

Long Lan picked up the book that was used for the class, "I can only eat a maximum of five."

Long Lan had already tried it, he basically had no bottom line when it came to eating food, just like eating barbecue, giving him a plate was fine, but giving him 100 plates was fine too. He seemed to be born not knowing what it meant to be "full", he only knew how to be hungry, and would want to eat food whenever he saw meat.

Bai Xiaoli expressed his unhappiness, consoling himself, I am a human, I can only eat 5 meat bun, and when I have money in the future, I can stealthily eat as much meat as I want, and as long as no one sees me, who knows if I am really human or not?

Long Lan went to the cafeteria to buy meat bun for Bai Xiaoli. Crouching outside, Bai Xiaoli would turn his head and look in from time to time.

Bai Xiaoli's appearance and silver hair were extremely eye-catching. As he squatted at the entrance of the cafeteria, many students looked at him and many of them started to take out comm s to take photos.

"Five for you and two for me." Long Lan finally squeezed out.

Bai Xiaoli immediately jumped up from the ground and happily took his five meat bun and started to eat.

"So delicious ~ ~"

Bai Xiaoli ate with satisfaction, causing countless girls to scream as they covered their mouths with their hands, blushing.

Bai Xiaoli was currently wearing a boy's uniform. No matter how beautiful he was, he wouldn't be mistaken for a girl, and mesmerise a whole bunch of infatuated girls.

Amongst the crowd, Cang Yan, who had just walked out of the canteen, felt his soul throb. He suddenly stopped and looked around.

Qiao Yisi saw that Cang Yan had suddenly stopped walking, and was confused: "What are you looking for?"

Cang Yan shook his head, "You go and prepare first, I still have things to do."

After Cang Yan finished speaking, he ran against the crowd and ran in the direction that caused his soul to palpitate.

His heart was beating rapidly. He could feel it, and this time, he could very clearly feel it throbbing in his soul.

It was his soul beast, and his soul beast was in the vicinity!

Bai Xiaoli who was eating a bun suddenly stopped in his tracks, looked around in confusion, then closed his eyes and felt the imprint on his soul as he walked.

Long Lan heard the whispers coming from the surroundings and turned around to look. He was so shocked that the bun in his hands fell.

Could this f * cking be cured? Are there people like you who sleep by the side of the road? Even if you want to sleep, don't eat and sleep at the same time!

Long Lan anxiously grabbed Bai Xiaoli, afraid that he would walk with his eyes closed, and fall too unsightly.

Through his past experiences, Long Lan had concluded that as long as he brought Bai Xiaoli out, he would eventually receive countless gazes and screams. This made him feel extremely honored, and since they were both prosperous, he definitely could not watch Bai Xiaoli fall to the ground in a terrible state. This was related to face.

Bai Xiaoli did not know of Long Lan's playfulness, he was currently sensing the mark on his soul.

When that imprint was imprinted on his soul, he did not resist. At that time, he was trapped in the Boundless Territory, which was completely dark, without spiritual energy, without Heavenly Dao, and without even a living body. He was severely injured, trapped in the Boundless Territory, unable to leave, unable to leave, and just when he thought he would be trapped there forever, he was surrounded by that soul force.

This wave of soul force was powerful and gentle, as though it was trying to pull him out of the quicksand of the Boundless Territory. Therefore, Bai Xiaoli gave up on resisting, and allowed that soul force to condense into a mark on his soul. He followed the guidance of his soul force, and finally broke free from the Boundless Territory and arrived here.

To put it bluntly, the owner of this soul force had helped him. If he didn't have this person, he would probably be trapped in the Boundless Territory forever.

Only, the soul imprint had only trembled for a short period of time. It lasted for a short period of time and even Bai Xiaoli was unable to grasp any direction.

Not long after Bai Xiaoli and Long Lan left, Cang Yan came over. His target was the soul beasts, not the entire campus people, which made him neglect many things.

After searching for a long time, Cang Yan finally gave up hope. He once again lost his ability to sense the soul beast.

The first thing Bai Xiaoli did when he returned to his dorm was to enter the OR system cabin, waiting to kill someone.

Just that, his letter of challenge had not been accepted, thus Bai Xiaoli once again stayed in the Void Area.

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