The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C2 This place is bullying a beast
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C2 This place is bullying a beast
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C2 This place is bullying a beast

2 - This is too bullying

"Cough, cough, cough ~ ~ ~"

"Cough, cough, cough ~ ~ ~"

Half an hour later, Bai Xiaoli, who had a head full of chicken feathers, imitated a human being.

"What can't the Spiritual Energy be used for? With just the strong power of the Bai's body, he was already able to live a good life! "Humph!"

Another half an hour later, Bai Xiaoli felt that he should be more or less familiar with it. Looking at the gigantic black chicken leg, Bai Xiaoli felt that it didn't look like it at all.

Could it be ?

A thought flashed in Bai Xiaoli's mind, "That's right, different breeds will grill different effects."

"Taste it."

With a "kacha" sound, he bit into it, as if he was biting into charcoal. His mouth was filled with bitter carbon residue.

Bai Xiaoli cried.

It had been a long time since he'd eaten raw meat, but now, if he didn't eat raw meat, he was going to starve to death.

The Spiritual Sense spread out, looking for its next prey.

Very quickly, he found an even bigger prey nearby. Looking at its size and appearance, it looked a bit like the Horned Rhinoceros from the original world. However, there was not the slightest fluctuation of Spiritual Energy on this big beast's body.

Bai Xiaoli secretly compared it with his own body and felt that his own body would still be bigger. This big guy that looked like a rhinoceros was much smaller in size.

Bai Xiaoli was pleased with himself for a bit, and suddenly realized that the big guy, who looked like a spirit rhino, had a butt that was emitting light?

"Backside glow?"

Bai Xiaoli found it interesting. He stared at it for a while, and sure enough, there were lights flickering in a regular pattern, every time they flickered, they would form a light shape. The more he looked, the more he felt that something was wrong.

"Could it be a treasure? "I really want to eat it ?"

Bai Xiaoli started drooling, and by the time he had reacted to it, he was already close to the big fellow who looked like a spirit rhinoceros. His eyes shone with a hungry green light as he stared intently at the half of his well-built butt.

Bai Xiaoli immediately thought of himself, "No way, I am a noble Nine-tailed Heavenly Fox, how can I do something so dishonorable?"

Although she said that, her pair of green eyes never left the butt.

The Frenzied Fire Rhino that was nibbling on a pool of flesh seemed to sense the danger coming from its butt. It suddenly turned its head and saw a petite human hiding in a bush not too far away.

The Frenzied Fire Rhino roared, the berserk aura had just climbed halfway up, with a "sou" sound, it had arrived behind them, its speed was so fast that it left afterimages, the Frenzied Fire Rhino was shocked, its roar was stuck in its throat, it was dumbstruck.

A brain that wasn't well-developed yet was still thinking, "Is this a human?" Was it a beast? is not available.

Bai Xiaoli, who had been starving to the point that his eyes emitted green light, bit onto half of that large butt of his.

aoo ? *

There was a loud howl, followed by a violent fluctuation of energy. The Frenzied Fire Rhino's anger could not find its target of venting. The culprit took a bite at it, then rode on the dust, disappearing without a trace.

Bai Xiaoli went back into his own cave and spat out blood and flesh. A ball of hazy black light fell onto the ground, and within the black light, something appeared to be floating. That thing was only the size of a fingernail, and it was a piece, and it was incomplete.

As he got closer, the energy fluctuations in Bai Xiaoli's body became even more obvious. He had a strong desire to eat this thing.


Bai Xiaoli was not a hesitant beast, he could eat whatever he wanted. He swallowed them all in one gulp and smacked his lips twice, not being able to taste anything.

He felt it and realised that the black little thing was like a small ball of sun, gently falling down, directly falling into Bai Xiaoli's Beast Pill.

shouted and jumped up. Beast Pill was the key to becoming a demonic cultivator, and its importance was equivalent to a human cultivator's Jindan Stage Nascent Soul. How could this little thing enter his Beast Pill?

"Eh? How did my Beast Pill become like this? "

Other than the originally bright, translucent Beast Pill that was filled with thick and simple Spiritual Energy, there were actually many other black symbols intertwined around it. The strings of symbols were like black Pile s that tightly surrounded Bai Xiaoli's Beast Pill, and the powerful Spiritual Energy was firmly suppressed within the Beast Pill, not revealing the slightest bit.

Bai Xiaoli was stunned for a moment before realizing something extremely terrifying.

"My Spiritual Energy was also sealed by these Black Symbol!"

The Spiritual Energy inside the Beast Pill could not come out, but the black fragment had landed inside the Beast Pill unimpeded, and like a swallow throwing itself into its embrace, it sat inside Bai Xiaoli's Beast Pill and stopped moving. Bai Xiaoli's small face paled, but in the next moment, he could actually feel his own Spiritual Energy being sealed within the Beast Pill.

However, these Spiritual Energy s were sealed by the Black Symbol on the outside of the Beast Pill and were unable to leave the Beast Pill. The energy that the Spiritual Energy could drill into the black colored piece of debris was no longer a pure Spiritual Energy but a kind of "Enhanced Spiritual Energy." This kind of "Enhanced Spiritual Energy" was at a higher level than the simple Spiritual Energy and was even more powerful.

This kind of "Enhanced Spiritual Energy", even though it was only a trace, it still made Bai Xiaoli very excited. What made him even more excited was that he actually felt the floating source of energy between heaven and earth. He could merge this kind of energy into his body, and after refining, he would get the same "Enhanced Spiritual Energy" as his body.

However, if he wanted to absorb the energy between heaven and earth for cultivation, the speed would definitely be very slow. The energy between heaven and earth would be very thin and uneven.

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