The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C20 Dig into a wall in public
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The Adventure of Holy Beast Bai Xiaoli/C20 Dig into a wall in public
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C20 Dig into a wall in public

Long Lan had taken out everything he needed for this semester to pay for tuition and lodging for Bai Xiaoli. They were already poor to the point of begging, and it wasn't like he wanted to ask his mother for money, so he could only think of a way himself.

I don't have high requirements, I just want Bai to bring me along when you join the Team, and I know myself clearly that I am not fighting a competition, I am just going to help you guys do logistics, as long as I can watch you fight in a close distance, I am satisfied, is that alright?

Bai Xiaoli tilted his head and thought. Since he had the money to buy meat for the competition, how could he not agree?

"Alright, I'll go and fight. I'll buy meat to eat after winning."

Long Lan was overjoyed, "Since you want to win the prize money, then we will have to join the strongest Team. If you weren't here yesterday, the strongest Black God Team in our academy would have come looking for you.

Bai Xiaoli didn't have much of an opinion towards Long Lan's suggestion, of course, he didn't understand a lot of things, they were all decisions that Long Lan had made for him.

The Team s that were preparing to fight in the Tianjing Academy were all open to the public today to recruit new members.

The recruitment hall was bustling with activity. Many students had come to watch the proceedings, including those who wished to participate in the competition, those who were idolizing, those who saw beauties, and those who saw handsome men.

Blue Wolf Team was also in the process of recruiting new students.

Compared to those great Team who had already matured, it was not conspicuous at all when Blue Wolf Team was mixed inside.

If the Team was not a row of Official Member, but instead a row of Vice Captain, their standards for recruitment were higher than others, and their aptitudes were lower than three stars. On the other hand, there was no requirement for the Blue Wolf Team's side, it only attracted their attention.

Fortunately, the captain of the Blue Wolf Team s, Cang Yan, and the leader of the Blue Wolf Team s, Vice Captain, had a really good reputation, and had attracted quite a few girls to watch. In the face of such a scene, Qiao Yisi was simply like a fish in water, talking and laughing with a group of girls.

Lowell was sent out on patrol. As long as they saw anyone from the Silver Hair appear, he would immediately report to them.

Annie didn't come today and went shopping with her friends.

Cang Yan tidied up the recruitment forms on the table. He was waiting, waiting for his soul beast to come.

"Cang Yan."

Cang Yan raised his head and saw a girl with a sexy figure standing in front of his stall. The woman was very beautiful, and any boy who saw her would definitely be moved by her beauty.

This was the flower that Qiao Yisi had been muttering about all day ? Vivian Scott.

Vivian was a famous person in the entire Tianjing Academy, with an illustrious family background and beautiful looks. With a 5-star aptitude, she directly used her real name as a nickname in the Tianjing City, fighting all the way to become a hero. Furthermore, in the Tianjing Academy, she single-handedly created her own Team ? ? the Sunburn Team.

Her ambition was very clear, she wanted to represent the Tianjing Academy in the competition.

When Vivian came over, she immediately attracted the attention of many people around him. Even Qiao Yisi who was teasing a group of girls noticed them.

"Hello, is something the matter?"

In the Emptiness World, with his identity as Navy Tide of the Sword Finger, Cang Yan had interacted with Vivian's [Vivian] s soul body before.

Vivian also didn't know that the Great God of Navy Tide she had admired in the Emptiness World for a long time was this trash with one star aptitude in front of her.

"Hello, I am the captain of the Sunburn Team, Vivian. I think you should recognize me. Cang Yan, I want to invite you to join my Team, I'm very interested in your articles on team battles and on the importance of battle consciousness. My Team needs a tactical director, I want to invite you to hold this position, and we can fight together, what do you think? "

Come to think of it, Cang Yan could be considered a famous person in the Tianjing Academy, even some of the superstars that relied on their faces to eat couldn't compare to him. His facial features were three-dimensional, he was extremely handsome, he was gentle, but his eyes would often carry a hint of estrangement and indifference, probably because his eyes were an extremely rare cold gray, giving people a kind of cold feeling.

He was famous for being a top student in the commander department. Ever since he entered the Tianjing Academy, he had never switched with anyone else.

During his stay in the academy, he had published quite a few tactical papers and received quite a few awards. The teachers and principals of the academy all knew him and they all lamented that Cang Yan was a good sapling.

Academic giant, practical dwarf.

Because Cang Yan's aptitude was too low, many of his tactics and theories were not favored by the students. In their eyes, without any tactics or theories, no matter how beautiful his words were, it would just be empty words.

Those who admired Cang Yan would praise him as a genius.

Those who were jealous of Cang Yan would just call him trash.

Receiving Vivian's invitation, Cang Yan did not feel honored, but felt that it was more of a mockery, "Rather than being a tactical director, I prefer to go up on stage myself."

Cang Yan's words caused Vivian to be stunned for a moment, and she asked uncertainly: "You want to set up your own Team s to compete?"

Cang Yan pointed to his new booth. Wasn't that obvious? If he didn't want to fight, why would he be here recruiting new students?

"Cang Yan, I have a good suggestion for you. Do you want to listen to it?" A male student walked over with a few people behind him.

Qiao Yisi stopped teasing the girls and followed along.

"Xie Anshen, there's no need for you to point fingers at our Blue Wolf Team's affairs."

It was rumored that his stellar force had already reached the level of an [E] Class Level One Orange Star. For a third year student, this was already a high and unattainable score, so Xie Anshen had always been proud of himself.

"Your Blue Wolf Team, Captain's 1-Star Qualification, and Vice Captain's three star aptitude, I shall gift you with a new name, 'Scum Team', it is very suitable for you."

Qiao Yisi took a deep breath. It was not like they did not have good aptitudes in the past, and were dug up by the Black God Team in the end. Qiao Yisi was very angry at this, but Cang Yan did not think so, and with Cang Yan's words, "Those who are dug up, even if they have to spend a lot of effort to nurture them, they will still be dug out."

The most hateful thing was that Xie Anshen had been plotting against Annie the entire time.

Xie Anshen sneered, "Qiao Yisi, you trash of a Team, you don't deserve to own a therapist, and here, Annie is just wasting a good seedling. I recommend that you quickly break up, and don't try to recruit anyone, and just sell yourself out.

Qiao Yisi tapped his bangs, "I can still sell if I sell my looks, at least I have a better market than an ugly monster like you."

Hearing Qiao Yisi's words, Xie Anshen felt pain in his head, this brat's venom wasn't from just one or two days.

"I do want to see how you Team will organize yourselves. If you want to trick a first year student into joining the team, do it in your dreams. Our Black God Team wants all three of the first-year students who managed to get a perfect score in battle. Even if we cannot become Official Member s, we will not give all of them to you guys as a reserve member. "

Qiao Yisi cut him off bluntly, "Look at who that person is. The Ma Nan Junior you recruited yesterday, has already joined the Sunburn Team now. May I ask, Xie Anshen, does your face hurt? "

Xie Anshen brought a group of people over, and they were here to cause a ruckus. He really did not notice who Vivian brought over, and with his reminder, he found that Ma Nan was indeed standing in the crowd of Sunburn Team.

Yesterday, he said he would think about it, but today, he had joined the Sunburn Team.

Xie Anshen fiercely gritted his teeth, "It's only second place, nothing more. Bai Xiaoli and Kaiyin, my Black God Team has decided to take them. "

He was a proud and unyielding person, and had originally thought that he would be the number one person among all the new students. Who would have thought that this year's round would be filled with a weirdo that had just entered the school and was already level F, a second phase of the Scarlet Star Realm. How could he not be angry?

The moment he heard Xie Anshen say "second place", his mood became even gloomier, and the object of his gloominess, was Xie Anshen, the Bai Xiaoli he had never seen before.

Vivian saw that Xie Anshen was trying to poach her so openly, she advised Cang Yan once again, "Forgive me for being blunt, but if you want to fight, just relying on your team of Team s, you won't even be able to produce a Tianjing Academy."

Cang Yan did not mind, "If the results are not out, no one can say."

Just then, Lowell who was looking for information ran back and whispered a few words to Cang Yan.

Cang Yan's face immediately revealed a smile: Qiao Yisi, the people we are waiting for are here.

Qiao Yisi looked left and right, and said with a suppressed voice. "Do you really want to do this? So many beauties are watching, it's not like it's proper. "

"What a great opportunity, you have to make full use of it."

As Cang Yan said this, he had already picked up a food box and started to place the plates on the table layer by layer. Each plate was filled with delicious food that overflowed with fragrance.

Wasn't this recruiting new students? Why did they suddenly have a banquet? Could it be for the registering rookies to taste?

If that was the case, with such a sumptuous table full of dishes and the same color of meat, who would be able to eat such greasy food so early in the morning?

Everyone was puzzled.

Xie Anshen did not expect that Cang Yan would say something like that, and sneered: "You can't recruit anyone, and you want to use this to attract attention? To stir up trouble! "

Some of the Junior girls couldn't resist the temptation of the food and came forward to ask, "Senior, are these food for us to taste?"

Cang Yan was a little mysterious, "I'm not giving you guys a taste, I'm 'fishing'."

That name that was nicknamed [I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat, I want to eat meat], in Emptiness World, Cang Yan wanted to try and see how much he liked eating meat.

"This is the registration form, as long as you fill it out and hand it over, Bai Xiaoli will be able to become a member of our Black God Team's reserve team."

Long Lan held onto the form, and was surprised: "Preparatory team members? Isn't it the Official Member? "

The eyes of the new recruit Senior sister seemed to have grown onto Bai Xiaoli's body. It was so beautiful, so beautiful, how could there be such a good-looking person in the world?

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