The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C16 Master bai's frightening persistence
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C16 Master bai's frightening persistence
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C16 Master bai's frightening persistence

Cang Yan didn't know that there were people waiting for him at the Emptiness Realm. They were waiting to kill him.

At this moment, he was very upset about the soul beast, and things were not going well for Team.

Currently, there were only four people in the Team. Other than Cang Yan and Qiao Yisi, there were only two other people left, one was Qiao Yisi's girlfriend, Annie, and the other was the "heavy soldier".

In order to participate in the competition, the minimum number of Team s would need to be five, so that way there would be no Substitute, all of the Official Member, and if anyone was injured in the competition, there would not even be a replacement, which would also be a very troublesome matter. But now, they didn't even meet the minimum requirement to participate, so they were left with no other choice.

"Today, when Black God Team went to recruit new students for the Combat Department, she heard that she was originally going to look for Bai Xiaoli, who was the most powerful in actual combat, but in the end, she couldn't find anyone, so she went to invite Ma Nan instead. Black God Team promised to give Ma Nan a seat of Substitute, but Ma Nan seemed unsatisfied and did not immediately agree. As for the third person with a perfect score, Kaiyin, he hasn't even reported in yet. "

Annie had a hot body and was very beautiful. In the second year, she could be considered a flower goddess.

Not only was she good-looking, she was also a rare water attribute therapist Awakened. To be able to be equipped with a therapist, that was no doubt a luxury, there were not many people in the therapist and even fewer had the qualifications to participate. Thus, no matter where Annie was, he would always be favoured.

Annie drank some fruit juice as she spoke: "This Ma Nan is rather arrogant for you, Junior. Even Black God Team doesn't like him, he is one of the top Team of our Tianjing Academy. If there's a possibility that a Team can represent us, then it must be this Black God Team."

"Cough ?" Qiao Yisi coughed, "We have hope too."

Annie immediately realized that she had said the wrong thing and was embarrassed. She looked at Cang Yan's expression and explained: "I didn't mean it that way, there's hope even for our Team ?"

If he were to say something against his will, it would be better to not explain.

Annie hesitated for a moment, then asked: "How about, I recruit him and try?"

"No need." Cang Yan rejected him flatly.

Annie was very confident in her charisma. Forget about her beauty and abilities, just her four star aptitude was the highest among the four of them.

When a Team wants to grow up, she will recruit members with better aptitudes. This way, the room for growth will be very large, and it will also become more and more powerful during the tournament. If the aptitude is too low, then it will directly block the way for the future, and even if it can be improved, there won't be much room for growth.

And out of the four of them in Blue Wolf Team, the captain was 1-Star Qualification, Lowell had two stars aptitude, Qiao Yisi had three stars aptitude and only Annie had four stars aptitude.

Was it good for Team s to not even accept a three star talent? The only ones above three stars in Team were her and Qiao Yisi. She was also a healer that needed to be protected by her teammates, so could such a Team really compete? Wasn't it really to be funny? Annie is also in despair, okay?

"I'll go back first." Cang Yan got up and left, returning to the dorm.

Lowell saw that Cang Yan had left, and looked at the young couple beside him, and scratched his head, "Then ? I'm going back too. "

Annie watched as Cang Yan left, and only after a moment of silence did he ask Qiao Yisi, "Senior Cang couldn't have gotten angry, right?"

Qiao Yisi did not mind, "He is not such a petty person."

Annie pouted, "But I think he's angry."

Qiao Yisi looked at Cang Yan's disappearing figure, "He might be in a bad mood."

But it was not because of Annie's words. Ever since her return from Emptiness World yesterday, Cang Yan had become a little strange.

However, Annie stubbornly believed that she was angry because of her words.

Cang Yan returned to the dorm room and entered the OR System Cabin, preparing to go to the Emptiness World to fight a few battles to calm his mind. From the moment he met the [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat] yesterday, he had been feeling extremely upset.

Just as his soul body entered the Emptiness World, she received a challenge letter.

Cang Yan looked at it, did not even click on it, and directly forked it off.

Every day in Emptiness World, there were many people who wanted to challenge him. Some were people who thought that they were extraordinary, some were looking for revenge, some wanted to step on him, some wanted to rely on him for a battle. There were people who were familiar with him, some wanted to increase their popularity, and so on.

In the past, as long as he received a challenge, he would accept it. However, as time passed, he realized that all of this was a trap. After losing one match, he would have to challenge you everyday. Cang Yan did not have the time to spar with them, and after that he would rarely accept challenges anymore. Even if he wanted to accept, he could only accept war cards that had a level of challenge to them.

Cang Yan had just clicked "?", and was about to click "Random Match", but his hand suddenly stopped.

Another challenge popped up.

Cang Yan's brows twisted, and once again pressed "?".

Two seconds later, another challenge popped up.

Cang Yan clicked on "*" again, and his gaze swept downwards to the right. He was immediately shocked, someone directly burst out his mailbox, and the number of messages had already exceeded the limit as they were blinking non-stop.

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